Why There Will be NO Second Date!!!

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This piece is about my personal experience I have had on the past few dates. Not difficult to figure out why there would never ever ever be a second date!

Submitted: December 29, 2011

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Submitted: December 29, 2011




Why I Would Not Go Out On A 2nd Date With You!!!



































Who the hell doesn't want the “fairytale” story! The home with the white picket fence, the children playing in the yard, friends and family having a great time at our little get together... laughing, joking, singing, while my “Prince” is flipping burgers on the grill. ..


So much for that fairytale..


What I failed to realize is that you have to kiss a lot of frogs and a few “horny” toads along the way! After giving up on the amphibious, algae eating, bottom dwellers (frogs) I married, I was so disappointed to find out that they would not metamorphosis into prince charming!! all those years wasted! What a shame.


I took some time off to figure out who I was, what I wanted for my future, and what would it take to please me. Although, I am not really looking for love; If I should happen to come across that one individual who catches my eye or maybe even my heart I can only be optimistic, open-minded and float where the current takes me.


I am so glad I know how to swim because these past few years I have almost drowned numerous times and I definitely do not want any of my dates throwing me a life jacket much less trying to perform mouth to mouth resuscitation. Go ahead let me die!


After this first date which was more like “a Nightmare on Elm Street” rather than a“fairy tale” I knew I needed help, so I recruited a friend to put her two cents in. I allowed her set me up on some “blind” dates with people she knew. Keep in mind I was hoping she would have a better insight as to what I was doing wrong and assist me in removing the loser magnet I had attached to my forehead.

I realized that her two cents are not of any value whatsoever!!

and have come to the conclusion that since she is single she just wanted to pawn them off on me to keep them from pestering her !!


















Date one:


Name: Broke A$$ Waldo

occupation: High School Teacher

Age: 47

Place: Movie



Waldo was actually one of my daughters high school teachers, as well as a mutual friend of hers. We ran into each other at the grocery store and had a casual conversation. He asked a few basic questions: how is my former student ; What have you been doing lately; are you single..Do you still live in the same house? I had no physical attraction to him whatsoever and I assumed he had no attraction to me. Only because he made the following statement: “You know Denise, you have a pretty face, but I think you should lose about 20 lbs then you would be kind of hot”




My response: Thanks for your opinion, I guess I can't get any pointers or advice from you on how to make that happen since you look like your about ready to give birth at any given moment...( complete silence for a few seconds)


Not off to a good start. However, I overlooked his statement only because ( I really would like to drop 20 lbs) but YOU DON”T MAKE THAT COMMENT TO SOMEONE YOU HAVEN'T DATED YET!!!!!! What the hell is wrong with these men?? Other than that he seemed like he was a nice man. He was constantly praising God, made it a point to inform me that he did not consume alcohol, he didn't smoke, he didn't gamble, he didn't curse. Although we have little in common we can't judge a book by its cover or can we?

One Saturday afternoon ( I was sleeping in ) and I hear the sounds of a helicopter hovering .. I jump out of bed and look out my window. I see the trees swaying, the leaves are blowing across the yard.. It couldn't be.. I was thinking to myself did someone charter a helicopter to take me on a ride above the city??? So I excitedly open up my front door and there he is standing with an ear to ear grin.. I look around to find the helicopter but I could only catch a glimpse of a spray painted (in multi-color) 1979 Impala. Not only was it a hideous sight but it was engulfed in a black stream of smoke that looked as if it was desperately trying to escape from underneath the dented hood.( as would any passenger) Not to mention the oil that was spewing out all over my driveway like Linda Blair's scene from the exorcist.. Lawwwd please not today!!! (I'm thinking in my head)


He insists on taking me to a movie.. I thought of every excuse possible. I was not ready. I hadn't eaten, I was going to do laundry....He said not to worry we will grab something to eat at the movies..you can do laundry tomorrow...After declining his request at least 10 times! And him not giving up..I gave in. I approach his car and notice the passenger door is dangling.. the only reason it was attached to the hinges is because it was tied together with a thick piece of rope. I also notice a brown bag with a big bottle of Malt liquor?? I'm confused.. He doesn't drink.. This man is a wolf in sheep's clothing. The devil is a liar...




Me: How do I get in??


HIM: “ jump in through the window” or come on my side”


ME: You just told me I needed to lose 20 fuken pounds! and now you expect me to get my big a$$ through your passenger window????

NOT going to happen!! We will take my car! I am driving!!


HIM: ok.. that will save me some gas money.

We get to the movies of course its a $5.00 matinee which is fine until he pulls out his coupons and is arguing with the cashier about using his teacher discount too!! I was so embarrassed! So we finally get in and go to the concession stand. My stomach is growling like a lion who has not eaten in days, and again Mr. Holy Man blurts out: “ HOLY SHIT” look at these fucking prices!!!! I wanted to die.. I don't think he realized he said it out loud..

HIM: “you're not that hungry are you”


ME: umm no.. I guess not....I can wait.

He then goes to the counter orders himself a chile dog, nachos, and a large coke..


HIM: “ I'm actually kind of hungry so I got myself something”.


Me: “actually, I am kind of thirsty”..


Him: you can share my drink....


Me: No, I think I will have a bottled water.


Him: ( walking back with a kiddie cup) Here is a courtesy cup and the water fountain is right by the restrooms.


ME: I will be right back. (I went and ordered food and a drink)


HIM: oh, you changed your mind??




HIM: After the movie can I do a couple of loads of laundry at your house since your doing yours tomorrow???


ME: You are fuken kidding Right??


HIM: NO. Its in my car..but do you have fabric softener???


This was the longest movie I have ever NOT watched in my entire life!!!!




































Date #2



Name: SFC, Belligerent

Occupation: US ARMY Active Duty

Age: 46


Place: TGIF


I walk into TGIF and there he is....can barely stand up. He yells out in the most unrecognizable speech ever heard to mankind..”ebbry one look, this is my iraqi princhess”

(LLLawddd let this be quick)


There are 4 empty pitchers of beer and two more arrive as I sit down.

The waitress hands me a menu and before I can open it this idiot slams it down..looks me in the eye and slurs: "LOOK Lets not waste preshus time".( pause) ".I want you' (pause) .. "you dezire me, I see it in your eyes"..( drinks half a glass of beer)  "After dinner ( pause) " we go to my place get freaky",  ( drinks other half of his beer) "but shhhhhhhhhhhh,, you have to be quiet so you don't wake up my mom"  (pause) "We can talk about marriage later".


I burst out laughing sooo hard...I had to excuse myself … I went to the bartender and said: That man (pointing to him)  has had wayyyyyy toooo much drink. Not only is he unable to stand, or speak he has lost his mind!! DO NOT LET HIM DRINK THOSE PITCHERS OF BEER.. DO NOT LET HIM DRIVE!  TAKE HIS KEYS AND CALL HIM A CAB home " If something happens to him or another indivudual or family this facilty will be held liable and we don't want any lives lost tonight now do we"  She said no, Ma'am.  I said good job thats what I want to hear.. I  left... bye bye

Hope you made it home without waking up your mom...










Date #3


Name: Snoop Dogggg

Occupation: US Army Medic

Age: 43


I arrive at the restaurant. He is dressed very nice.. Hands me a rose,

pulls out my chair.. wow what a gentleman..


He is a single dad with two children. His hobbies: Breeding Pit Bulls.


Me: How old are your children?


Him: 10 & 13


Me: Do you have any photos?


Him: sure I have a lot of photos.


He hands me his phone...


Me: I only see a dog


Him: yes that is my dog Hercules.. Hes a full blooded brindle...

He then goes through about 50 pictures of dogs... and that is maximus,

and that is Spartacus, and that is King Henry, and he is in the lineage of royalty....

and blah blah blah blah... dog after dog, photo after photo.. 30 MINUTES of dogs..dogs....dogs....dogs...


me: I was asking if you had pictures of your kids...not your dogs


Him : No don't have any of them. When you come to my house then you can see them in person...


Him: And this is Julius Cesar he is in the bloodline of the ancient era...

and this is ….....


Me: would you excuse me while I go to the restroom.


Him: hurry back I have about 100 more photos to show you.


Me: (calling my daughter)... Dezi..please call me in 5 minutes and say its an emergency that you need me home..ASAP


Dezi: laughing....is it that bad?


Me: yes, I don't know how much longer I can look at pictures of his dogs. And he said he has about 100 more.. Please Dezi... I love you


Back at the table: My phone rings (yeahhhh)


Me: hello, what..omg..ok I will be home as soon as I get there. Give me a few minutes.. (hang up)


I am so sorry there has been an emergency and I need to get home right away. Thank you for the drink and appetizer.


Him: But you didn't see all the pictures...


Me: I am sorry.. your dogs are beautiful.. Good luck


Him: Well ..can I call you after I come home from the strip club?


Me: NO!









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