Becoming a Vampire

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here`s a vampire story..

Submitted: November 23, 2009

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Submitted: November 23, 2009



Victor breathed heavily trying to stay alive. He had to die but his mind refused to let go. It was a necessary step in this process. He felt weak. He has lost almost all his blood, and with it, all his strength. The vampire standing next to him knelt and took Victor's head in his arms. Then cut his own wrist open let the torrent of blood pour from his veins.

The irony of the process was that Victor had to drink his own blood, which in turn was taken by the vampire.

He drank.

Victor swallowed all that he could, but it kept coming. The thick warm liquid escaped his mouth and ran through his cheeks and the back of his head soaking his hair.

He chocked. It was more than he could take. The torrential amount of blood invaded his nose and his lungs. He fought to breathe but with each effort he let more and more death into his lungs.

Victor finally let go. It was inevitable. His vision was blurred and he closed his eyes hoping for the pain to end. Then he felt nothing. He died. At least in the traditional way.

He opened his eyes and found himself lying in a couch in the same room where he had closed them. He sat and saw through the window it was still dark. He realized that he was breathing. His mouth and lungs were cleared. But not all was gone. His senses were different. He felt a flood of new feelings that didn't knew even existed.

His mouth was wet. The taste of the blood was still in his mouth. It was sweet but he felt repulsed only by the concept of it. He could even smell the blood in his mouth, and in his face. But there was more to it. He could tell apart the smell in the breeze coming through the windows. The subtle scent of daisies planted outside. The smell of dewdrops over the recently cut grass. The breeze stopped and he was invaded by the smells of the room. The humid wood of the furniture that was half rotting and the moth eaten drapes that hang on the windows.

He felt overwhelmed by the torrent of new feelings. Taste and smell were not the only ones enhanced. He could see everything in the room with only the light of a dying candle.

But what bothered him the most was the enhanced sense of touch. He was sweated. His wet clothes, half torn, were stuck against his skin. The feeling of repulsion towards his own body was unbearable.

He turn to look for his maker but found himself alone in the room. He felt betrayed. He was given a gift was not told how to use it. He was in the verge of panic. He got up with marvelous ease and tried to walk to the window. He thought of moving his foot and found himself standing next to the window. How he had moved there was a new mystery. He had not moved but he was in a different place.
He heard a noise outside the room. Something that no other human could have heard. Victor turned to the door and observed with exceptional accuracy how the door knob turned. Then the door opened and the vampire entered the room. Victor felt a mixture of emotions. Hope, fear, joy, all emotions mixed in this fragile moment.

Victor felt compelled to cry. First a lonely tear left his left eye. Then he broke down and fell to his knees. Tears were pouring from his eyes for reasons he could not comprehend. All this was far too much for him to assimilate in such short time.

The vampire walked towards Victor. His face was very pale and expressionless. It looked like a porcelain mask that reflected the weak light of the candle.

"Rise!" Te vampire commanded. "You have been reborn and you are now one of us. You are a vampire!"

Victor rose obediently. He stopped crying and looked into the vampire's eyes. He smiled malevolently. He understood what had just happened and what he had to do now. It was time to feed.

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