Give me reason, give me pain

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Just some thing I wrote when I was hurt

Submitted: August 31, 2012

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Submitted: August 31, 2012



Give me scars,
Give me pain,
Give me your best shot.
I'll bounce back. No Novocaine.
Fists are bleeding
Raging heart
One more reason
To fall apart
Blood shot eyes
Clouded by rage
Breaking bars
Inside my cage
Trust forgotten
Blank new page
Sing if sorrow
Sing of rage
Still forgiving
Still alone
Carry on
Till I break my every bone
For my country
For my love
I'll endure
With just resolve
And til my dieing breath
I stand
Without a shadow
Without a friend
But where I go
I must b alone
I won't explain it
Can't let you know
I care burden
On my own
With fleeting moment
Life is gone
My pain
My love
My life
My sacrifice
Abe: I take my bruises
Take my pain
I mend my bones
I'm nit insane
There is no gratitude
Just pain
There is no money
There is no fame
Just silent pride
Buried away
And secret pain
Without a blame
The mirror image
I'm not insane...
I simply sacrifice
My way
I lost my self
And gain so little
My friends lay buried
You can't belittle
They see my smile
Not my pain
They see my medals
Some pin on blame
I walk with burden
I wear a mask
The strong demeanor
Isn't just
Abandon reason
Embrace the ugly world around you
Don't she'd one tear
For pain around you
This fight is secret
This fight is long
I shall not quit
I won't be owned
And my own destiny
I forge
With bleeding fist
And mended bones

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