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I left Iraq  when i was 13 years old  in a complete state of trauma.from one side i was worried a bout my family, and from a anther side i felt that my future is being destroyed. I had no idea where my father was and I felt responsible even as a child for  my family. 

After arriving in Syria i picked my self up and began volunteering and helping refugees with read cross. 
I began studying hard in school. To go the medical school However we remained in Syria until 2012. Of course, we had to leave again because of Syrian war and the place i was beginning to see as my new home was being destroyed. 
My future again began to look dark we had no choice. We go bake to Iraq again. We had to survive not only the terrible security situation in Baghdad but from family problems. My father's family wended to control us. They didn't respect my mother to parents us. Because she was a woman. I lost my brother Ahmed. Who was the only person who I can talk to anything.
I was out with him one night and just like that he was shot and killed and his last brith was on my hands. I was only when i was kidnapped in April 2013 that I knew he was killed because of me. They thought he was me. While I was kidnapped I was tortured and intoregated. And I was lectured about religion while I was being tortured so I become aware that my kidnappers are religion extremists. I was hit on my head and lost consciousness. I guess that thought i was dead so they threw my body in the street. And like in Indiana movies a stranger saved me snd took me to the hospital 
After treated my internal bleeding. I fled Iraq to Jordan. Than i start a new life . i established NGO with my friends Americans and Japanese to supporting the refugees in Amman and around. We made more than 30 fun activists to children and 50 events supporting girls and we offered food for poor families and staff. So i Faced a big problems in Jordan and my brother 15yours he kidnapped and i don't now were he is, and it was no way just runaway.  
I moved to turkey and now Im looking for work because my  family ( mom, sister17y, brother9y) need my support.  
Before my dream was to be a doctor and now!! Just to take care abut my family and make them feel happy. 
Best regards. 

Submitted: September 27, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Abdalluh dado. All rights reserved.

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