Kanna and the Fish

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This is a trickster tale that explains how the birth of a centure creature came about. Kanna is a unicorn that has fallen in love with someone that is not one of her kind. Will they end up together, or will their physical differences keep them apart?

Submitted: January 30, 2008

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Submitted: January 30, 2008



Years ago, many different animals roamed the Earth, but none were as majestic as the unicorn. Unicorns possessed healing powers, immortality, and were often sought out for their impeccable wisdom. All of them lived in harmony near a great sea. The King of the unicorns had one daughter, Kanna.

Kanna was the most beautiful unicorn that ever lived. Her coat was pure, like the first snow. Her mane was softer than a babes’ hair and it turned silver whenever the sun hit it. Being the daughter of the King, it was Kanna’s duty to find a mate. Her father wanted to make a good match that would benefit the kingdom. However, all of the unicorns that her father deemed worthy, Kanna declined. She wished to marry for love, not to please her father.

One night, when all of the unicorns slept, Kanna walked towards the beach at the end of her camp. When she reached the beach she was about to lie down in the soft sand, but then she heard something. From the direction of the water she could faintly make out the sound of music playing. Curious, she stepped towards the water, her hooves making imprints on the sand beneath her. As she stepped into the water she noticed that what she mistook for music earlier was singing. It was the most breath taking sound that ever graced her ears. The voice was deep and soothing, like an angel’s. Kanna was so overwhelmed with the melodious beauty that she cried. One silver star from her turquoise eye fell and landed in the water beneath her, causing ripples to appear.

“ Why do you cry, princess?” A soft voice spoke.

“ What? Who’s there?” Kanna began to panic as she searched the water around her.

“ Down here.” The voice said patiently.

Kanna then looked down to find a small purple fish staring at her with large sea green eyes. “ Who are you, and how do you know I’m a princess?” She inquired.

“I am but a humble fish and all creatures of the sea know of you and your beauty.”

Kanna blushed at the compliment and asked, “Who was it that I heard singing?”

“ That was I princess.”

“ You sing beautifully.” Kanna said shyly.

“ Yes, but you cried during my song. Why is that?”

“I fear my father will banish or disown me if I do not find a proper mate.” Kanna sighed and gazed off into the distance with a forlorn expression on her face.

“ Do not dwell on it princess. I will sing for you and you shall be sad no longer.”


Every night Kanna would venture towards the ocean where the fish lived. This had occurred for weeks and neither one of the Fish, nor Kanna, knew that they were being observed by a pair of bright yellow eyes. From behind ‘The Great Rock’ a serpent gazed upon the two and listened to their exchanging of words. He had seen the friendship deepen and derived, from what he had seen, that the Fish and Kanna were in love. Now, snakes are sly and devilish creatures that will do anything in order to get what they want, nothing stands in their way. Snake wanted power and he knew just what to do to get it. His devious plan involved a certain unicorn princess…


In the third week of Kanna’s visit, she was walking towards the beach when snake slithered in front of her.

“ Greetings, princess.” Snake hissed as he bowed his head in mock respect.

“ Greetings Snake. Why is it that you call on me?” She questioned with a quizzical brow.

“ I wish to help you with Fish.”

Kanna stumbled backwards, startled at the fact that someone knew of her secret visits to the beach.

“ Yes, I see. You love him, don’t you?”

“ I-, We-, We could never be together.” Kanna lowered her eyes to the ground sadly.

“ Oh but you can!” Snake grinned as his eyes widened with excitement.

“ How?” Kanna questioned, not sure whether to trust Snake or not.

“ Well, I posses great magical powers and I can turn Fish into a Unicorn, just like you.” Snake paused to make sure Kanna followed him. “ Even though I am indeed powerful, I’ll need some sort of magical instrument to… assist me in the transformation..” Snake added quickly.

“ Well… what do you need?”

“ I’ll need your horn.”

“ My horn?! I can’t do that! I’ll…”

“ Loose all your powers.” Snake said gravely. “ What are powers to you, princess, when there is no one to love you?” Snake nuzzled his neck against Kanna’s leg comfortingly as he added, “ It is only a small sacrifice for all you’ll gain.”

That was it. Kanna’s inner wall had collapsed and she had given in to Snake’s persuasions. He could see the resolve in her eyes, in the way she looked at Snake with total trust. Kanna nodded her head and bent down to Snake’s level. Snake clasped the horn between his jaws and pulled. The horn broke away from Kanna’s head and her coat turned from pearl white, to dull gray.

“ Well then, let’s go to the beach!” Snake said triumphantly.

“When they got there, Kanna called out to Fish. “ He should be here by now, where is he?”

“ Perhaps that is him over there.” Snake said nonchalantly as he jeered his head towards the other side of the beach, where there was a faint speck of purple.

Kanna sprinted to the other side and found Fish lying on the sand, most of his flesh stripped away, and his green eyes wide with shock and fear.

“ He’s dead!” Kanna cried in disbelief. “ Who would do such a thing?”

“ I would.” Kanna turned around to find snake staring at her maliciously. “ So that I could get this of course.” He held up Kanna’s horn, which was gleaming with unleashed power. “ You see, I knew you wouldn’t willingly give me your horn unless a loved one was involved. If I could trick you into thinking that I would turn fish into a Unicorn your most prized possession would be mine, without quarrel. As you can see, it worked.” Snake smiled at his achievement. “ Now you will witness my wrath!” Snake screamed as he gulped the horn.

Kanna, distraught with sadness and anger, charged towards Snake, snatched him up with her mouth, and bit him in half. His body quivered with life for a moment, then was still. Kanna picked out her detached horn among Snake’s insides and stepped into the ocean.

“ I can no longer live on land with my kind,” She murmured to herself, “ for I am no longer one of them. I shall live in the sea where my lover once dwelled.” Bright light surrounded Kanna and with her last amount of her unicorn magic, she transformed herself into a seahorse. She was the first of her kind.

Kanna And The Fish

By: Abby Tracy

© Copyright 2019 Abby Tracy. All rights reserved.

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