Little Gifts From God

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I wrote this poem about a couple of good friends that I made when I went to High School

Submitted: January 13, 2008

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Submitted: January 13, 2008



Little Gift From God

In most of my 19 years of life

I have kinda been a loner

And not really good at making friends

And I have been a real shy person

But thanks to God

And the way he has touched my life

I have been really fortunate to make

5 really great and special friends

And, because of them have changed

Me and my life in ways that they

Can only imagine

They have seen me through good times

And in bad

And they have been there to talk to me

And make me laugh when I am having a bad day

I just wish for everybody else in the world

That one day

They could somehow find the happiness and the joy

Of good friends like I have

And if they do

The one piece of advice that I would have for them

Is to always thank God for them

Because you never know when you might need them one day

And you never know when

The one day you will turn around

And one of them might not be there


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