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This is just a short piece of writing which i wrote randomly. I'm 14 so its not amazing but i thought i would share it. It got a bit of History in it like the concentration camp theme and the black slaves in America but it was basically written from nothing but my imagination and my knowledge of past events. Not sure where i want to go with it but its a start:)

P.S its not finished.

Submitted: June 07, 2011

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Submitted: June 07, 2011



Moonlight lit the lake and the water glistened. Ripples broke the waters surface as tiny dragonflies hovered above. It was so quiet. Peaceful even. The reeds waved in the calm breeze and all was quiet. My mind rested and worries past. I was completed again like a finished jigsaw. All my pieces back in the right place. Just me and nature that wasn’t torn by war. I stacked the pots up high making sure they were all in the correct order. The clanging of metal and shouting of people filled the air. Typical Monday morning. I rushed around collecting my tools for the hard day ahead. The heat was intense and the sun was high even for the morning. I was so thirsty but there was a drought and water was limited. A lot was limited now a days. Food, clothes but especially water. Neighbouring countries had stolen it all. Just raged through our town like a pack of wolves. We weren’t important to them. As I walked a long the dusty road, I saw a man dressed in camouflage. He looked bulky and tall. The kind no one dares mess with. I had my suspicions but kept walking, determined not to be late for the train. My pace quickened and broke into a steady jog. But wait. There was more. All dressed in camouflage; big and bulky. What was going on? But I kept running. Breathless I arrived at the train station. The unknown men had gone. The platform was buzzing with life and it was very hot. Sweat dripped down my cheek and plopped on the floor. I dashed towards my train just in time before the doors clanged in my face. It wasn’t to bad but I had to stand up making it difficult with the luggage I was carrying. I scanned the train. It was full of students coming home from the university. I never did have the privilege of school. That’s how I ended up doing other peoples washing for a living. To make it worse there was a shortage of clothes so not much to wash. Suddenly, the train grinded to a halt and everyone was flung forward. It was followed by bangs and explosions. People were screaming and there was gun shots everywhere. The doors opened behind me and everyone pushed to get off. I saw why. The front of the train had been torn off by an incredible force and fire flickered around the remains. It passed down quickly towards us, destroying anything and anyone in its path. The heat doubled quickly making it unbearable. It all happened so fast! I was kicked and punched several times before I managed to get up. I wish I hadn’t. Blood streamed from the ceiling and walls were dripping like red, wet paint. Bloody hand prints and footprints trailed everywhere followed by paw prints, massive paw prints . Bits of building were scattered and lifeless bodies lay trapped underneath. Blood pouring from their mouths and noses. On my left was a horde of camouflaged men with massive, black guns and long, sharp knives. It was like a horror scene. People were running all over the place, but they were just shot down. People fell as the impact of bullets hit their body and blood spouted from their wounds. Limbs and carcasses were strung everywhere. Big, black fierce wolves chased the terrified people. Ripping at their arms and legs. Grabbing big chunks of human flesh in their jaws. People yelped in pain and I just stood there. Forgetting how to move. Fear ran through my spine and glued me to the floor. What the hell was going on? Hell was the perfect way to describe it definitely. Then I felt a muscular grip on my shoulder and a throbbing pain in my skull and it all went black. I woke up and it was twilight. Weak light glowed through the cracks. I was in a box. Moving? Yes definitely moving. I was on a train heading to a unknown destination surrounded by men and snarling wolves. There were others to. Like me, covered in others blood and scratched to the bone. The fear in their eyes scared me. It was so intense that I didn’t dare move. How did a normal morning turn into hell so quickly? I found it hard to ignore the pounding pain in my wounds and the blood pouring from the deep cuts. I stared into the camouflaged men and the wolves eyes. But all I saw was hatred and torture. It felt like years even though it was hours. We were chained up. Steel rings wrapped around my scabbed feet and hands. My clothes were torn and red. I was so confused. There were about fifteen of us crammed into a train carriage. Other peoples sweaty bodies were pressed against my own. Vomit was spread across the walls. A continuous pain banged in my head and my stomach turned at the motion. Even though it was baking in the wooden box, there was fresh blankets of snow lying on the ground. There were no trees, no buildings or rivers. Just white. “Oh Holy Father. Creator of the mighty universe. Hear my prays. Release us from the forsaken hell in which we do not deserve. Unleash your powers on the devil and drive him away with fear”, I whispered to myself. It was my only hope. My last one. Only he will know what will happen. A high pitched scream woke me from sleep. Light streamed in from the cracks in the wood. I squinted as it hurt. The camouflaged men dragged out the man next to me. Gripping tightly to his bruised skin. He threw him out without a care and strutted over to me. The grin that appeared on his face sent chills through my spine. He dug in his nails and yanked me up. Pure steel chains that were at least wrist thick, were snapped easily by the wolf. It growled as I was pushed passed and threw to the floor. I looked up. Millions of camouflaged men talking in a different language were walking around. Behind them followed skinny slaves and big black wolves. Massive holes were placed in the soil. As I got closer, I saw human carcasses dumped in there. Skinny and yellow, the condition that they were in was horrible. The smell was overpowering and ghastly. Never before had I seen something like this. I was tied to a fence along with five others. Like horses at a ranch. Men were cruelly whipping others. Gashes and scratches appeared with every flick. What had happened to civilization? I closed my eyes tight and imagined home. No such luck. I wasn’t dreaming. I wasn’t imagining. I was living this. Not living a dream though. Living a nightmare. The sun was higher then ever when we were shoved into tiny stables. The straw was itchy and sharp. Stale water was in a trough but little beetles and insects were floating about in it. I stumbled about; tripping over everyone’s feet. A little girl was sat in a corner. Only around six. Her piercing green eyes shot a look at me. It was like I could read her mind. Her face gave it all away. We were going to die. All of us. It got colder as time passed by. I was huddled in a tight ball and my head in my knees. Groans and mumbles came from my neighbours. Some from pain and others from praying. I had given up on that. I knew my fate. A women next to me was quietly crying. Her long, wavy, brown hair covered her face. “ It’ll be over soon”, I said. Trying to reassure her. She looked at me. The life in her eyes had gone. They were dull and black with no shine at all. “ It is not death or pain I am waiting for. It is to see my child again, that is all I want”, She whispered. I thought for a moment. “What is your name? Mine is Carlton Kantor. I come from the Jakarta Islands” I replied without thinking. I trusted her like I had known her for years. But there was something about her. A connection that was strong. “ I’m Liycreal and I’m from around the Natalan Coast. My mother and farther were killed in front of me. Then my child was stolen and I have not seen her since. She is called Denali. Beautiful girl with bright green eyes and long brown hair” She said. Bright green eyes stuck in my head. The girl I had seen before could have been her daughter. “ I have seen her!” I blurted out eagerly. Liycreal looked at me in disbelief. Her eyes fell to the floor and she sighed heavily. “ No. that is not my daughter. A friend told me they had seen her die. Stabbed until silent. You are mistaken Carlton.” Liycreal answered . I didn’t say anymore. I just felt an agonising pain rip through my heart.

“Get up! Come on there’s work to do” Shouted one of the devils servants. How did he know our language? Morning had come quicker than I had imagined. Warm air wafted past my skin. The smell of disease and death was strong and horses were whinnying loudly. My chains that were attached to others in front were tugged violently. I followed without a word. Liycreal was behind me with her head down. As I was pulled into the sun light, I saw something horrible. Flames burned bright and thick. Crackling and banging noises came from the angry inferno. The smell of burning flesh was puffed out of it in a cloud of thick smoke. We were directed over to a field that was close to the entrance gate. The idea of running away seemed impossible as there were guards place around the walls. I was given a large pole with a sharp, curved metal stone on the end. I started to chop the long grass and pick out the stones. We were being watched continuously to make sure we didn’t run away. A man with a whip disappeared behind me. Suddenly, a searing pain cut through my back. Instinct kicked in and I launched at the torturer. My hands were wrapped tightly around his neck and my nails dug in. I was going to kill him. Shouting came from my right and the ropes were tied around my limbs. Pulling me off him. I pulled back and struggled to get free. Someone shot a bullet into my foot and I crouched in agony. Blood leaking from my wound. I had given up. I just lay on the floor in a bloody mess. Breathing became worse and I could feel everyone’s eyes on me. “ what is the problem here then?” Said a man in blue. “A violent one sir. Total savage.” another replied. I was shocked. How was I the savage? My head was pulled back and in front of me was the man in blue. He looked straight at me.

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