chasing after something you will never have

Looking into the sun, eyes blinded by the truth
Stomach turning with a thousand knifes
They realize their time has come, fate awaits them
Half hearted and souls drowning
They no longer want to be here, to be seen
So young they are yet they chose a path of sin
Taking on demons they never knew existed
He wants to turn his back, to live a life not tainted
She wants to run forward, to have fun… be free
He has taken her to the exact place she wants to be
How can he pull her back, deny her of what makes her smile
He knows he is hurting her, but can he hurt others to make her happy
Will he allow himself to give in to the passion he wants
To let his true thoughts of her, of life… and love come out
Time stopping to feel her willingness
Allowing her the moment to cry, a moment to feel the pain in his eyes
Knowing he is not letting himself out
Holding back not to help her, but only to help himself
Allowing her the pain and filled mind of lost hopes
Laughing to her face, filling her head
Knowing she wont take the steps out of her box
She will look on to the demons from a safe place
Allowing him to attempt to take them on, he is the one who needs saving
Her heart trapped in his hand
No idea of what is coming… does he dare protect it
For his steps so slow, she can not take it
She wants… she needs to know
His choice is made, silently and unknowing
Facing him, she seems empty space
Only her heart lay on the ground for the taking

Submitted: January 27, 2010

© Copyright 2023 AaRon32684. All rights reserved.

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