Waiting and Laughing

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revenge of friends.

Looking into your vapid heart… already seeing signs of deceit 
Everyone trying to glamour you, not seeing through the wall
Building you up, pulling out the evil and replacing it with hope… hope
you do not deserve
All the while, standing in the back I see you filling them with the blood ofyour evil
Masking them… making them believe the fake persona you put on
Smiles and laughs, pulling them in… making them adore you
Knowing all along what you were… the horrible intentions dwelling in
your gut
Filling their childish minds with faith and hope… believing that you are
Only to sink your teeth into the backs of the ones I love… filling them
with evil
Looking through the broken glass of a person I see you are…
You took me for a fool… shame on me.
Never again will I allow you into my blood… to allow it to boil
Mind and soul I am finished… never wanting to look into your dark eyes
Facing you with the fakest of real smiles I can…
Stomach turning to make it real. I’m over it
Revenge from the blood you have drawn , the souls you have tortured…
Raining down on you… pulling the flesh and the evil from your bones
Making you regret the day you became who you are… the day you
deceived me
Making my smiles become real… laughing inside at the future
I feel it coming… and I will wait

Submitted: January 26, 2010

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