My Mummy Says I'll Be Okay

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
A poem about a little girl who suffers abuse at home, please help child abuse stop.

Submitted: September 28, 2009

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Submitted: September 28, 2009



I'm doing a test in literacy,
But the questions make no sense to me.
Instead I draw a fluffy bunny.
I don't think that I should worry,
My Mummy says I'll be alright.

The school bells ringing, I'm on my way out,
I see the other mummy's in the yard.
Mine isn't there, I don't know where she is,
I have to walk home alone, but,
My Mummy says I'll be alright.

I knock on the door, no one let's me in.
I hear yells and glass smashing inside.
Then Daddy appears, grabs me by my neck.
He's always angry, but it's okay,
My Mummy says I'll be alright.

I'm pushed in my room, Daddy locks me in,
I play on my own, pretend I can fly.
Then I stop, feeling hungry.
I know I'm not getting any food, but,
My Mummy says I'll be alright.

I get up and look through the window,
My brother's fighting in the street.
I'm scared of his friends, they seem big and mean.
I don't want my brother to get hurt, but,
My Mummy says he'll be alright.

Oooooh, Mummy' back, but she doesn't look too well,
She stumbles up the steps, I don't know why she's dizzy.
I can't help her though 'cause I'm stuck up here.
But it doesn't matter, 'cause I know what she'll say,
My Mummy says she'll be alright.

So I sit down and think about things...

I'm not smart at school, my class mates call me dumb,
My Daddy's always mad, even at my Mum.
I'm always feeling hungry, there;s never food at home,
So I steal sweeties, I'm used to doing things on my own.
I can never play with my brother, he's never around anymore,
My neck hurts from where Daddy grabbed me, it stings and feels raw.
Mummy's not herself, she's got lots of funny coloured drinks,
She's always tipsy and says silly things, when she kisses me her breath stinks.

And so I sit here alone,
Wondering if Mummy was wrong.
Wondering, just wondering,
If things really will be alright...

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