The Tragedy of an Innocent Soul

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This is only rated R for safety. It is the story of young Samuel who, in search of power and hope to save his sister and him from destitution, makes a deal with a most malicious character.

Submitted: January 29, 2008

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Submitted: January 29, 2008



The Tragedy of an Innocent Soul


By: Abby Tracy


It was a cold December night in the year 1753. The cobblestones of the London streets were covered with a thin layer of ice and all of the chimneys spouted black smoke. All of the streets were deserted, no one was walking about, save for one man. He was dressed in a hooded cloak with shining, polished shoes. Nothing could be seen of his facial features, except, if someone examined him more closely, they could see his piercing red eyes. The question is, why would he be walking aimlessly about? Why was he not in any local pubs, wasting away his money on beer and gambling? What secret did this mysterious man possess?


Samuel Clement was in a rather dismal mood. He had just stepped out of one of the local pubs with a lot less money than he had when he first walked in. In fact, he was broke.

“ Maggie won’t appreciate this,” He muttered as he glared at the sky above him.

Maggie, or Margaret, was his sister of whom he lived with. She was five years older than Samuel and had been supporting him ever since their father had died six months ago. Samuel’s father was a very rich man. In fact, he was a duke. Samuel and Maggie had been accustomed to rich life since the day of their birth. Maggie was not the type to be spoiled or boast about having a more comfortable life. Samuel, on the other hand, thrived on the attention due to his upbringing. It was well known all over town that Samuel would be the future Duke. He was revered as a honest gentlemen and many of the shopkeepers obliged to his requests. Samuel would often charge various items to his tab in numerous stores. By doing this, he had collected a large debt. But Samuel wasn’t concerned over this because when he became duke, he could simply pay off the shop keepers and still live the life he was accustomed to, for his debt was minuscule compared to the riches he would inherit.

So, after Samuel’s father died and it was time for him to accept his rightful title, he never expected to be in even more debt. Unbeknownst to his children, Mark Clement had developed a gambling addiction over the course of ten years. He was so obsessed with this new habit that he sold many of his possessions, including his mansion. When they found out, Samuel and Maggie were forced to move into a run-down cottage on the outskirts of town while working to pay off their father’s, and Samuel’s debts. Although they lived in semi-poverty, nearly half of Samuel’s earnings were spent on gambling.

Samuel hated his life and was in emotional agony when he stepped out of the pub mentioned earlier. The reason for that is because the money that Samuel had just lost was that month’s rent. He dreaded going home to meet his sister’s hysterical cries and hateful accusations. So, instead of walking straight to his house, he made a detour to a dark alley.

He continued down the alley until he reached a dead end. Seeing no way around the brick wall in front of him, he turned around. The second he turned, his jaw came in contact with someone’s clenched fist. Samuel hit the ground roughly and began to get up and find his attacker. He stood up quickly only to be knocked down again.

“We’ll teach you to steal from our stores!” One man shouted angrily, followed by other murmurs of agreement. After this was said, the men began to punch him and kick him all over his body. Someone began to kick him in the chest unmercifully until all the air was knocked out of his lungs. Another stepped on his hand, crushing the bone. One man grabbed him by the hair and threw him against a wall. Samuel’s head made contact with the hard stone on the wall and he blacked out. The last thing he remembered was the sound of many voices talking joyfully as they walked out of the dark alley and the feeling of warm blood flowing from his head.


When he regained consciousness, Samuel sat up and examined the extent of the damages. He found that he had a crushed hand, possible cracked ribs, and a broken nose.

“Owww…,” Samuel moaned. He felt the back of his head, then brought his fingers in front of his face, only to find it covered in red, sticky blood.

“Oh God…! What am I to do? Not only am I penniless, I’m ruined! Why me? Why did God turn against me?” Samuel moped, “ If Only I had a second chance, I’d make things right.”

Samuel wallowed in self pity until he heard footsteps. He looked up to find a dark figure walking towards him, his boots clicking against the road. When the figure approached him, Samuel discerned it to be a man. Samuel could not see his face, for it was concealed in a dark, hooded cloak.

“Who are you?” Samuel questioned, curious.

“ Hello Samuel.” The hooded figure said as he removed his hood and flashed Samuel a devious smile.

“ How did you-?”

“ Let’s not trouble ourselves with small talk. You said you wanted a second chance, and I’m here to give it to you.”

Now that Samuel could see the man, he looked as if he was a well groomed Englishman. His voice was suave and confident. His nails where shiny and clear, which meant that he had never worked a hard day in his life. His blonde hair was sleekly pulled back at the base of his neck with a black ribbon to hold it in place. He had crème colored skin and red, penetrating eyes. He was dressed well in an expensive white ruffled shirt and black pants. There were rings of startling color on every finger and upon his neck was a gold medallion with the symbol of a skull on it. Each and every part of his attire was polished and designed with the utmost perfection.

“ Humor me. What power do you have in order to give me a second chance? Are you some sort of divine being? And what name am I to give you?” Samuel asked cockily.

“Why-,” He paused and gave Samuel a mirthless grin, “ Yes you could call me a divine being. As for the name, even though I have many, you may call me, Lucifer.”

Samuel’s blood turned to ice and the hairs on his back stood erect as he began to realize just who he was conversing with. His body began to shake as he looked, really looked, at the man before him. The man smiled and his eyes gleamed with pride and arrogance.

“ What do you wish to have from me? What is your price?” Samuel stuttered, shocked and fearful.

“ Well, your soul. That is the only way that I could truly benefit.”

“ What?! How could ask me of such a thing? I will never surrender my soul to the likes of you!”

“ It is your decision Samuel, I can’t make it for you. Before you make such a rash choice, you should take your sister and her feelings into account here. Think of how she’ll react when you tell her that she is homeless? Oh yes, I am aware of all about your gambling rendezvous’,” Lucifer smirked, then his face flooded with compassion. “After you return to what you call a home, you and Maggie will be forced to live on the streets! You shall spend the rest of your days begging for mere crumbs off of men’s beards! And while you do this, you’re sister will be in a whore house, being felt up by all of the sick men and maybe even some of the women! Is that how you wish to live your life? Your life and hers Samuel!” The man shook Samuel by the shoulders and slowly, his face softened as if he were talking to a babe.

“ Samuel, even if you do go home, you will most likely be dead before morning. You feel that cut on the back of your head?” Samuel gingerly touched the wound and winced. “ Yes I know it hurts. You see, it is not a just a cut on your head, but a cracked skull. If you do not seek immediate medical attention, you will bleed to death. (You know as well as I that you couldn’t afford it.) Your life will be gone, without you leaving any legacy whatsoever. You‘ll just be another body found in the alleyway‘s of London.”

There were tears of conviction in Samuel’s eyes as he said, “ But…,It’s my soul…..”

“ Yes I know, but I can give you a second chance at life! I can let you start anew. Think of it, you and Maggie living back in your old mansion, the one you grew up in. The fancy Balls you will go to, the women, the money! Why you could even get yourself a wife and settle down, even have kids!…And yet, you lie there, dying. You can make it better, make all the pain go away. I’m giving you your life back, what do you say?”

Samuel gave Lucifer a hurt, venomous look.

“ Well, I can see that I’ve overstayed my visit. I’ll be going now. Good luck Samuel.” He said sadly as he made his way out of the alley.

Samuel focused his hearing on Lucifer’s footsteps when he realized that his hopes and dreams were getting away from him. With an anguished cry Samuel yelled, “Wait!”

Lucifer paused and glided back to where Samuel laid.

“ You have yourself a bargain.” Samuel groaned out, defeated.

“ Well then, shall we shake on it?”

Lucifer extended one of his many ringed fingers towards Samuel and waited. With a heavy heart, Samuel placed his hand inside Lucifer’s outstretched one. When he did, scorching white light appeared between the two hands. Samuels’ hand began to burn intensely and his heartbeat quickened. He broke out into a cold sweat that spread all along his body and his long hair clung to his neck. Fangs began to grow in the place of his canines and incisors. His blood turned to ice and Lucifer materialized a long thin dagger into his other hand. He sliced his wrist and roughly grabbed Samuel’s. Samuel’s eyes widened with fear as he tried to fight Lucifer, but he was to strong. Lucifer sliced Samuel’s wrist and placed his bloody arm on top of Samuel’s. Their blood merged as the light emitted from their palms died. All of a sudden, Samuel screamed. His cry of pain echoed on the walls of the surrounding buildings. Before Lucifer released his hand, Samuel felt his heart stop.

“What have you done to me?!” Samuel shouted as he staggered to his feet.

Lucifer began to laugh maniacally as he said, “ Why, I’ve given you what you paid for. From this day forward, you are now the Devil‘s child.”

Samuel gingerly touched his newly grown fangs and gasped when he pricked his finger. He gazed at the drop if blood that pooled from his wound and threw Lucifer a sharp gaze.

His face turned red with anger as he shouted, “ YOU MONSTER!“

Bitter rage built up inside within Samuel as he lashed out at Lucifer. He let out a frustrated scream as Lucifer’s body transformed into black mist. Samuel clawed at the swirling vapors until it had fully disappeared. He looked about the alley, expecting the evil man to leap from the shadows. He waited, his body tense, prepared for an ambush. When nothing attacked him, he slowly walked out of the alley towards his cottage, where he would have to confront his sister.


He reached the run-down cottage, opened the door, and walked in. All lights were out save for one, Maggie’s bedroom. He thought about waiting until morning to tell Maggie the dreadful news of how he lost the money, but then decided she would want to know as soon as possible. However, he would not tell her about his chilling encounter with the devil himself. Samuel knocked on the door and received a soft, “Come in.” He opened the door to find his sister at her sewing table, mending a pair of his torn pants.

“ There you are! I’ve been worried sick!” Her kind face attempted to look angry, but like always, failed. Maggie smiled at her brother and held up his pants. “ See? I’ve mended them for you! Well, I know that their not entirely the same and maybe the patching isn’t as great as it would have been professionally done but… it will have to do.”

“ Maggie,” Samuel choked.

“ Hmm? What is it?” Maggie said nonchalantly as she continued to sew.

Samuel felt like crying, he couldn’t bare to look at his sister. He had wanted to tell her about how he lost the money but he just couldn’t. Samuel thought that it wouldn’t hurt if he waited until the morning, allow her sleep one more night in peace.

“ Goodnight Maggie.” Samuel said as he turned to leave her room.

“ Goodnight Sam- Ouch!” Maggie yelped as she held out her index finger.

Samuel faced his sister again and walked over to where she sat. He knelt down and said, “ What’s the matter?”

“ Oh it’s this darn needle! I pricked my finger again. Oh it hurts so much!” Maggie whined as she stared at the blood pooling from the wound on her finger.

“ Don’t worry, I’ll fix it.” Samuel ripped part of his shirt and folded the thin cloth. He was about to bandage his sisters finger with the cloth when he smelled her blood.

The scent of cinnamon and iron filled his nostrils. He was so hypnotized by the sweet aroma that instead of placing the cloth over the small injury, he placed his mouth over it. His sisters’ surprised gasps of confusion/agony did not reach his ears, he could only focus on the intoxicating scent. He bit down hard on Maggie’s finger and she replied with an anguished sob. Greedy, Samuel took his mouth from her finger and placed it over he wrist. He gnawed at her severed vain and drank deeply. Maggie’s hand quivered with spasms for a moment, then stopped.

Samuel dropped his sister’s pale hand and stood to his feet, the realization of what he had done hit him full force as he gazed upon his sister’s body. Her skin no longer possessed a healthy glow, but resembled that of dry white paste. Her eyes were frozen in terror and shock, blood dripped from her wrist onto the floor. Samuel wiped his mouth on his sleeve. He looked at his shirt, which was covered in blood that was still warm. Samuel felt as if he would vomit, but now substance sprang forth from his lips.

He gasped for air as his vision blurred and the room began to spin. He could no longer stand being in that room or the cottage, so he ran. He ran from the horror of the foreign appendage in the cottage, from the guilt. He left all of his possessions behind and sprinted into the darkness. He would never hear the cries and sobs of the townspeople as they found the mangled body of Maggie Clement, or attend his own sisters funeral. His blood was tainted, he could no longer live with human kind, for he was not human. He wasn’t sure of who or what he was. He separated himself from society, living in perpetual darkness, his only company being the nightmares of his past. He vowed never to drink another human’s blood, but instead he fed on the rats that came to him in the sewers.

Some two-hundred years later, on the anniversary of that fateful day in December, Samuel decided to step out into the daylight and have the sun’s rays caress him for the first time in so long. When he left his current cave home in the forest, he never returned. For when he came in contact with the sun, he burst into ashes and joined his soul in Purgatory, where he will remain for all of eternity.




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