Time Travel

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My heart filled with emotion, running deep into my veins
Body swelled with emotion
All I see is his heart laid on the table
Circled in possibilities of now, then and forever
Time running so fast, so deep inside our hearts
Clocks spin as time is slowed
Looking into the eyes of loves maker
Clouds exist only for our hearts to shape
Stars in the sky as only to give us wishes at night
My heart half full… longing to be found
The pain and suffering of the child within me, no one to console her
He has found me, listening to my tears run deep
Filling the jars with all the emotion of the past
He hides them away, only to save me from myself
He knows the cuts and the colors the seep from my veins
The truths I hide beneath the surface, the mask is removed
Only one heart, one soul… looking into the sky
Breaking me down to my lowest only to bring me up to his highest
Safeness in the arms of love
Looking into his eyes, seeing the sparks in his mind
Will there be 70,000 more hours to contemplate
More time to see the stars fall to our feet
To walk in the grasses of our hopes and feel the wind of our dreams
Taking in each moment with him I see emotions in colors
My love dripping from my core, soaking into him in flashes
I can’t see where we will be, our future
In times of doubt I will run to him, holding onto him from the inside out
I can feel him grasping his fingers to my heart
Beating into his pulse… time will pass and leaves will fall
Only to see our time slow in speeds unimaginable

Submitted: January 27, 2010

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