Hopeful Sinner

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about living a life of sins, and loving it

Running forward, looking back
Holding on tight yet letting go
Feeling all the emotion falling through my feet
Every fiber of me needs you… wants you
I see you with my eyes open… closed, your face imprinted on my eyelids
My vision is so unclear
Yet knowing you will never want me
The thoughts in my head, the visions in my dreams…
All along only a movie playing, of thoughts lost to lust
Of a future never coming… time that will never be caught
Knowing I am not good enough to feel you
Not thin enough, pretty enough… not wanted enough
Too many times have I seen you look through me
Trying to see someone else, someone to make you happy
Someone to make you feel your heart pumping
Never will I be her, her image is not me
With every smile, every frown… my insides turning in pain
Questioning how long I can watch, dream…
So many times I have wanted to tell you, so much to say
Instead I fill the time with tears filled of blood and a heart filled of led
My wall has been built; it’s not coming down…
Built of paper and silver, promises and hopes
Any attempt to break it would be a sin, can I afford another?
Wondering if one day it will crumble..
No sin, no wants, no lust
The time of ages pushing down, gravity taking its fall
The wonders of a thousand secrets making it bend
Yet when it is broken… will my feet be trapped… will I be able to run
To run to the sins I desperately seek
To feel my secrets being released…
Will you still be there… will I still lust for you?

Submitted: January 28, 2010

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AJ Allard

Wow! That is very deep, kind of sad, but still beautiful. I can feel your emotions through your writing.

Wed, March 24th, 2010 6:06am


Thank u :)

Wed, March 24th, 2010 3:42am

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