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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic
Contains sex, bad words and gayness. Not for the faint hearted.
It's a story about 2 boys who are roommates in a dorm. As they get to know each other, they also get to see a world that is unkown. A world that is full of pleasure and lust.

If you see the summary and don't like it then don't read it.

Submitted: October 07, 2013

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Submitted: October 07, 2013



Chapter 1

He was panting and moaning with pleasure. The bed squeaked and rocked like there was an earthquake. There was a tingling in his stomach, a strange feeling. He was devoured, entire body and soul. He came.

Jun came down the stairs with coffee in his hand. It’s the first day of class, and he’s freakin’ nervous. Being in a foreign dormitory school with aliens can be so damn frustrating. For the meantime he is alone and lonely in his bedroom. So he had no one to talk to. Jun is a super manly guy with big tattoos on his right arm.  Though his body structure is kind of weak looking, it compensates for the dirty playboy look. His hair is shoulder length with a rugged feel to it. It makes perverts think of some crazy shitty fetish thing to do with that head of his. His voice has a very soft tone to it. It’s like a soft wind in a crazy storm. With this type of appearance, hence we say he is a playboy. He can do it with any hole he can fit into. If not, well he can force it. No biggy. Anyway, the reason why he has to stay is, he has to learn the English language for 6 months in this ill-forsaken jungle city.

After a month of stay he’s now familiar with the aliens, he can speak the universal language and he proudly banged a lot of holes already. It’s like hoe’s in the city for this baby Jun. But all that bangin’ will end today. A master will tame him and claim his everything.

Kai opened the door to their room. Jun was still sleeping, naked again. The dorm manager scolded Jun for his inappropriate welcome of the new student and his precious roommate. Jun quickly got dressed and shook Kai’s hand. There was something strange about that handshake, Jun thought. But he just ignored it. They spoke in a language comfortable to their tongue and quickly became friends.

 It was Friday night and Jun came to their room drunk as Lindsay Lohan. Kai was on his study table, reading a book. Jun with a drunken and playful mood came to Kai and put his arm around his shoulder. Kai’s a bit pissed by the smell but strangely it’s arousing him. Suddenly, Kai pushed Jun to the floor! He pinned him real hard on the cold floor. Jun was laughing, thinking that it was all a joke. Then he felt Kai rubbing his swollen cock on his drunken cock. He felt the zipper, the slow sensation going up and down. In a shock he became almost sober and tried to push Kai. It was no use. Kai was domineering. Kai skilfully opened Jun’s pants and caressed the obviously bulging hardness of his cock. For an unknown reason Jun was really very much aroused with a man toying with his manhood. Jun was feeling it slowly; he moaned and let out a ragged breath. He bit his lower lip uncontrollably. Kai slowly worked his way to Jun’s upper body, toying with his nipples. Caressing and licking every part of his chest. He nibbled on Jun’s right nipple and brushed his thumb repeatedly on the other. It was a new sensation for Jun and it was exciting. The upper part was not enough to satisfy Kai. He slowly got his head on the lower part. Breathing in front of Jun’s swollen manhood and staring at it. He pulled Jun’s pants down and stroked his cock using his nails with Jun’s underwear still on. It was a feeling of longing and pleasure. Kai licked Jun’s bulging cock in his underwear. Jun started to peel off his underwear on his own but Kai would not allow it. He wanted to torture and dominate this drunken creature.  Kai took out his bandana in his pocket and tied Jun’s wrists together in an erotic fashion. They were still on the floor and hot as inferno. In a fast action Kai almost swallowed Jun’s balls as he was sucking it out of his underwear. Jun’s hard arousal was peaking at the tip of his briefs now. Kai nibbled on it and sucked and licked. Jun moaned and arched with pleasure. Slowly Kai stripped his underwear off and it now lay to the cold ground. Exposed and throbbing, Jun was more aroused. Kai kneeled in between Jun’s legs. It was so erotic seeing Jun lying on the ground, naked, hot, aroused, and wanting. A great view indeed. He tucked Jun’s hair in his ear to see a clearer picture of his face. He was panting very hard now with closed eyes. Kai trailed his tongue from Jun’s toes going to his thigh; going up to his cock, a little bit of sucking; and went up to his belly button still licking; tasting his two hard nipples, biting them and stroking Jun’s cock with his free hands. He went higher and finally got a taste of Jun’s lips. He parted them with violent intrusion and Jun accepted them as if he acknowledged his punishment. Kai was sucking real hard, tongues twisting, biting and almost tearing off Jun’s lips. Bleeding blood red, Jun’s lower lip was conquered. When their mouths parted there was a web of passionate red saliva. Kai put his two fingers in Jun’s mouth and forcefully opened them wide. He was sucking in Kai’s fingers as if his life depended on them. Kai’s other hand was pinching his left nipple. It was now the color of passion prunes. Using his right hand, with all the saliva still on, he intrusively opened Jun’s legs apart. He tilted Jun’s ass up and leaned it on his stomach. It was facing him with bravery. He parted the ass lips with his left fingers, using his index and middle fingers.  Piercing the hole with one finger, he slowly stroked it in and out. Jun let out a little scream. It was a bit painful but pleasurable. Now he inserted another finger. Two fingers were working on his lusty asshole. Kai needed more lubrication to open up Jun more. He pulled his fingers from the hole so suddenly that it shook Jun’s body. Kai smiled a sensual smile and opened Jun’s ass with both hands. He circulated his tongue in the shape of Jun’s asshole. Tasting it and slowly inserting his tongue deep on his anus. It was a bit salty and bitter; he was more aroused. He moved in and out, slowly building the fire. Jun closed his eyes and concentrated on the pleasure. He was moaning and twitching. His cock flicked and oozed out an escape of thick liquid. In a snap, Kai stood up, forcing his tongue out of his a-hole. Jun’s backside slammed on the cold floor. He was perplexed by what had happened. First it was all pleasure and passion but now all was gone. His eyes were wide open with “dumbfoundedness”.

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