Angels From Above

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this is a book about an angel and her dutys

Submitted: March 12, 2011

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Submitted: March 12, 2011



My name is Katie and i am a gaurdian angel , my job is to look after humans and try to give them the best life possible . But that is not always as simle as it may seem here is the story of one of the most amazing girls ever and i had the pleasure to look out for her .

Chapter One

Elena was sat in school with her best friends Tori and Cara when the bell went for hometime , she stood up and smiled trying to hide how scared she was , she went out with the rest of the class and got her old coat and tatty bags , walked up the corridor to her favourite teachers classroom and started on her jobs . It was only an hour later when she had finished and had to go home , as she put on her old coat a tear came down her cheek . As i looked down on her i couldn't come to grips with why she was doing jobs for her teachers and why she was so upset but i didn't have to wait long to find out why . She walked up her drive really fast not looking for who was watching and ran inside . She tuck off her old coat and stained cardigan . As i watched her do this i saw lots of bruises on her arms of diffrent colours varying from blue to black , i realised she was alone , i wondered where her parents where and why they would leave there young daughter home alone . Elena walked in to a room that looked like a prison cell there was a single bed with a dirty sheet and tatty pillow . There were blood stained on the walls and floor . The only sign that a little girl lived here was the old teddy that sat on the bed it only had one ear , missing one of its eyes and some stuffing hanging out of the side . She picked up that teddy and then did the strangest thing i have ever seen she wriggled under the bed and lay there talking to her teddy until . A loud bang downsatirs made the whole house shake and lots of shouting drifted up the stairs . She held her breath and closed her eyes . Just as someone screeched " ELENA ! " . That was followed by footsteps pounding up the stairs . Her door burst open and two big hands reached under her bed and grabbed her with a big smile on his face he dug his nails in to her arms . As tears streamed silently down her face , he chucked her to the side of the room and she hung her head in shame . But he wasnt having that at all . He walked over and knelt down and brought his hand up and slapped her across the face . Then got her chin in between his hands and forced her face up . He stared at her face with her deep blue eyes clouded with tears , her cheeks flushed pink and her brown curly hair waving past her shoulders .

Chapter Two

He sighed dropped her chin , turned around twice then punched her cheek and her head bounced back and he stormed out slamming the door behind him . When he was downstairs she sat up and started choking and blood began to pour out of her mouth . An hour later when she had stopped choking she tiptoed to the bathroom and brushed her hair trying to get the dried blood out but she gave up . Went back to her room lied down on the bed and cuddling her teddy she cried her self to sleep . As i looked down on Elena sleeping peacfully , i thought how could enyone in there right mind want to hurt there daughter ? I thought it was time to do some investigating as to why he is hurting her this way . She watched Elena's dreams with her , they had her dad in alot but there was something diffrent about his smile , he was smileing at Elena's happiness not her pain , there was someone else there to , she had the same deep blue eyes as Elena but she had strawberry blonde curly hair . Then it clicked this was Elena's mum . She had wondered why her mum wasnt there , she wanted to know where she was now but it wasn't long before i found out . She saw four people sat in a car it was Elena , her Dad , her Mum and a baby boy who had rosy red cheeks with dimples and a big toothless smile on his face . They were all singing along to a Disney CD . When the car crashed . I stopped watching her dreams when i realised her mum and little brother died in the crash . Her Dad must be taking out his grief and sadness on Elena but he doesn't realise he is doing this because he is always drunk when this happens . Elena lay shaking and shivering in her bed . I had seen enough , the day after i would help her and try to make her life better even if it is only for a day . This child deserves happiness .

Chapter Three

As i went to the boss i was watching Elena and she seemed kind of happy , this morning . When i was in the office i asked if i could visit Elena but it was a no . We aren't alowed to visit earth or are human until we have studied them and observed for at least a week . So i went home and watched Elena again . She was putting her stuff in to a bag . When she had finished , she brushed her bouncy brown hair , till there was a knock at the door . Elena skipped down the stairs and opened the door to a beautiful looking woman who had those same blue eyes as Elena , she picked Elena up and gave her a big hug . Picked up Elena's bag's and Elena spun around with a smile on her face , as she put on her cardigan and coat . She turned around and and looked at the beautiful woman standing at the door and asked " How do i look Kristen ? " . Kristen looked her up and down and sighed " You look beautiful Elena , even better than me ! " . Elena tuck Kristen's hand and walked out the door and down the drive . She jumped in to a warm cumfy silver volvo . Singing along to RockFM , as Kristen drove her to school . When they arrived at school , Elena stepped gracefully out of the car and turned around as Kristen said " I will pick you up later with Carter and i was thinking maybe we could go to the Chinese buffet and the Cinemas ? I have to go now but i will see you later Elena , have a gud day at school honey " . Kristen blew Elena a kiss as she drove off and Elena walked down the street to school . So Elena was happy because she wouldn't be at home today . The girl she is staying with seems to be her older sister . I wanted to know why Kristen didn't look after Elena all the time and who is Carter ? As usual it didn't take me long to find the answers i needed .

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