There Was Indeed Blood (Chapter 13)

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Continuation of Chapter 12...

Submitted: July 28, 2011

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Submitted: July 28, 2011



I saw a few of them look at me, but then I was ignored.

Swallowing hard, I took my steps carefully now. At this point, I felt in the back of my mind I knew I was one of them, but apart from the heightened senses, I believed I was far from it.

I was still afraid they might attack me so, after taking a breath, I hurried up to the gazebo door where I had to hold one arm over my eyes to block out the light, and knock on the door with my free hand.

Man, something smelled good in there.

“Abby! Hey! Are you guys still in there?” I called.

That smell, it was so distracting.

I heard voices and though there were too many of them talking to pick out more than a few words, I definitely recognized my friends. I felt relieved that they were all still alive. No, I was absolutely grateful, I wanted to get inside as fast as possible, I wanted to tell them what happened and what we were going to do. We would all be out of here in no time.

It took a moment, but I heard the doors being unlocked, the first set of doors, and then the second set of doors.

I felt a bit uncomfortable standing out here, feeling eyes on the back of my head; I knew those psychopaths were out there watching me.

“Oh thank god!” Abigail's voice came through a small crack in the door before it was thrown open and she pulled me into a hug and into the small room.

I felt my legs go weak. I was hit by that strangely delicious scent and it was overwhelming. I was so hungry and I just needed to take a bite of whatever it was that smelled so good. It had to taste even better than it smelled, I was sure.

“Abigail! Get back!” I heard a voice break me from my hungry thoughts, and instead I felt my eyes burn and water from the bright light of a flashlight now aimed in my eyes.

I staggered back until I hit the corner of the small room and held my arms up over my eyes to shield them from the light.

“Careful...You, boy, stay where you are...get back inside Abigail, okay?” I heard the voice again, which I recognized as Joel, the older man. For some reason he thought I was a threat and was worried for Abigail's safety. I don't know why but I was a bit upset he was trying to separate us.

“Here, give me the flashlight, go ahead back inside and lock the door. I'll be fine.” Abigail told Joel quietly while I just stood there, protecting my eyes.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I'll knock when I'm ready to come back in. I don't want anyone to worry, I'll take care of this.”

Joel sighed, “Okay, but I'll be waiting on the other side, yell if you need any help.”

“Okay, thanks.”

I heard footsteps and the door opened, closed, then lock before I knew I was left alone with Abby in the small room.

“Adrian, what happened? I thought you were dead when you didn't come back by the evening.” she spoke quietly, using that tone of voice she had often used when she was sad. It was almost painful to hear her when she was feeling that way. If I wasn't blind, I would have given her a hug and calmed her down with some reassuring words.

Instead, I didn't move or speak. That smell was distracting me again.

“We've all been really worried about you. Derrick was about to go looking for you, and I'm sure it would have been a challenge to stop him.”

I just took a deep breath, only half paying attention to what she was saying. I could almost taste whatever it was that smelled so utterly appetizing on my tongue, and when I took a breath my mouth started watering.


I rubbed my forearm across my eyes, wiping away the tears, and attempted to lower my arm in hopes that the light was gone. To my relief, Abigail stood near the door with the flashlight lowered to the floor.

I could still see it shining onto the floor, and light coming through the crack between the two doors, but I was able to see Abigail with relative ease if I squinted. I looked at her before moving towards her with a little smile and she gasped.

I didn't really notice however, and took another step. I could swear whatever I was smelling was coming from her direction. She had to be hiding something from me, a big juicy steak, or fall-off-the-bone ribs.


I jumped, her voice startling me, “What?” I breathed.

“Stop staring at me like that, it's creepy. Now tell me what happened to you, and why your mouth is bleeding.” Abby replied, almost stammering. She seemed a bit scared.

“I'm not staring at you. I'm only looking at you.” I frowned as I touched the side of my hand to my mouth, there was indeed blood.

“Your hand, there's blood coming from under your nails too.” Abigail said, sounding more and more distraught by the second.

“Hmm?” I tilted my hand slightly and watched as a blood droplet slowly travelled its way down

my forefinger. Watching it made my stomach growl, and my eyes snapped back up to Abby.

“Where is it?” I asked.

“Where's what?” she looked at me, confused.

“The food, I know you have something.” I moved closer, the smell stronger.

“Adrian, we haven't had anything since you left. I mean, there might be a pack of gummy bears somewhere, but that's all.” she was growing uncomfortable and I saw her body twitch. Perhaps she was uncomfortable because I knew she was lying, she was lying about the stash of food.

Why would she do that? I never knew her to do such things, she never lied to me or anyone else. She was the type to tell the truth about everything, even if it was hard to hear. It was one of the reasons our relationship worked while it did.

She seemed to have forgotten she had a flashlight in her hands, because she had let me get so close. And just then, I think I was going to force the food she was hiding, from her hands or pockets, or where ever it might have been, but the door into the gazebo burst open. I jumped back, cupping my hands over my eyes, despite having already being blinded for a second time.

I felt a pair of hands push against my shoulders and then I hit the second set of doors that led to outside.

“Adrian! What are you doing?” I heard Derrick's voice say, and I tried to lower my hands but all I saw was a silhouette in front of me, and a silhouette move through the doors, other than that, the light was still excruciating and I had to cover my face again.

“Derrick! Adrian!” I heard Brylee's voice now before I heard the door close.

That smell was stronger now.

“I'm so hungry.” I didn't realize I had said that out loud until Derrick replied.

“Okay, we'll find something for you. But right now I need you to tell us what happened.” his voice was loud and firm, obviously trying to keep my attention.

I nodded before lowering my hands and using them to remove his hands from my shoulders, though I kept my eyes closed still. I was still seeing red spots behind my eye lids.

Derrick let go after a short hesitation and took a step back.

“I got lost. And then those things found me and chased me. I came across a college, it's not too far from here.” I paused, taking a deep breath of that tantalizing scent and stepping forward away from the door. I could barely concentrate, and I had to swallow just to keep myself from drooling. “Just one bite, I promise I won't have it all.” I was begging now.

I heard a loud slap and realized I had been hit across the face right before I felt the sharp sting on my cheek. My eyes opened and found myself staring at my friends, who were all staring back with fearful eyes. I can't say I had ever seen them look at me that way before. Why were they so frightened?

“How did you become one of them, Adrian, that is what we want to know.” Derrick told me firmly but with a hint of softness. He still treated me like his best friend.

“Some mad-scientist professor at the college. He put Infected blood into me. I got away from that place though...” I managed to answer quickly before I licked my lips and moved forward again, unable to stop myself, though I trusted Derrick to do so. I saw him grab the flashlight from Abby's hand and a moment later I fell back on my butt, blinded yet again, with my arms over my face and an odd sort of groan coming from my throat.

“Ayd...” Abby said solemnly.

“I'm going to keep this light on you, okay? So I want you to concentrate on telling us everything.” Derrick spoke over her. I noticed the light was shaking a bit, he was nervous. I could smell it. I could smell how all of them were feeling, it somehow came through their skin, and it made me all the more hungry.


I choked at that realization. They weren't hiding food from me, they were the food. I tried to deny it for just a little while longer, but I was exactly like those cannibals waiting outside. I was exactly what the professor had described. I was craving human flesh.

“Oh god, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry guys.” I bent forward and pulled my knees up to rest my forehead on them. “I, um, this student, Andrew, he breathed on me and made me a Carrier, of this virus thing, and then I was injected with Infected blood. I can't Infect you, you aren't Carriers and I'm not either any more. But...I can smell you...and I'm so hungry.” I was weeping as I spoke. And wished I could be at home at my game console or in bed, or even just at my boring job in the freezer stacking boxes. At least it was familiar and safe.

This, what I was feeling, was not. I had to do something, I had to fix this, I had to get things back to normal some how, but I also wanted to get my friends and the rest of those people in the gazebo out of here. I thought for a moment and decided I would have to go back to that college, though I was already dreading doing so.

“What are we going to do?” Brylee whispered to Derrick and Abby, but I answered her question.

“You will all stay here. During the day, have some people go outside and search around for some food, had found some strawberries and raspberries before, so search the outskirts of the woods. Just don't get lost like I did. Be back well before dark. I'm going to back and...and figure something out.”

“Go back where? The college? Why don't one of us come with you?” Abigail suggested.

“No.” I lifted my head and glared at her, I didn't want her risking her life over this, I knew she was offering up herself to go with me. “I need you to stay here. You are one of the few people I know who can keep a cool head under stressful situations. Everyone here needs you.”


“Keep the light on me,” I looked to Derrick now, who had lowered the flashlight back to the floor, “I'm going to go now, I'll be back tomorrow night.” And at that, I got to my feet and turned around as Derrick brought the light back up and held it to my back. I fumbled to unlock the doors before slipping between them and waited just outside for Derrick to lock it back up. I desperately wanted to turn around and go back inside. Everyone's scent was lingering in the air. My attention was diverted however, when I heard some whispering from around the other side of the gazebo, so cautiously, I inched my way around the structure.

I stopped in my tracks when I spotted two Infecteds climbing up a ladder that subtly built into the side of the gazebo between two windows and was covered up a bit by some vines.

“Hey!” I yelled and stepped out into their line of sight, even though I felt my heart pounding with fear.

The Infecteds stopped, looked at one another, and then at me. Shit.


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