The Shifting Plate

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

In the chaotic madness of an earthquake a boy is lost.........

The Shifting Plate

The village of Srijam was located on a shifting plate. It faced numerous earthquakes throughout the year, but this time it was tremendous.

Raghav watched from his hut as the NDRF workers rushed around the small village, chivvying people into helicopters and taking them away. A blockade of large boards stood at the edge of the local mountain, from which nonstop bouts of avalanche which had resulted in rocks raining at the villagers’ head.

The team had arrived in the afternoon, and their leader, a man named Farhan Siddiqui, had claimed that the village was to be it by an earthquake of magnitude 8.3. They had immediately begun operations in order to transport the villagers from Srijam to the place nearest safety centre.

Raghav looked at the old grandfather clock hanging by the wall. The workers had said that the earthquake would begin near to eight o’clock. After about five minutes.

“Come here, Raghu!” said his mom, who was packing a suitcase with all her belongings. She grabbed hold of Raghav’s hand and jerked him inside.

“Pack whatever you have!” she said.

Raghav took a cloth bag and began stuffing his clothes inside it. Suddenly his father burst inside the room.

“Come quickly!” he said. “The earthquake is about to begin! It’s our turn now!”

They all rushed outside where an SUV stood. Two NDRF workers rushed them inside and just as the driver revved up the engine, a massive shockwave hit the area.

The car drove forward for a few metres before turning upside down. It slid on the muddy floor, and Raghav found himself in a jumble of limbs. There was no considerable damage to him, but he was being asphyxiated by the moment.

Finding the door knob, he twisted it, and the door gave away. Raghav scrambled outside and looked inside. His mother and father were also trying to get out, but there was very less space for them to disentangle themselves.

A sudden rumble from beneath the earth made him lose his balance, and he fell down the muddy slope.

Stones cut into his skin as he slid out of control, landing finally as his body found level ground. The ground was still shaking wildly as he rubbed his eyes and looked at his right.

An avalanche was approaching him, and the mere sight of the humungous rocks hurtling towards him was enough to make him freeze. Even as he watched, the rocks broke the blockade and rubble fell at him.

For a second he felt as if it was the end of him, but suddenly the floor beneath him gave away, and a deep ditch appeared.

Raghav pressed himself to the wall of the ditch as the stones and rocks rained down ahead him, forming a wall of rocks.

Standing up in shock and fear, Raghav looked up at the mountain, which was now neutral. The ground was still shacking wildly, as if someone had set it on vibration.

Grasping the edges of the ditch, Raghav stood up on the edge and looked at the slope from which he had slid. He had a feeling that more rocks were going to come if he didn’t move. He began running forward, into the jungle, where the track mingled with the forest floor.

The earthquake suddenly gave a violent jerk, and Raghav stumbled forward, slipping over wet stones and roots. He landed on concrete floor, and as the harsh floor grazed his cheek, he looked up to see a large area of concrete floor with a large H written on it shining in the light from a single floodlight.

Realizing that it was a helicopter landing pad, he sat down in the middle and began crying.

In the matter of a few seconds he had lost his parents, almost grazed himself to death, and was now stuck in a forest.

Suddenly, a loud sound broke his thoughts. Even as he watched, a helicopter rose from the distance, and began coming towards him. And inside were his parents.

Raghav bent down and cried in happiness. He was saved.




Submitted: December 05, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Aaryan. All rights reserved.

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Really nice story. Wonderful at such age. Keep it up dear.

Sat, December 6th, 2014 10:24am

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