This is a poem that I wrote about my grandma when she passed away

Letter To Granny

I know I really didn't know you that well

But even though I didn't know you that well

That didn't mean I didn't love you

I know your life here on earth wasn't that great

And I know you have been sick for a long time

And when you past away

You took a little piece of me with you

But now I know you're in a better place

You are up there in heaven

With the father and the angels

Knowing you, you are probably up there

Having a blast with God

And even though you are not down here with me

I know you are in heaven smiling down on me

How great it must be

To see again all the friends and relatives

Who have been waiting to see you n heaven

What a heavenly reunion that must be

We all miss you down here but we also rejoice for you

Knowing your pain is over

We will all think of you often

Remembering the good times we had

And waiting for that day

That we all meet again

Goodbye for now granny

I love you

Submitted: January 13, 2008

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Thought provoking.

Sun, January 13th, 2008 4:08am

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