All The Special Kids

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Ok so i wrote this for my creative writing class as a realistic fiction story. Turns out it wasn't and is pointing more toward a horror story. i did a little editing all thanks to my peers in my class and decided to share it. enjoy.

Submitted: October 15, 2012

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Submitted: October 15, 2012




I am not crazy. I am not stupid. Why does everyone think so? I am unique. I am special. I am my own person, just like any other screwed up human being on this corrupted place we call home. How can man just judge people the way they do? They can’t understand anything that is different, therefore they don’t except it. I just wish that—

“Jake what are you doing? It’s dinner time I have been calling you for five minutes now.” My mother walks into my room, rolling her eyes. She stands in my door way, an uncomfortable expression beamed from her freckled face. She hating being in my room or being anywhere around me for that matter. She’s like everyone else, she thought I was crazy. Unlike most mothers she didn’t love me for me. She sent me to hundreds of doctors; bought me tons of different medications but nothing would work. I knew nothing would work, I told her that more times than I can count. Yet she still thought I needed to me “cured”.  “Honey, please put that journal down and get yourself down stairs. Your friend can’t eat with us tonight, okay…” I nod and she pulls off a fake smile. “Don’t forget to wash up.” She shoots me a stern look and marches back down to the kitchen.  Sometimes I feel like she talks to me like I’m two years old. For your information Mom my friend doesn’t want to eat with you anyways. My friend is special like me.

I walk down our wood steps. I stop by a painting of some water lilies on the wall. This was where I made my first special friend. Her name was Alice; I was just walking up the stair when I saw her looking at the painting.  We talked about the painting at first then it was like as if we had been friends forever, because our conversation just flowed so smoothly. Mom had come up the stairs when Alice and I were talking about school (I didn’t have a good day so I was ranting about it to Alice). Mom started freaking out on me like; “Jake you okay? Babe you know no one is there right? Honey there isn’t any one there; it’s just you and me.  Alice? Who is Alice? Jake I think you need to go lie down. Don’t argue with me just do it. I’m calling your father.” When mom finally left to call my father; Alice was still standing there just watching. I asked her why my mother couldn’t see her but she said my mom wasn’t special. It went on like that for the next hour, and since then Mom thinks I am some kind of possessed demon. She says that I was arguing with myself. No matter how many times I tell her that Alice was there she tells me I was just all in my mind. Alice came over every day from then on. She only visits when I’m writing in my journal because that is when I couldn’t be distracted. I don’t know what I would do if Alice ever left, I don’t think I could live with out her.

“Jake I said you needed to wash up.” Mom came to the steps again. I could feel the peaceful atmosphere change into worry. I was still standing on the stair case looking at the painting. I realized this and put on my now perfect fake smile.

“I’m sorry mom, I’m coming.” I prance down the steps, passing my mom. I wash up and take my seat at the kitchen table. “Ugh Mom really… steak again? That’s the third time this week.” I slump in my chair, staring at the bloody charred cow carcass mingling aggressively with my mashed potatoes.

“Jake the starving children in Africa don’t get steak as much as you do hell kids in America don’t eat steak as much you do.” She sighs and shakes her head. This woman is obsessed with red meat, I’m surprised that I’m not full of parasites, cause she can’t cook it to save her life.

“Well the idiots of America don’t buy steak as much as you do, mother dearest.”  I make sure to watch her expression from my rude comment. She snaps around to glare at me. Mom was used to my smart comments, only because the doctors told her that my attitude would worsen from the medications. But to be honest I’m just naturally smooth with my insults. Our cheerful conversation ended there and she started a new one.

“So Jake have you seen Alice lately?” she was putting a piece of steak into her large snaggle toothed mouth.

“Yes of course she was upstairs when you decided to show up and poison such a delectable mood.” I smirked and took a sip of my iced tea watching as her face sour.

“You know Jake I think those doctors need to take you off that Marinol.” Mom gives me the up-down and I just laugh. Even though it kinda hurt, those jokes are never that funny to me.

Most of our meals ended up like this; the two of us firing off playful blows until no food remained on our plates.  When the meal was finished I cleaned my plate and headed back upstairs to my journal and Alice.

I walked in cautiously so that I wouldn’t scare her; she was lying on my bed reading the journal. She heard me and looked up. What normally was a sweet smile had transformed into a frown. I hurried in and sat beside her on the edge of the bed.

“Alice what’s the matter.” I put my arm around her shoulder for comfort.

“Jake I- I have to leave. I will stay so that you can finish this last story but after that I have to go. To go and be with another special kid.” I saw a tear fall from her face. I felt the shock then the anger boil inside of me. I didn’t want Alice to leave she was the only one who understood what I was going through cause she was going through the same thing or said that she had. The only reason anything ever made since to me was because of her. If that story was the only thing keeping her here to guide me, then I’m not going to finish it.

“Alice I’m not going to finish the story. There has to be a way for you to stay. People are so cruel they’ll change me.” Alice smiled and looked up at me. She stands up walking over to her brown purse. She sifts through it.

“Jake I have an idea why don’t you join me. Come with me to go visit the other special kids.” She pulled something out not showing it to me.

“Yeah that would be cool- wait but how?”  I stood up and slowly walked over to her. She held out a hunting knife. I just stared at it I didn’t want to do what she was hoping for but I knew things weren’t going to get better for me. Doctors would just give me more drugs, my mother would still think I was evil, people would still know me as the freak that talks to invisible girls. No one would miss me. Mom would be happier, she could get have she deserves. All I ever wanted was a normal life, from how things have gone I know that I will never be able to have that. I mean Alice is my only friend; I that I have that is worth holding onto. I felt myself shaking. Do I really want to do this?

“Jake do you want me to do it?” Alice slowly reached for the knife. I let her take it. I stood straight and asked for a moment to say good-bye to my room, and silently to my mom. I closed my eyes; the last thing I saw was Alice, holding the knife high above her head.

“Jake! Stop! What’s going on? Jake, Alice isn’t real she isn’t here! Please baby stop!”  I hear mom shrieking in my ear. I see my mom, Alice, and myself holding the knife all three of us battling for it. Mom was crying her eyes out. Alice looked annoyed. I was crying. We all were pulling on the blade, and then suddenly I felt a pressure just below my rib cage. A warm silky liquid came gushing from the hold inside of me. Alice grabs the blade wipes it off on my shirt, kisses my forehead and whispers into my ear.

“I’ll see you soon Jake.” As she pulled away she wiped off the stream of blood trickling from my mouth. I watched as she faded away.  Mom ran into the other room I’m guessing to grab towels, or call 911. I don’t know what she did because the next time I opened my eyes, I was watching myself trying to be saved by a few doctors. I listened to my own heart fall silent with the constant beeping noise of the monitor. Mom was crying in the corner. For some reason I did not regret what happened, even with this aching inside of me.  I looked to my right and found Alice smiling at my lifeless body. She turned to me.  “Jake are you ready to go? Martin is waiting for us.” I nodded and she took my hand, I walked with Alice into the light. There we met all the other special kids next to the paintings in their homes.




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