The Unintended Saviour

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

What happens when an Elf arrives in a Wizard's town and is made a Saviour...............

The Unintended Saviour

It began when Ferris left his home in Joggerfalls in a gloomy mood. He had had a fight with his parents about him seeking his own path.Ferris was an Elf, one of the ten species of creatures that inhabited the world of Utopia. He had wanted to set out and explore the rest of the world and meet the ten Utopian species. However, his mom and dad had been too overprotective for him to follow his dream.Now, he had decided to do what he wanted.

Taking a carriage, he had travelled to the boundary of the nearest kingdom: Forcecall, where the Witches and Wizards lived. He had always wanted to meet them.He looked around for an officer, found one, and told him the reason he had come this far. When the officer heard the word, “Joggerfalls” he nearly jumped in excitement.

He then took him to the village of Sanctum-Glory, where the villagers welcomed him warmly. The Witched conjured juice and wine from thin air; the Wizards drew their wands and laid down every kind of dish Ferris had ever heard of. It was a wonderful feast.Every time he would pass a Wizard or Witch, he or she would ask him whether he was from Joggerfalls, and when he would say yes, he or she would cheer in happiness.

At the end of the feast, the village headmen, a fat Wizard named Wandstäff stood up and said, “Mr Ferris, first of all, a warm welcome to Sanctum-Glory. We are honoured by your presence.”Ferris tried to speak something, but a Wizard had just stuffed a piece of Yorkshire pudding down his throat; Wandstäff continued.

“You may wonder why we welcome you. Well, the story behind this is, about two months ago, an escaped prisoner Cyclops stumbled into our forest, the Rigumps. We tried to defeat him using our spells, but it was all worthless. Our spells did no physical damage to it.”

“Then,” said a Witch named Sheldon, “our Oracle predicted that only a visitor from Joggerfalls, a town of Elfisland, could defeat the intruder. He should come to Sanctum-Glory on his own without any persuasion. He should come until 2nd July, which is tomorrow; else it would become impossible to defeat the Cyclops. We hope that you will help us.”

“But-!” said Ferris.

“Please, sir!” said Wandstäff. “We will do anything for you!”

Ferris suddenly had an inspiration. “Anything? Even a tour around Utopia!”

“A tour around Utopia?” said Wandstäff. “That can be done by the mere flick of my hand!”

“Then I’m in!” said Ferris, feeling that his dream was going to come true. He had learnt archery, fencing and spear-fighting in his hometown, like every other Elf. He was the best in his class.

The Wizards and Witches cheered up, jumping up in joy and hugging him. Then Wandstäff sent him to sleep, as he was going to face the Cyclops, whose name turned out to be Tivory, tomorrow morning.

As Wandstäff had said, Ferris was sent with a bow, a quiver of arrows, a short blade, and a spear to Rigumps. He began to walk into the canopy of the leaves as the people of Sanctum-Glory cheered behind him. Soon their voices were lost in the dimness of the forest. At last he reached a clearing where the trees were ripped out and strewn across the floor in a linear manner, as to form a large bed.And on it lay a large, ugly Cyclops.Ferris gulped; clutching his amulet for protection, he walked forward, and with the help of his spear, he prodded the Cyclops’s backside.

A roar sent him shivering up; a hand clutching a club swung from the other side of the body and landed at the place where Ferris had just stood; he had jumped away in time.The Cyclops stood up and roared again; focusing its single gigantic eye at Ferris, it stamped at him. Ferris decided to dodge, but his brain instead ordered his arms to hold up the spear. As the foot came down, the spear drove deep into its foot, gashing it hard.

The foot came down inches from Ferris’s face, before the Cyclops retreated the foot and roared in anger and pain. Swinging its club wildly, it lost its balance and fell down, crushing a copse of trees. Seeing his chance, Ferris climbed onto the Cyclops’s face and raised his sword. He had learnt that a Cyclops’s weak point was its eye.

But the Cyclops suddenly caught Ferris in his hand and opened his mouth to reveal a yellow set of teeth. Thinking quickly, Ferris jabbed the sword at the Cyclops’s hand. The hand jerked out, and Ferris flew into the air as the Cyclops began to rise.

Pointing his sword down, Ferris began falling down. He angled himself such that he landed right on the eye. But at the last moment, his sword failed plunge into the eye, and it instead rested a few inches above the eye.

“Listen to me,” said Ferris, surprising himself. “Go back from where you have come. Surrender. Accepting your fault is the best way to lead a good life. Become a good Cyclops. Confess.”

He jumped off the large Cyclops as the latter stood up, bowed to the Elf, and then set out westwards.

Ferris returned to the village and told everyone that he had killed the Cyclops. They celebrated wildly and made him the king. Wandstäff happily gave him the kingship. Soon, he was ready for a voyage around Utopia.

He had followed his dream. He had lived his life to his fullest extent.

Moreover, he had helped someone improve and saved an entire town.

What else could one ask for?

Submitted: December 05, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Aaryan. All rights reserved.

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This one is too fantastic.Keep it up Aaryan.

Sat, December 6th, 2014 10:26am

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