Lost in Reverie Part 1

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3 consecutive dreams come together to form a 3 part short story.

Submitted: December 27, 2008

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Submitted: December 27, 2008



It's 4:06AM, Monday morning. My roommate is sleeping on his bed while a friend of ours sleeps on my bed; another friend, Melissa, stepped out to her room to finish her homework. If I am correct, I'm practically alone in my room writing something that came to mind.

The man tripped over a log, knees to sand, on the beach after 2 months in paradise. He crashed on this island on free will to escape reality.

The man was not alone on the island for 2 months, there were animals of all kinds and he gave them names that reminded him of his past. He gave a female wolf the name of his first girlfriend; Sonia. The fishes in a lake near the middle of the island had the names of his dreams: happiness, love, and unknown.

He lived in a cloud of bliss for 60 days, eating what he wanted, talking to his animals, and discovering more parts of the island. The man loved his life in his utopia but one night around a fire he made on the beach, came a family of wolves. These dog creatures traveled in a pack and laid to rest near the fire with the man. Peace. The man, sitting on a log, looked up through the fire and saw the cleverness of the beasts; sitting together, silent. The man realized that they had their own language he would never understand; after all, he didn't grow up like them, he wasn't a wolf. To the man's left was Sonia with pups. The man got up trying not to startle the wolves and walked along on the beach.

Everything in his utopia reminded him of his past and sitting on the bank of the beach away from the fire, he rested for minutes. He visited his past in his dreams. He ran as a child, dated as a teenager, married as an adult, and died as a senior but there was no island.

The man awoke suddenly, eyes peering between the fingers on his hand toward the black sea lit by the familiar moon. Sweating. "How old am I?" asked the man rerunning the pictures in his head. He was certain that he saw his entire life.

The man felt the wet sand between his toes as he dug deeper into the sand and felt the cool breeze of the dark night. He felt cold, really cold. He had never felt this way before on his island. He got up feeling the cold sand move under his feet. The man ran back towards the warm fire but there was no fire to go to. Where was he? Was this really his paradise?

As he ripped through the cold ocean breeze on the beach, he eyes were opened to the truth that he was the only human on the island. He was alone. Digging deeper still into his thoughts, he realized that he forgotten why he came to his island. He had forgotten everything about his past and only saw where he was running to-darkness and more darkness.

"That's impossible," thought the man, "I just had a dream about my past... Where’s that fire!?" he wailed as he kept running and as he continued sprinting he tripped over a log landing on his hands and knees.

"...Who am I..." whispered the man as he started to cry in memory of his faulty insight and the ache he felt on his body.

"I'M TIRED OF BEING MY FATHER, MY MOTHER, AND MY GOD!" screamed the man as he threw the sand in his hands to the air, tears raining down his cheeks.

I awoke from my 30 minute nap on my bed. My roommates' alarm clock woke me up. That was a really weird dream... "I need to go visit my family and my home or I'll lose sight of who I am," I thought as a sat on the edge of my bed. "Mario can you go to the market with me?" I asked. "I need a Monster to keep me awake tonight... I need to finish my homework." I wonder how this story will end? I guess I'll find out when I slumber once more.

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