INFECTED- Hapland Mall at 3:00 Ch. 1

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Solely based off a dream I once had a few years ago of a young man who goes on an innocent trip to the mall with his friends but things take a turn they never had expected...

Submitted: May 23, 2011

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Submitted: May 23, 2011



“Mhm, yeah that one it's kinda far out? I heard they have a lot of good stores, yeah. Well, expect to bring your entire paycheck Bry, you'll spend a lot, I know you. Yeah, alright, I'll come around three. Oh? Yeah sure, I'll text him now. Okay, see you later then.” Adrian ended his call and went to his saved contacts and clicked on 'Derrick' before typing in on his QWERTY keypad.

'Bry and I are going to Hapland Mall at 3, should I pick you up?'

A few minutes later his phone buzzed and he pulled it from his jean pocket.

'That place is out in the middle of nowhere'

'Yeah, but Bry said she's been wanting to go'

'Okay, I'll see you then'


Adrian was tall and thin, not particularly athletic, though he took the time to work out at least a few times a week to keep himself healthy. He also happened to be standing in front of his fridge with his phone in one hand and an immune system boosting drink in the other.

He had dark brown, almost black hair and bright blue eyes. He had a rather boyish look with his messy hair and big eyes, though his face was long and thin. He was handsome to say the least, however his general timidness didn't make him stand out.

After unscrewing the lid to the bottle and chugging half of the drink, he left the kitchen, closing the fridge with his bare foot and heading through his living room to his bedroom.

He had an apartment to himself. Although small, it felt roomy, though that might have been due to the amount of electronics attached to his walls, and the lack of furniture in the rooms themselves.

He often times spent his hours on his gaming console or on his computer if he wasn't working at the grocery store in the freezer section stacking boxes.

After setting down his drink and phone on top of his dresser, he headed to his closet to get ready.

He found himself 'dressing to impress' a couple of months after breaking up with his last girlfriend. Scratch that, after his last girlfriend broke up with him. He found it difficult being alone, although he didn't mind living alone. If anything, he preferred it, and perhaps it was one of the reasons his relationships weren't lasting.

He paused, holding a pair of jeans in his hands, and sighed. Some days, he wished he could just change who he was. He tossed the jeans onto the floor, adding to the pile outside of his closet, and dug around, finding a pair of baggier jeans he never wore, as well as a t-shirt he didn't care for a and a large hoodie to put over that.

After he got on a pair of his sneakers he grabbed his wallet and phone from his dresser, slipped them into his back pocket, and headed to the bathroom. Normally here, he would fix up his hair, brush his teeth, shave, shower if he hadn't the night before, and maybe spray on a bit of cologne, but today he was feeling rather down.

He didn't care to go to the mall, unless it was to take a potential girlfriend out on a date, however Brylee, or Bry for short, was his only female friend, and Derrick had a thing for her anyway.

He wasn't in a romantic mood today. Maybe staying in would be a better idea.


I knew that look on her face as soon as she got into the car next to me.

“Let me guess, you were about two seconds away from calling me up to cancel and then you were going to head up to the nearest drugstore, rent a romantic tragedy and buy a gallon of double chocolate swirl ice cream.” Brylee said, reading me like a book. Girls, man.

“You scare me sometimes.” I told her.

Brylee was a bad ass. She looked pale,thin and frail, but her choice in clothing, make up, and her Monroe piercing, showed her spirit. She was very pretty too with her black with red highlighted hair was up in a messy bun, and her brown eyes surrounded by bright purple eye shadow. I can't say I hadn't thought about her before, though I wouldn't have ever made a move. I swear.

“Adrian, we all know you too well, the way you dress always matches how you feel. Maybe Derrick has some clothes that will fit you that aren't so...depressing. You've been single for how long now? And you still mope around when you're left alone for too long.”

I had been single for almost two years now. But to give myself credit, I had sort of dated on and off for awhile. I mean, none of the girls were that interesting. It's not like I was comparing them to--

“I know you've been comparing all the other girls to Abby, but seriously, get over it. There are plenty of other fish in the sea.” Brylee said, reading my thoughts now, too.

I had nothing to say so I just started my car back up, which always gave a bit of a groan like it would rather just lay there and die, though I might have been getting that confused with what I was feeling.

I took off towards Derrick's apartment and would have liked to have gone in silence, but Brylee turned on my radio almost as loud as it could go, and began to sing out the window, and at every light would dance in the seat and sing to the cars next to us.

I knew she was doing this all on purpose, trying to cheer me up, but if anything, I felt like pulling a hat over my face to hide. I found a pair of sunglasses in my glove compartment and slipped those on over my eyes so at least I could feel like no one saw me.

When I pulled up into the parking spot in front of Derrick's window on the second floor, Brylee leaned over in front of me and honked the horn in the 'Shave and a Haircut' tune before going back to her obnoxious singing.

I was beginning to get a headache.

Derrick came downstairs wearing a pair of what looked like brand new jeans, and one of his favorite, and very form fitting shirts. Derrick weighed more than me and was shorter, but he was all muscle. The only thing I could beat him at physically was sprinting, I almost always win when we race. He beats me at everything else, and he usually acts as my bodyguard when we play live action shooting games.

He had short, light brown hair, shorter than mine, and neater, or maybe messier, but it definitely looked better than mine. He had hazel eyes, hazel eyes that always brought the attention of the girls.

Sometimes I consider him more of an older brother than best friend, even though we're basically the same age.

“Hey,” Derrick tapped the window before getting into the backseat behind me, “So why are we going to Hapland?”

“Because I've been wanting to go for like, ever. And they have a lot of cool stores. Not to mention that mini theme park in the back they just built and some really nice restaurants. Like, really high class.” Brylee replied, turning to look at Derrick as I backed out of the parking.

I noticed Derrick watching Brylee, and leaning towards her a bit, and I know that because I smacked him across the face on accident when I tried to grab the back of the passenger seat to turn around and look out my rear window.

Brylee burst out laughing, and I couldn't help but smile a bit.

I suddenly felt a sharp sting on the back of my head and realized Derrick had hit me, which he had only done because he wasn't going to hit Brylee for laughing.

“Sorry.” I mumbled, and leaned forward in case I got another smack and concentrated on driving. After that Brylee and Derrick went to chatting and I went back into my shell of silence.

A few times I got a bit lost, though no one seemed to notice, since Derrick was so engulfed in all of Brylee's words and Brylee was good at running her mouth when someone would listen.

It took a little over a half an hour before we finally came to Hapland mall and I found a parking spot in row C between two big trucks. It seemed like no one had decided to park there because there wasn't enough room, but my car was relatively compact and with a bit of skill I squeezed in.

“Come on Adrian, how do you expect us to get out?” Derrick complained, attempting to get out of the car without hitting the door on the truck next to us.

I just shrugged and slipped from out of the driver's seat; I suppose I also have the advantage of being a bit thinner.

Once we all managed to get from the parking lot crowded with cars, and into the mall, we spent a good three hours before we managed to get from one end to the other.

“Now I think I understand why this place is all the way out here. It's so huge.” Derrick commented as we took a seat to rest our sore feet.

“I'm sure it wouldn't have taken so long if Bry hadn't stopped at every other store to buy something.” I commented, and looked up to see both Derrick and Brylee giving me a look. I realized I must have sounded rather rude, and had been acting that way for most of the day. “I'm sorry guys. I think I need something to eat.”

“Mhmm.” Brylee replied, keeping her eye on me, though I knew she forgave me, and a moment later offered to buy me some lunch.

I declined, being that I didn't want to be any more of a nuisance than I was being, and decided to leave her and Derrick alone, knowing he had kept trying to get rid of me in the nicest ways possible the whole day. Good thing I was the one who drove....

I headed to the nearest food court, which there were two of on either side of the mall, and bought a sub sandwich before going to sit down and eat by myself. Boy did I look pathetic. I could have at least dressed better.

I took my time eating before I decided to shoot Derrick a text, 'I'll let you and Bry hang out, meet me over by the ferris wheel later'

I thought I could check out the little theme park they had there since it was one of the things Hapland mall was now known for, and it would give me something to do. And it didn't take me very long before I ended up spending twenty dollars on some games and a few turns on the ferris wheel.

After riding so many times, I noticed how big the mall really was, and got a good view of the untouched land behind the mall that seemed to go for miles. There was a narrow field surrounded by trees out in the back of the theme park, which itself was set up behind the mall.

It looked like there should have been phone lines set up, like the kind you pass when you are taking a really long drive on the highway and you see those fields with the poles set up, and then all the rest is dense woods. I started to ponder where this seemingly pointless field of space led to. Though eventually the ride ended and I saw Derrick and Brylee waiting for me.

“Hey, did you guys want to go on any rides?” I wondered as I approached.

“I'm getting kind of tired, but I wouldn't mind a ride on the roller coaster.” Derrick replied, looking over to a small roller coaster set up on the other side of the little park.

And so at that we all gave a shrug and headed over and took a few turns on the rather anticlimactic ride, though I ended up mostly standing around holding Brylee's bags for her. What a waste of day. I could have just stayed home and ate ice cream.

We ended up wandering around a bit as well after the ride, until it was getting late enough for the mall to begin closing down, and we decided to head back around to the front of the mall where I had parked my car. However, it was here, when things began to get a bit strange for a simple day trip to the mall with some friends.


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