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A poem about my little sister. She can be such a pain, although I do love her as any sister is obliged to. There is a 10 year difference between us so, naturally, we don't get along. I wrote this for my creative writing class last year during one of her episodes. This might speak to those who every now and then, have a little sibling trouble.

Submitted: January 31, 2008

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Submitted: January 31, 2008





By: Abby Tracy

Oh you little pest,

Oh you little beast.

You are so annoying

That your ass should be whipped into yeast.

Oh How I wish that you would just shut up

Stop being the little brat that you are.

Sometimes your whining makes me want to scream

If I had a job, I’d drive away in my car.

Stop you’re whining, stop you’re complaining,

Quit making everyone think that you’re so sweet,

You know you’re no gift from heaven above.

Because I know that you’re a trick and not a treat.

Geez you make me want to pull out my hair,

With the way you have people wrapped around you’re finger.

You know, I was the baby first, for nine whole years.

But that doesn’t matter, you little stinker.

So go ahead, kick and scream,

One day you’ll know what it’s like to not have your way.

You’ll know how people won’t show you no favor,

I hope you’ll be a modeled citizen someday.

© Copyright 2018 Abby Tracy. All rights reserved.

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