Zya - Zya Ret

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"I love you." I whispered exhaustion pulling me down, as I fell into sleep I could see the ledge, and as much as I tried to fight,it was just to easy to let the weights pull me down into the chasm below.

R - for death of character.

Submitted: May 28, 2012

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Submitted: May 28, 2012



Ever since the steel had slipped through my body, pierced my skin, I was dying. I was falling. There wasn't much longer left, but there was long enough. The fight was over and I held my side tightly glancing around. He was the only healer here and he loved me. If he was still breathing -

"Ana." I turned slightly to see him. He held his chest tightly, it hadn't pierced his heart but the wound was bleeding heavily.

"Well there's that plan out the window." I said quietly.

"Looking for me huh?"

"Avoiding death might be nice." I agreed closing my eyes, it was starting to hurt now. The world was tinged red and blurry but certain objects, faces, were stark and clear.I could see Jon, staring around at the damage, I could see the students and teachers around staring at the fight such as they had never seen, I could see people I had once known spotting me and pointing.

And I could see it was me and him who were hurt, only we were losing blood at a dangerous rate. We limped our way over to the stage, by now everyone knew we were the only two injured, I could hear worried murmurs from people realizing we were badly injured. Strength began to fail me, my knees buckled and I fell to the ground.

"Already?" He asked me softly and I was reminded yet again that he loved me and I had refused him. Why had I refused him? An hour earlier I knew the reason, now it eluded me. Stupid decision. I love him back. Stupid girl. Now I was dying.

"Already." I replied letting myself meet the floor, I couldn't sit up, life was fading from my limbs. I looked up at him and watched him begin to shake.

"Sit. Prolong life a little." I advised.

"Aye." He agreed. "But sitting is difficult."

I held out a shaking hand and guided him to the ground beside me.

"Zya Zya ret." He said trying to keep his words more private by returning to Ringet.

The few ladies present sighed and "awww-ed" at his words. Jon smiled weakly watching his two best friends fade before his eyes. The room full of student age girls all chattered confusedly, some pointing at me and saying my name loudly.

"Ana! Ana! Ana!"

I blocked them out and turned back to him and he smiled at me.

"Zya Zya ret." He repeated and his eyes proved what he said.

"What does that mean?" One girl asked one of the sighing ladies.

"He said he loves her."

"Zya Zya ret min, wei het." I answered him smiling. "Peti li moi."

Because I did love him.

"What did she say?"

"That she loves him too and that she lied." The lady replied.

"She also said that she was stupid for doing so." One of the more matronly and sensible women added.

"Don't tell her that its less romantic!" One of the gussy matrons protested.

I blocked them out and looked back to him.

"Zya Zya ret." I repeated, vision slowly going black.

"Zya Zya ret." Were the last words I heard. I could scarily feel my body now, I couldn't see, couldn't hear. My mind focused on two things, the drumming of my heartbeat in my ears and his hand holding tightly to mine.

I had been stupid but at least he was here right now. At least he was here now.


Waking up was a surprise. I hadn't expected to. It was a nice surprise. Waking up alone wasn't.

"Where is he?" I asked the nurse at my bed.

"He's gone Ana." The nurse said gently.


And I went back to sleep, it was reason enough to let go.

"Why did you tell her that?"

"She'll not be distracted from her recovery this way." It was the nurse's voice I could tell.

"No! She'll simply let go!"

"What? Why? She has duties and friends -"

"And living hurts, she may never be the same again and she's tired. And now he's gone too, or so she thinks! Tell her the truth!"

"Fine your highness." the nurse said sulkily.

"Wake up Ana."

"I'm too tired, I just wanna sleep." I forced out, trying to ignore the fire in my side, the stabbing behind my eyes and the roaring fever which constantly dropped in and out. I was too tired to heal. It hurt. I just wanted to sleep.

"Wake up Ana." This time I recognized the voice and opened my eyes to see my father standing above me.

"Dad." I rasped.

"You have to hold on Ana, you're all I have left." He said desperately.

My vision blackened for a second and Dad swam back into sight.

"I can't."

"You can!" He assured me holding tightly to my hand. For a moment the physical contact helped me hold on, but then I was reminded of who had held my hand last and the pain started to pull me back down again. The idea of life without him hurt to much to consider. I knew it was the fever telling me this, persuading me of this but it was too easy to believe when my heart ached like this. I started to let go.

"No Ana! No! Think about me! Think about that boy, the one who held your hand until the healers came! Or the one, Jon, who has been visiting! How would we cope without you?"

"Seth, is gone." I coughed.

"No he isn't, he's in the same position as you." An angry Jon said, I could hear the anger in his voice, even if I could no longer see him.

"But the nurse -" I said voice faint.

"Lied. Hold on Ana, everyone's waiting." Jon assured me. It was harder now, I had already begun to let go and had to fight to regain that grip. My vision faded in and out, sometimes I couldn't feel my body, occasionally I couldn't hear. But there was always some form of comfort, a hand holding mine, a voice talking softly to me, Jon or my father's face hovering nearby. I wasn't getting better, I could hear them talk when I drifted in half sleep.

"I think we're going to lose her your highness."

"Well keep trying then!"

"She started to let go and now that she wants to live she's paying for it. I can feel Ana trying to stay but her will isn't as strong as it could be, doubts and pain make it hard for her not to want to give up."

They were right of course. I was having a hard time holding on. I was so tired and I hurt a lot.

"How is Seth?"

"Much better but his injury wasn't as bad."

"Could we chance moving him?"

"Why would you want to?"

"I think it might erase Ana's doubts and at least if she does fall…"

"He'll get to say goodbye." The doctor answered for Jon. "Yes I think that would be acceptable."

The next time I was fully awake a hand was holding mine, it was not my father's, not the nurse's, not the doctor's nor was it even Jon's.

"Seth." I said in surprise, or rather breathed as my voice was pathetically weak.

"Hey Ana." His voice was much stronger than mine, he sounded healthy.

"How are you doing?" I asked.

"I'll live."

"That's good." I sighed tiredly.

"Don't go to sleep just yet Ana."

"Why not?" I asked. "I'm tired and I heal better when I sleep."

"Because we both know you might not wake up, never go to sleep without saying goodbye." He said squeezing my hand.

"See you when I wake up Seth." I said smiling and returning the squeeze.

"Goodnight Ana and I love you."

"Zya, rya ret." I whispered exhaustion pulling me down, as I fell into sleep I could see the ledge, and as much as I tried to fight it was just to easy to let the weights pull me down into the chasm below.

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