The Hearts Cavern

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taking it to a different level

I can feel the warm blankets under me, cushioning my fall as I land on
the bed
Already feeling the heat pulse through my veins
Blood rushing down my thighs
Feeling your warm breath on my neck my toes curl up
Thinking about what is to come, the heat turned to cold
The rapid charge flowing through my body in lust of you
Your fingertips running down my stomach
The tiniest of hairs standing on end for you
I can feel my body moisten with its urge for you to touch me
Every muscle in my body tense… looking into your chocolate eyes
I can feel your soft fingers moving slowly down my body, taking my
soul with them
As I grab onto your strong arms, I feel safe
Knowing you are here for me, to please me
Your tongue dancing along my inner thigh
Feeling all your muscles harden for me… I can feel your intensity
Your warm breath in my mouth as I taste you
Hand tracing the shape of my imperfect body
Imperfections that make you want me, make me hot for you
Picturing your body entering mine, pulling me into your wrath
Thighs dripping, mouth watering…
Needing you is all I know how to do
I can feel you in me, never wanting you to leave
Grabbing onto my lust, full filling it with yours
Lips wet and toes pointed I let my sanity go
Escaping into the exact moment, I can’t see, colors fly
Filing me with ecstasy, releasing all my stresses
Loving every inch of your sweaty body
Once again falling to the warm sheets, bodies happy
Sweet smells in the air
Happy bodies surrounding our lonely hearts

Submitted: January 27, 2010

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