Boston Bombing

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Submitted: March 16, 2016

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Submitted: March 16, 2016




“The sky was filled with smoke. It was moving faster towards me than a bullet. I realized I had just survived the Boston Bombing!”


“Hooray, Hooray!” The crowd cheered. I ran passed the starting line. Racing towards the finish line. There were fruits and vegetables at the food stand. Soft drinks, lemonade and water on the drink stand. They were free for marathon runners, but I wasn’t ready to stop and get something. I wanted to win the race. The sky was clear blue, birds were chirping in Boston, and I was sure I was going to win the marathon. I ran as fast as I could.


“Boom, Crash, Boom!” Bombs went. The sky was filled with gray smoke as gray as . People were running in different directions, they were screaming and babies were crying. Marathon runner went crazy and I was scared. I took my camera out of my pocket “blink” the camera went on. I took a video of everything, people screaming, more bombs bursting, people running in different directions and some abandoned backpacks!



Thoughts of the abandoned backpacks swirled in my head: Why were the backpacks there? Were they a runner’s backpack? If they were why was no one approaching them? My mind was swirling around like a tornado. I looked around then I spotted some policemen. I looked at the backpacks and then back at the policemen. “I should tell them my discovery,” I whispered to myself. I ran to the police officers, I waited for them to get done with helping other people. Then I said, “Excuse me.”

“Yes, how may I help you?” He asked giving direction to other officers in the middle.

“Um, I … found 2 backpacks on the ground over there and I was thinking if those could have bombs in them.” I said. He stared at the backpacks, studying them. I could tell he was thinking of the same questions I had.


“We’ll go check it out,” He said. “Come on let’s check it out,” he called to the other officers. They carefully walked toward the backpacks making sure not to set off more bombs.


After they had studied the backpacks they walked back to me. “I think we found a clue,” he said. “You are a great detective, I declare you our young police.” He declared giving me a badge. I had just helped polices and had just SURVIVED THE BOSTON BOMBING!

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