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Submitted: March 15, 2016

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Submitted: March 15, 2016





“Hey Autumn!” I turned and looks down the crowded hall of Skyline Middle School to see who was calling me. The final bell had just rung and there were people everywhere, but after a while I saw Carmela, a friend of mine from the Girls Go Volleyball Team, pushing her way though.

“It’s like a stampede.” Carmela says as she caught up to me smiling. “Everyone wants to get outside.” She was out of breath.

“Tell me about it,” I laughed. It had been a cold winter, now it is spring and everyone is eager to get outside as the second bell rang.

“Are you going to the locker room?” She asked. Go Girls, met there Monday through Friday, so normally I would be headed there on a Tuesday afternoon. But today I just shook my head regretfully. “I have something else I need to do.”


“Oh, OK.” She said, looking disappointed. “See you tomorrow.” She waved and slipped back into the stream of students moving down the hall. I looked at her for a moment, wishing I could be with her. But I squared my shoulders, took a deep breath and headed to the front lawn. That is where Lucy was meeting up with her friends and so that is where I as, her best friend, needed to be.


Before this year being friends with Lucy never missing out on something fun, because Lucy and I loved all the same stuff. We did it all together. Starting in second grade, when we became instant friends on the first day, we went to my house or hers, where we made jewelry and decorated

T-Shirts. Weekends were sleepovers and craft marathons where we learned how to knit and embroider. Last year we designed and then made our own purses. We brought them on the first day of school this year, to start sixth grade “right,” as Lucy says. But after a few months, she left hers at home and started carrying what she called a “pre-designer” bag. Soon she wasn’t wearing any of our jewelry or shirts. She started hanging out with these two girls from a different middle school- Bay and Celia, who spent all their time reading fashion magazines and shopping. And before I knew it, Lucy and I were barely spending anytime together at all.


I was busy too, of course, like with Girls Go team and all the homework we had. My mom told me some things change in middle school and I definitely got that, like with the huge workload and changing classes. But I also knew that some things, like best friends, could never change. I needed Lucy to remember that too. Which was why I was skipping Girls Go and heading to her locker, where she was meeting with, Bay and Celia to go shopping.


I ducked pass a group of boys tossing a football and then turned at the corner, expecting to see Lucy at her locker. But the area was already cleared out, they had left.

“Watch it!” a guy yelled. I jumped back as a football sailed over my head.

“Sorry about that,” he called, just as the assistant principal showed up and started yelling.


It was definitely time to get out of here. For a second I considered going to Girls Go, but then I remembered the reason I needed to spend time with Lucy today; her birthday slumber party, the one I’d gone to every year since she first started the tradition back in second grade. Her birthday was a week and a half away, and somehow the party hasn’t come up yet. I figured she was just busy that once she invited me, it would be just what we needed: a whole night together. And then maybe things could go back to the way they are supposed to be.  So I pulled my backpack, the one we made together, up on one shoulder, straightened all the textbooks and headed in to town.


“Hey.” I said when I walked into Bedazzled, a small store in town that carried things like cupcake earrings, neon socks and frizzy headbands. Lucy, Bay and Celia looked up from the tray of earrings and none of them smiled.

“Autumn what are you doing here?” Lucy asked in an unwanted way. It wasn’t the greeting I was going for, but I forced myself to smile anyway.

“I wanted to go shopping with you guys,” I answered, coming to stand next to her. Lucy glanced at Bay and Celia and then looked down at the earrings.

“Are you guys going to buy anything?” I asked in a cheery voice.

“When we find the right ones.” Bay said.

“Those are nice I said pointing to a set that had a little Eiffel Tower on them." Bay giggled but I couldn’t tell if it was good laughing or bad.

“Why don’t you get them?” Celia asked me.

“Because I don’t have pierced ears.”

Bay and Celia both gasped.

“My mom doesn’t believe in it,” I said. My mom was into acupuncture and ear piercing disturbed the lines of energy or something. I’d never actually minded or anything. Lucy didn't have her ears pierced.

But then I was the one gasping when I looked over at Lucy: she did have her ears pierced.

“When did you get that done?” I asked, gazing at the diamonds glow.

She avoided my eyes, “Um, a couple weeks ago." She said.

"That is why we are here." Bay said in a sassy voice. “To help Lucy pick out the right kind of earrings.”  


I couldn’t believe Lucy had done something this big without even telling me. We really needed to start spending more time together.

“Oh, Luc here are some that have pandas on them,” I exclaimed. “Remember when we made matching panda shirts?” It was back in fourth grade, and we spent weeks creating them with rhinestones, fabric paint and embroidery. We were proud when we put them on and my mom took a picture of the moment, us in our shirts. Arms around each other, it was on our fridge it made me happy everytime I saw it, But now Lucy looked at me alarmed

“I don't remember,” she said quickly, shooting me a look.

I turned around and bit my lip. Why couldn’t I say anything right? I stay quiet as the three of them pored over the earrings and move to the bracelet display.

“ Are you getting anything?” Lucy asked me minutes later, when they were finally ready to go. It was the first thing any of them had said to me in half an hour. I thought maybe I could be part of more things if I got something too.

“Yes,” I said, grabbing a fashion magazine off a rack next to the register. I hoped this would get me back into the conversation, but Lucy just turned back to the others. A few minutes later I was walking home alone, trying hard to swallow over the huge lump in my throat.


“Oh, Autumn did you make that?” Carmela said, pointing to the woven bracelet I had on. We were in the locker room getting ready for Girls Go.

“Ya,” I smiled. Lucy and I made it last spring.

“I love it,’ Carmela leaped.

“I want one.” Kate said leaning over to take a look.

“I can teach you guys how to make one, if you want?” I offered. They both nodded happily, I smiled.

“If Coach Leary makes us do warm up sprints again I will cry.” Kate cried.  

“You and me both,”  Carmela agreed. I nodded.

“Not you Autumn. You are the fastest on the team and after you are barely even breathing hard.” Kate said playfully.

“She is right, what is your secret?” Carmela asked.

“I hide wings in my shoes!” I laughed.


I really liked hanging out with the girls. But the bracelet reminds me of Lucy and all the great times we had together. We always had so much fun, and I knew it could be fun again if we just spent more time together. Things had gone badly at Bedazzled, but I promised myself that I’d keep trying. I knew that once we were together at her party, making things and talking things would go back to normal.


I didn’t have the same lunch period as Lucy but at 10:30 we had a twenty minute break. Girls Go usually met up in Coach Leary’s office but today I headed over to where Lucy and the others sat. I needed every chance I can get to be with Lucy. They were sitting under one of the benches near the oak tree.

“Hey, Autumn.” Bay called. She didn’t seem excited to see me, but she did make a spot for me so that was good. I sat down and pulled out my muffin. They began talking about fashion show they watched the night before. Since I didn’t know what to say I sat there eating my muffin, even though my appetite was gone. They all giggled, I remember how we used to be like that but now even that had changed.


I did have one more trick up my sleeve, though I didn’t know much about style.

“ I was thinking about getting bangs.” They all stared at me like I had said something wrong, but I realized they were looking at my hair.

“No!” Bay broke. “I don’t think bangs will go with the shape of your face. But it would look great on you Luc.”

The bell rang. “Great so we can try them out at your party.” Celia gasped and covered her mouth. It took a minute for the words to sink in but when they did all I could do was stare at Lucy with cold eyes. Saturday was Lucy's birthday party and I wasn’t invited.


“Sweetie, what’s wrong?” Mom asked. It was a Saturday afternoon and I was lying on the sofa in our living room, imagining Bay and Celia arriving at Lucy’s house ready for a night of fun. A night of fun without me. “Nothing,” I replied, rolling over to my side.

Mom frowned, “you’ve been in the dump for days. I am worried about you.” She hesitated.

“I am ok really.” But she stood there waiting. The thing is that with my mom is that she knew me too well to give up.

“I’m not invited to Lucy’s party this year.” It hurt to say the words.

“Oh sweetie,” my mom walked over and hugged me. It was kinda hard because I was lying down, but she managed to anyway and it felt pretty good. I waited for her to

give me advice or tell me a story , like she usually did when I had a problem. Instead she was silent for a moment. Then stood up, pulling me with her.

“You know what?” she exclaimed. “We are going to make a party of our own.”


Before I knew it we were out the door, heading to the Winter Green Grocery store at the corner. We walked in and my mom threw her hands up. “Get anything you want” she said grandly, arms opened wide.

“Really?” I couldn’t believe it. She always had a rule of that half of what I got had to be fruit. But this time she shook her head. “Bring on the junk food.” Wow! Maybe she couldn’t fix everything, but she sure knew how to make a fun night. I piled our cart with spicy chips, yogurt pretzels, cheddar potato chips, chewy fruit candy, chocolate chips cookies and three kinds of ice cream.


“Go ahead and put everything away,” mom said when we got home. “I just need to get a few things from upstairs. Oh, and honey,” she said walking up the stairs. ” Think about whether you’d like anyone to join us.” The only person I wanted to invite was having a party of her own. As I opened the freezer I couldn’t help staring at the picture of me and Lucy in our panda shirts that was stuck to the fridge with a ladybug magnet. We looked so happy together, so different from now when she was with her new friends and I was alone.


I closed the freezer and noticed the bracelet on my arm, the one Kate and Carmela had asked about. I began to realize maybe I wasn’t alone after all. I loved Girls Go and the girls on the team. It is so easy being with them, totally comfortable and fun. The way it used to be with Lucy, and for the first time I realized that maybe Lucy wasn’t the only one who had changed. Maybe I had too, and maybe that was ok. I had been super excited to meet other girls who loved volleyball as much as I do. We had a great time together and now it turned out Carmela and Kate liked crafts too. Which means we could have all kinds of good times at practice and on the weekends. I realize with growing excitement, we can have so much fun at the party my mom and I were throwing tonight!


I reached out to take down the picture of me and Lucy but then I stopped. We’d had a fantastic time together making those shirts, and I wanted to remember those memories. So I left the picture up, knowing it would make me smile when I saw it, because it always did.

“What did you decide?” My mom asked walking in the kitchen.

 I took a deep breath and smiled.  “I’ll call my friends from Girls Go.” I told her.

“Sounds great.” My mom said picking up the phone.


“I guess it is ok to move on. What Lucy and I had was amazing, but now I have new friends and we were going to have the best night ever!

The doorbell rings, let the fun begin.


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