If only she had done it before

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Submitted: April 27, 2016



 If only she had done it before 
  In a beautiful cabining , in a center of a huge forest with great oak trees. There, about 20 years ago, my great family and I lived. My father was a fisherman and  mother was a talented  singer and storyteller; because of her nice tales that she was telling us at nights. Sister was skillful weaver , she was able to sew any kind of cloths and older brother was a hunter , everyday , he brought us some hunted-food. As a 10 year-old boy, I was fond of adventures and especially being outside  for hunting with brother. He was teaching me how to hunt birds on trees and  rabbits  between  flowers . Always, when he was going to hunt I was next to him carrying my little bow and arrows, as did our helpful hound dog, too . Hunting for the whole day until evning, we came back for home with our hunted-food. We found our dad was washing the fish, sister weaving and mother singing to them . As a group, as a sweet family , we prepared our meal and ate it at ease . There , in the midlle of the house , father built a small fire so that we surounded it because  mother who a boy had ever, was going to tell us one of her best stories . In that way , we could enjoy our time and have great moments in our life . This was repeated every day , every month, and every year.

Four years later , but nothing changed . Father still fisher , mother singer and storyteller, sister weaver and older brother as a hunter. I became fourteen years old but I had not been taught how to hunt yet . One night , it must have been one o'clock when I heard a strange voice . While father and sister were sleeping and brother was outside with the dog . At the same time, mother was still telling me one of the best tales of hers ; it was called " The adventureous Boy ". First , when I heard that voice I  did not pay much attention and kept listening to mom. Still following and enjoying the tale, I heard the same voice but this time it was so closer than before. It came from the right window of the house. I tried to tell mother about it but it was no use, because she was deeply concentrating with the story . I was no longer able to follow- the tale - my body in the house with mom and spirit outside. After a while, both of us heard a voice but this time it was my brother's, He shouted loudly. Consequently, mother and I came outside to look for him but we could see  nothing  but darkness. In a bad mood and puzzeled state of being, I came inside quickly and tried to wake my father up . As I was telling him  what we heard, sister heard our conversation and woke up abruptly. Moreover , she tried to come out immidiately with a loud screaming but father did not allow her to do it and asked her not to shout any more because it could be dangerous for us .
' Hey , son what's kind of voice  did you hear ? ' father asked me . 
Out of thinking I answered ... ' Strange voice  dad , I can't describe it.'
' Hmm, okey.' father replied .
Then , each one of us had a seat and started thinking that we may find a way to know what  was going on and what  happened to my brother. It must have been 3:00 o'clock when our hound dog stepped inside and looked so exhausted. As he was holding and breathing , I came closer to him and  started scratching his head so that I found some wounds on his ears and I told myself that was just because of hunting-fights with rabbits or foxes. So, we all thought that brother would come after him but No-one was there. For that reason, mother could not wait any more and tried to come out and check what  happened. As usual,  father was always trying not to allow someone do something stupid so that he stood before  mom and put her between his hands. 
'Please, my dear we're in  a trouble-that's for sure. And if you get outside, we will be in even more trouble  because we are not aware of what is happening  outside; it can be something dangering.' father trying to make her calm down . 

' Hmm, so I think that we should wait till morning and look for  brother.' sister suggested.

So, we all were brought around my sister's idea and began thinking of finding a solution in a quiet silent atmosphere till that we could hear the clock's sound- tick...teck...tick...teck. Going to the right window where that voice came from, father put his head and looked here and there but he could see only the darkness and hear just the birds's chirping in their nets on the big oaks. 

' Is there any lantern ? ' father asked.  
' Yes, there is one.' mom answered.
' Bring it to me , please.' father begged her.
Mom did bring the lantern to dad so that he took it and put it outside through the window, but it was no use because of the very weak light of the lantern and that made my father nervous, he was almost about explosion with anger. However, he was able to control himself and went back from the window and sat down on the sofa with wide-opened eyes focusing on the floor and started waiting for my brother's return. While mom was completly destroyed as was my sister. Not until it was almost 4:00 o'clock that did I realise the dog was not with us in the living room.

' Where is the dog ? ' I asked .  
' I didn't see him. ' mother said.
'Look at the bathroom you may find him there, he always goes there' sister  pointed at the bathroom.

Going quickly and opening the bathroom's door very quietly,  I could see that my best companion_in the hunting-seasons_ was completly unconscious and pulled down on the floor. Therefore, I get so frightened and felt my heart was highly beating and thought that the dog was passed away. However, I had to find out what was the wrong with him. Stepping inside and coming nearer to him, I sat down on my knees with hands over thighs and almost wanted to cry but the tears would not come out. Meanwhile, raising my right hand with the forefinger out , I began swiping my poor dog's back. He was highly-frozen like a piece of ice in the fridge, so I tried to move him to the living room and show him to my parents and sister. Thus, I put my left hand under the very end of his stomach while the right hand under his chest and carried him on my chest. Although I was aware that he was not in a good health, I felt that it was very nice for me to carry such a dog in that moment, it seemed to me that I was carrying a baby - the thing that I hoped to for a long time ago - but parents did agree not to add any child. They were still in silence and without even a word spoken, father was still where I left him and mom was standing beside sister before the window starring at the sky and waiting for the moonset and sunrise. The moment I entered the living room carrying the dog. All starred at me with a surprised sigh and came at once. They asked me what happened to him and if he was still alive or dead, I told them that I had no idea but I thought that he was passed away. Because no-one was experienced enough in my family than father that's why he took him over my hands and put him on the sofa. Then he put both of his fingers, the index and the middle one, near to his nostrils so that he could feel the dog was still breathing. He was delighted and told us that he was still alive and also asked me to bring him his coat which was  hunged in the bedroom and  by which he wrapped the dog. When the dog was wrapped he started warming up and opened his  eyes, that's made me feel good a bit but I was still quivering. While father was telling me that the dog would be Ok and I should not bother for that, mom got nervous and started talking in unusual way she  said that we were all taking care of a dog which has no value than a man, she said olso that we totally lost our minds . Father told her with a kind of shouting that we did not forget him but it was impossible to look for him at night and he explained that for her many times. The way father talked to her  I could say that she felt hurt and almost wanted to cry but she said no word just turned back toward the window and started looking at the shadow which was turning into light because at that moment it was nearly about morning, it was 5:30 Am. Then father realized the unsuitable way in which he talked to her and went for her  asking for accepting his appologize. The fact that mom was always  friendly with every body, she did accept my father's appologize and told him that she was only frightened about her son, and father nodded his head indicating that she was right to react in that way . 

A bright frozen day in the early morning with a quiet silent atmosphere. Father took my brother's bow and arrows and opened the door slowly and carefully he stepped outside checking if there was something wrong. Mom, sister and I managed everything that we would need during our research. Whereas, the dog was still sick and not able to move even his feet, that's why I moved  him to the bedroom and put some food, made of bread and soup , beside him and ,of course, with some water. Then I locked the door up. With my little bow and arrows, I followed the others ouside so that we all gathered  to know what my father's plan was.

' Listen carefully , of course  we all know that we shouldn't get separated  in this situation, but we have no choice in order to gain time and find your brother it's better to split into two groups.' father told us . 
' So....who is ganna join me ? ' I asked bravely .
' You are a real man boy haaah.... so look after your mother and take your way to west . Your sister and I will go to north .' said father 
' Don't worry dad , I am able to protect mom and find brother .' I said optimistically . 
Father admired my courage but in fact he looked so frightened that may something bad would happen. Not until we get devided and each group took the way he must follow that did father remind us not to do something stupid and if we saw anything strange it was better to shout loudly so that he could hear our screaming and come to us . After a long time of keeping walking and resisting the frozen weather conditions, we were still looking for brother but nothing appeared so that mom get nervous and worried  and she did not want even to take a rest until her son would be found.

' I always tell him not to be more adventureous and risk  to  find out unusual things. What did I do to put me in this bad situation ? ' mom was talking to  herself . 
' Hmmmm... mom don't worry  about him , he is strong enough to get rid of   any trouble he may face .' I told her 
' Although he is strong but he is strong-headed, he doesn't listen to me and I know him better than you little son . Ohhh... who dared him to go outside at midnight ? ' mom wondring 
' Don't worry... everything is gonna be Ok , sweet mom .' 

I was trying to make her feel good as much as I could . In fact , I was nearly sure that  brother was really in a serious  trouble but I was supposed to hide all my feelings  and look optimistic as much as I should, just for the sake of mom . 

She said no word just looked at me with the right eye twitching and the mouth quivering, that was a certain symbol of all her feelings which were full of nervousness and pessimism. I could  not bear looking at her in that situation and I looked down at my feet until I heard her steps started going straight ahead. I rose my head and in front me she was like a one-year baby trying to walk for the first time. With some completly scrambaled steps, laying on one tree to another and not knowing even where her feet were taking her, she surrended herself to fate and walked ahead. The cause of all that, I felt angry and began runing behind her till I was beside her left side so that I put her hand over my shoulders and told her that she could rely on me. In that way, we kept our search of brother and walked for miles and miles until we became at the edge of the forest. There was a big river, full of various birds, foxes, coons, and surounded with different flowers. If you saw beyond that river you would see some great mountains with a lot of thorns on their tops. At that moment, mother held a long breath and took her hand over my shoulders. She ran quickly toward the river and as soon as she reached it she prostrated and put her pale face into that frozen water, but it was warm enough for her because of her dry throat and inflamed body. After she drank and felt full she turned back where I was still standing looking at her and gave a sad smile. I came closer to her and told her that she had to take a rest and I would keep looking for brother. she got up from where she was sitting with a harsh glare at me, went back  and sat down on a little rock but I followed her and said :

' Under no sircumstances should you go somewhere . Just wait me here I'll be right back , I am just going to that river's end .' 
' Can't you remember that your father told us , not to get separated ?' mom almost shouted at me . 
' I know that moooom...but I should go there anyway .' I said . 
' Heeeh...why are you insisting on going there ?' asked mom . 
' Brother always tells me that he goes there for hunting . May be he went there  last night .' I answered .

Her eyes opened their widest and looked so confused, not aware of what she had to do. After a bit of thinking and with her eyes focusing on the river, she wanted to say something but no word would come out. At that moment, I put my left hand on her left shoulder and told her not to worry about me it would not take a long time to come back. With big tears on her knob cheeks, almost her eyes were watered she took me between her hands and kissed me on my forehead as she told me that she was afraid and alarmed about me to get lost as brother did. However, I could convince her so that she gave the permission to go there but there was a condition, which was that I had to come back by half-an hour. It was about midday when it started getting hot and the sky was  bright and blue. Finally, in that terrible state of being and with the little bow on my back, I left her and took my way looking for my teacher, who was teaching me how to hunt. 

' You should not have done it , brother . I know that you are stronger and more adventurous than Robin Hood, but you have ever disappeared such a time' I whispered to myself . 

On I went , that river's end was really far way for miles from where I left mom, but each mile I reached I turned back and waved to her, as she did, too. This happened several times till I could not see her any more . Almost about reaching that end , I started thinking of father and sister and asked myself if they were still looking for and also wished that nothing bad would happen to them . Going on my path which was full of little rocks, those I was jumping over. The river on my left whereas the forest on my right. I kept walking till I arrived at the end, I was hot and exhausted so that I decided to take a rest and carry on my mission later. Sitting under a short tree with some small bushes undergrowth and having some relaxation , I heard some strange birds' voices they seemed that they were fighting- I could recognize that because I used to hear them when they did. Those sounds came from inside the forest , so that made me curious and I chose to find out what was going on. I walked slowly step after another directly to that place until I approached it, and after a big tree with some quivering in the thicket underneath, not only I hided myself but also I made a small opening through those mixed bushes and took a full , severe look at those big , black and monstrous birds ; I had ever seen before. It seemed to me that I was watching an american football match, they were fighting and each one hit the other. There was a red, round ball among them which they batlled for. Then I took my bow with one arrow and sent it through that little opening towards those vicious birds and I injured one. Thus, all of them flight away unless the one which was harmed and that red ball as well. At that moment, I handled the bow with another arrow in my hands before myself and went further to become nearer and make sure if that bird was really dead. standing exactly next to him, I took the arrow and tapped his back twice but he did not make any movement. So after making sure that he was dead , I pulled out the arrow from his neck and put it with the other one  in their case and hang them on my shoulder , that was the same thing I did with the bow . Then I turned on my right to have a look at that ball they were playing by , when I did  a wave of fright came over me, I felt my heart dead within me and get blocked ; not knowing what I was supposed to do. I felt my heart was beating as fast as  lightning, also my throat was arid and blocked. Neither I could hold my breath nor I was able to move or run away; my knees were quivering and I felt that the ground shook fastly as there was an earthquake. Of course , all that shaking and trembling came after I discovered that ball, being my brother's head. At first I could not recognise that it was brother's, because it was completly damaged, scary and bloody. His blue, rounded-eyes were out of their place and his face was full of fingernail-traces and his nose was almost cut off. The only thing that made me notice that he was brother, the idea of no family lived there but mine. Those fingernail-traces seemed as similar as those on my dog's ears which made me realise the thing that hurt brother was the one that wounded my dog.

Later on with a broken and shaked-body, I turned back quickly trying to come out from that deviled palce and go for mom . I forgot all what father told us when we get devided and could not shout or ask for help, all what I thought of was mom . I came out over there following my path, coming back to mom. running along using all my energy to get away from there and reach mom as fast as I could. By every time I took a step I might have fallen on my knees, it was hard for me to jump over those little rocks as I did before. Inspite of my exhaustion and tiredness, I kept running till I could feel my heart was about explosion. It was almost 3:00 pm when the weather started getting cold again , the sky turned black with high clouds and there was a quiet silence. No sooner had I approached mom's place than it started drizzling with some kind of lightning. Since then, I was really exhausted and stoped running and took a look at the back but I saw nothing, so I looked in front of me again and kept walking having my destination toward mom. By the time I arrived there, I did not find her the thing that frazzled me . I climbed a big rock and shouted loudly " Mooooom...mooom" . I called her again and again but there was no ansewer, I thought that she just hided herself because it was raining heavily at that moment . In fact , it was not the matter , once I climbed down the rock and started looking for her around I could find nothing. I headed towards  the trees  and took a shot glance at the top of  those big, black oak trees which looked like ghosts standing in front of me  in that dim wheather, I did see  an ice-white rope tied from one tree on the my right to another on the left. Then took another look but this it was a very sharp stare which made me realise that I was just hallusinating, there was no rope . " What's this damning trail I am seeing  ? is it a horse hoofs ? no , it doesn't look like that , and what's this jumble traces after the trail ? , all these questions traveled all over my brain when I saw that trail and did follow it for a long path curved through the trees till it stoped at the bottom of a large tree. Here it was - the second disaster that would scare me to death -  when I looked at the top, I saw it nailed up from both legs and the head , cut off. The blood was still climbing down the tree, not reaching the ground yet. Here , I knew that  mom had just been killed. I really couldn't believe what was going on, fell on my knees, cried a lot , and struggled on my feet , I started coming back step after another till I was collided by another tree which scared me 
, too. I thought it was someone behind me .
Like a bird has been just come out of a net , not knowing which direction to take. I started running and running, hoping to find father and sister and tell them everything. All the trees before myself , seemed so dark and frightening . At that moment it must have been the end of the day  and it was still raining heavily.  Lightning almost could damage my eyes and  the sharp thunder really affected my ears. In that deep agony and fear, I kept running and thinking of what may do such horrible crimes. After five miles of escaping, fortunately, I could see the light shining through the window. " Yes , it is the house , our house " I said when I came across our house in the darkness of the evening.  I went quickly and knocked on the door harshly but nobody answered me. I went back to the window and took a look, so that I could see father with a shaking-body, standing and pointing his bow directly towards the door. " Why he is afraid like so and where is sister , did they also experience what I experienced ? May be she just sitting with the dog in bedroom ." I thought , then I called him : 

" Hey , father it's me " 
" Ohhh , son I really miss you , go to the door . " father said . 
" Son where is your mother ? and why do you look so afraid ? " He asked me 
I did not say a word and entred the house quickly looking here and there but I could not see sister. Furthermore, I turned back at father and asked him : 
" She is not dead , is she ? " 
he bowed and did not answer me but I took his hands and started shaking them, urging him to answer me , then he said : 
" I am afraid so " 
" what , how was that ? " 
" While we were looking for your brother , she felt tired and had a rest underneath a big tree .... I told her to wait me there till I come back but when I did , I could find only her body and head cut off . "
at that moment I thought  it was the day of sore disasters and looked at my father's eyes , those sad and teared eyes , and told him , before he asked me , " Father it is the same thing that happened to mom and brother " . He did not believe it at first but after I ensured the fact of the matter he hung me and we cried togather, both of us thought that we were next. Still hanging each other, I remembered the dog in the bedroom. I left father, bolted the door and entered the chamber, so that I could see the dog laying on the bed and when I touched him I discovered that there was no breath.  
That night was a non-sleeping one for us, we had no fate. We spent the whole night thinking of our lives that changed overnight. We could not even recognise who and how that killer did kill my family members. Was he a human being , alien , or a monstrous animal ? . All these speculations fell over our thinking-map , then I told father what we would do in the morning. It was hard for him to decide but after a long thinking he ended up telling me that we would take our direction towards the village, which was 20 miles far from the  home, to make a declaration and get some help from the local authorities. In the moorning, we stepped  outside leaving our home for that killer. Just a few steps away from the door step than she appeared, her head laid over the house and she bit my farther's head, he was a dead man. It was a big female-dragon with larg sharp teeth and fire-breathing, so I started running into the forest to hide myself with the trees but it seemed like there were chains about my feet. I couldn't run and fell on the ground, when I turned over, still laying on my back I found myself surrounded by her large tail , claws and wings. Her mouth opened its widest to bite my head , but before she did it I heard mom shouting at me:
" Comm on , get up lazy boy , it is 11 : am and you are still sleeping " 
 When I woke up I found my self still laying beside the ashes of that small fire, sister sitting on the sofa knitting her stockings and asked I : 
" Where are the others"  
" Everybody's doing his job ". 

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