Don't Give Up Hope

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Two lost people find eachtoher. What will their outcome be?

Submitted: January 26, 2011

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Submitted: January 26, 2011



A Man. 25 years of age. Six-foot two. Green eyes. Brown hair. Hiding behind fake smiles and a hopeless future. Same routine. Wake up, shower, coffee, work, come home, watch TV, go to bed. 25 years ago, He was born into a couple, newly married and in love. 15 years ago, He watched that marriage fall apart. He watched the fighting, the rolled eyes, the slamming doors and the raised voices late each night. He would scream until he was blue in the face when his parents would fight, just because he hoped that some way if the attention was turned to him, they would agree on something. He just didn’t want to see them fighting anymore. Soon he saw suitcases packing, the front door slamming, the car engine starting—mommy, gone. From then on, He knew love wasn’t anything special. It’s certainly not the big deal everyone makes it out to be. After all, it never lasted. Someone always changes. Someone always leaves. And someone else was always left over to pick up the pieces.

A Woman. 23 years of age. Five-foot six. Blue eyes. Blonde hair. Hiding behind fake smiles and a broken trust. 23 years ago, She was born into a fighting couple—She was their ‘mistake’. She was raised as a baby, having a mother with tears always running down her face, a father working 3 jobs, and an apartment nearly to the ground. But as She got older, things seemed to get better. She saw mommy and daddy kissing again. Talking again—no raised voices. They wrote each other’s names on their hands with hearts surrounding, slowly falling back into the love they once knew. She thought then that anything could be fixed, anything could get better and true love existed. Enter the same girl, teenager now, 16 years of age and a teenage boy, 17 years of age. High school sweethearts. Most likely to get married. Everything She could have ever wished for. Forever. Until one day, he left. He left Her broken hearted on the side of the road on a stormy night. And so from then on, She knew love wasn’t anything special. It’s certainly not the big deal everyone makes it out to be. After all, it never lasted. Someone always changes. Someone always leaves. And someone else was always left over to pick up the pieces.

Two people. A Man and a Woman in the tiny city of Waitsburg, Washington. The Man 25 and the Woman 23. Same hopeless futured Man and the same broken trusted girl. Same fake smiles. They pass by each other every day on their way to work. They lived in the same apartment, rode the same elevator, and had mail slots right next to each other. They both lived near each other, separated only by Mr. Crowly, the friendly older man who always seemed to be thinking about something important. But, they had never said more than a few passing words to one another. One day, while in the elevator together, the Man noticed how beautiful the Woman was. She didn’t look different than She did any other day. But something in the man’s mind prompted him to look at Her. Really look at Her. And so He told Her, “You look beautiful today, miss.” Instantly, a smile as bright as the sun itself spread over Her face. “Why…thank you. Thank you so much.” She responded. The Woman had had a particularly difficult day and Her hair was a mess, her makeup was fading and there were tears begging to fall from her eyes. Little did He know, He had just started something wonderful.

From that day on, at 7:20 every morning (when they went to work) they exchanged more and more thoughts with each other. They felt themselves becoming excited to ride the elevator every morning, and even more excited to see each other. Neither of them had ever dreamed they’d soon become each other’s best friends. It soon became a habit for them to pass old Mr. Crowly every morning and say hello. He wasn’t a very talkative man, but for the both of them, there was just something about him that they liked. And every morning, Mr. Crowly waved at the two people and a curious smile spread across his wrinkled face.

One day while talking on the phone, they got on to the topic of their pasts and frustrations. As each explained their stories, the other listened with ears and hearts wide open. Now, there was no hiding. She learned that He was a photographer at heart, subjected to working an 7-5 job in a cubicle. He learned that She was a writer at Heart, subjected to working a 7-5 job at the local hospital. They learned that neither of them was really happy. “I guess I just want to be happy again. Really happy. Like, your heart feeling like a hot air balloon happy.” the Woman confessed to the Man. “So do I. Well, maybe we could work together to make that happen.” Although the Woman didn’t quite understand what He was getting at, it was nearly 11 p.m and She needed to get to bed for the night. As for their conversation…neither of them had realized all they had in common and how much they could lend a hand to one another and help heal their scars. So they finished their conversation, said their goodnights, laid their heads on their pillows, and closed their eyes to begin another dreamless night. The each fell asleep with the same word in their heads. Maybe.

The next morning at 7:20 am, the man wasn’t at the elevator. She waited 15 minutes before deciding He was just sick and She headed off to work, not happy to begin her day without her morning piece of sunshine. But, as the Woman entered the elevator and went to press the ‘lower level’ button, there was a note. Heart beating with excitement, she read: “My dearest Julia, I would like to be your reason to trust again, if you would be my reason to hope again. Meet me in our elevator at 7:20 tonight. Our destination is a surprise. Love, your dearest Romano”

That evening, they learned that they adored to be alone—together. And by the end of that day, neither of them had to fake their smiles. Oh, and old Mr. Crowly seemed very pleased to see them walking together- hand in hand- on their way home from one of the best nights of their lives. And that strange smile was still on his face as they closed the door behind them.

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