The Way You Make Me Feel

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Sweet... The longest I've ever worked on a poem

Submitted: May 21, 2010

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Submitted: May 21, 2010



We live in a world where things just aren’t fair,

But we love it because of the people who care.

We all have days where things just don’t go well,

But our friends always have happiness to sell.


You’re sweet and cool and always there,

When I feel like I shouldn’t give a care.

You’re faithful and just plain swell,

When I’m surrounded in the sadness I dwell.


I fall asleep when the sun shines in the air,

Because throughout the night I wish you were there.

When I wake up I feel like I’m in hell,

Because without you I don’t feel well.


I want you to hold me,

All through the night.

I want you to love me,

For all of my life.


I want you to be there,

Whenever I’m sad.

I want you to kiss me,

Whenever I’m glad.


When you put your arms ‘round my waist,

My knees get weak and start to shake.

When you stroke my hair and tell me you love me,

It’s my heart that starts to ache.



It’s you that I love,

And not the boy that you think.

It’s you that I long for,

Can’t you tell when my cheeks turn pink?


It’s you that makes me feel this way,

It’s with you, Christopher, that I want to stay.

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