The Meeting of Heroes

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A story of a small party who go out and try to destroy the tyrants that call themselves, The CORE.


Tousant was a freelance who was said to be born in the realm of dreams. He had always been a man of wisdom, and People had always respected him, but when the CORE had discovered that he was a freelance he was forced to abandon the cities and live out in the wild as a mountain man. There is a tale about Tousant in which he joined a party of travelers, and warriors on a quest to put down the CORE for good.

This clan was made up of twelve battle hardened humans, and one experienced healer named, Corealitheus.

Tousant was out trapping Keral foxes when he saw a small group of people coming down the path towards him. He hailed them and they seemed nice, then he asked what they were up to, for it was quite unusual for a group of wealthy humans to be walking down that way of the path. And a woman in the group answered, “We are hear to take down the CORE, for we are sick of the high kings tyranny, and abuse of his powers. I notice that you are a freelance, you wear the three crescents upon your helm. I suspect that the CORE had tried to throw you into prison for treasure hunting, am I right?” Of coarse Tousant answered yes to that question, then the woman asked, “Would you want to come along on our journey, for we need as many skilled warriors as we can get?” And Tousant answered, “Yes I will go on the journey with you, for I have nothing left here, but may I ask, how do you expect to take out the CORE with just a group of twelve warriors, and a healer, you must have some kind of plan?” To reply to that, the woman named Carla just nodded her head and started to walk up the path. Then Tousant asked the man next to him, “What is with her?”, and he answered, “She does not like doubters.”
So it was that the group trekked forty-three miles in two days. In that time Tousant got to know the group quite well, he was a friend to all except the woman named Carla. She seemed to avoid Tousant as much as possible, and Tousant thought this strange.

The first battle of freedom occurred at the city of Turnack.  Turnack’s army consisted of fourteen knights of armor and thirty CORE soldiers. Carla decided to go with the full out approach, that of which Tousant could not understand, for the enemies army was much larger than their little band of warriors. But Tousant went with the plan anyways.

When they reached the city gates, they saw that the opposing force had archers on top of the outer walls. Four times the archers shot, but none of the party was even scratched. Then, out of nowhere, the archers fell from their posts, dead, with arrows in their hearts. Tousant thought this strange, for no one in their party had shot even a single arrow. Then suddenly there was movement within the  tree line. All of a sudden hundreds of people clad in white cloaks sprinted from the tree line. They seemed like ghosts as they ran to the city gates, but the weirdest thing was that they walked right through the closed gates.

Within minutes the white-cloaked ghosts came back out through the gates, again walking right through them. With surprise in his voice Tousant asked Carla, “Who are those people. The are certainly not human.” And Carla answered the question, “Those are the ghosts of the dead assassins. They are the ones who had tried to put down the CORE before us. I raised them from the dead to help us, now you know how we can win this war.”

And that is how the legendary clan of heroes met, and they would go forward to put down the CORE, and the king to end the tyranny for all the people of the land.

Submitted: April 26, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Abanitt. All rights reserved.

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This is a great start! But i think you should add more in about their 40 mile trek, and the relationship between Carla and Tousant, but i will defiantly read more, and send you a fan request. And also, if you dont mind maybe checking out some of my work? It means a lot, thanks.

Sun, April 29th, 2012 4:21pm


Thank you for the advice, and i will be sure to check out your work.

Fri, May 4th, 2012 4:54pm

C.A. Exline

This is interesting, but I feel like the story should start out in medias res rather than with exposition.

Thu, November 29th, 2018 10:27pm

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