My Greatest accomplishment so far

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i know it's a bit Personal but.....

Submitted: December 06, 2012

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Submitted: December 06, 2012



My greatest accomplishment so far

“Everyman should eat and drink, and enjoy the good of all his labor; for it is the gift of god.”

Ecclesiastes 3:13

This week has brought into the picture a rather vital issue. I have often found myself in awe of those who seem to have the whole world resting on their shoulders, but carry their duties with minimum fuss. One cannot help but admire these kinds of people. They come in different shapes and forms, but the common trait they share amongst themselves is, their unrelenting pursuit of what they deem their “life calling”. While the average person spends toiling through everyday life caught up in a route, these unique individuals spend their time surrendering their everyday life to the greater vision which is their burning and all-consuming desire. This week, I have asked myself the deepest philosophical question many people fail to ask or fail to answer; “Is the way I spend my days in line with what I want to become?”.  The answer to this question is a bit tricky. Although I am an avid planner, I have to admit I have at best a blurry vision of my future goals.  

It is my belief that any accomplishment of today is a battle won for the war of tomorrow. The idea of accomplishments being a static entity often eludes me. Success achieved in a certain part of life is meaningless unless there is another success that could be achieved because of it. For instance, let’s consider a situation in which a man, whom we shall call Mr. X for our purposes, graduates with honor from a higher educational institute and comes across a company that is known to pay handsomely. Friends, colleagues and family members congratulate him on the prospect of working for this company. But Mr. X couldn’t be content unless he uses the money he gets from his new job to own things he has dreamed of. Let’s say, for arguments sake, he wants to own a house in the suburb and he buys one. Everybody again applauds his latest achievement. But Mr. X wants to push on the boundaries and decides to marry the woman of his dreams. Again for arguments sake, let’s assume he finds her and settles with her in his new home. Now that his life is settling, many express their happiness on the bright future he shall enjoy. Now dear old Mr. X and his wife desire a child and get one. Then, every event in his life continues with the ups and downs common to a man.

Now let’s observe more closely the major events in Mr. X’s life that are considered a success during the mentioned period of time. The honorary graduation, the good job, the house and the prospect of building a family can be considered the success stories in this individual’s life. What is common about these achievements is their tie through causality. Each event is brought about by the earlier event and ends up being the cause of the next event. The honorary graduation paved the way for the good job, which in turn help bring in the money to own the house. The house realized the dream of building a family. These chain of stories of accomplishments, show the dynamic nature of achievements. Each achievement is only as good as its ability to bring about a subsequent success.

The only way to bring about meaning in life is then to have that burning desire that invigorates your every move. This way, all the achievements are a mere stepping stone for the all-consuming object of your desire. When asked more closely what they want their life work to be, many people confess that their noted accomplishment to be of an intangible nature. For many it involves settling down with a loved one, traveling the world or living a legacy that will endure for generations. These hopes and dreams are the guide lines or the rules that every decision should be evaluated by. The leaders of our world are those that say no to every little whim and say yes to the vision of life as they see it. They are cool and relaxed when they go about life; they rarely waste time indulging themselves in mediocrity and perhaps most importantly, they have a set of principles to confirm to in case of doubt.

My overarching vision for life is still in the making, I feel. But I do know this; it is filled with intangible accomplishments. If I were asked what my greatest achievement to date is, I would say my desire to work on identifying my life’s “magnum opus” and the ground work I laid so far in anticipation of it. I want to be like the people that have that derive to see beyond today into the morrow. The achievers of the world plan to find their way through the rouged terraria into their Utopia. As the saying goes “failing to plan is planning to fail”. I want to stand at the end of the tunnel and cry out “I did it my way”. The gift of god, as the quote from the book of Ecclesiastes above presents it so eloquently, should be enjoyed; for it is born out of labor. I am pretty sure I will enjoy it as long as I shall live.

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