Katie Chachko Greeting

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My oldest friend and his new wife welcomed their daughter into the world two months ago. And while she is years away from understanding any of this, this is my welcome to her from way 'cross country.

Submitted: May 06, 2009

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Submitted: May 06, 2009



Hello new person.  Welcome to the world.

It's a strange and wondrous and dangerous place with infinite possibilities.  But fear not, you are surrounded by love and protection and this will give you strength without bound.  And in this environment you will thrive.

Your life is full of excellent tour guides, and one kinda strange one. Take advantage of what you can learn from each of us.  Teach us how to guide you so we may see the wonders of this world that we would otherwise overlook.

You may find it somewhat intimidating just how fiercely your family loves each other, and you.  Revel in it, for it is truly a blessing.  We are the fortunate ones to grow up in such an environment.  Too many children do not know unconditional love. 

Mostly what I want you to know is how wonderful it is to see you.  You are the answer to a prayer.  The effect you have already had and will continue to have on your parents is amazing and beautiful to watch.

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