The Pain of Being so lonely !!!!!!

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This came out a few months back wen i missed some1 i loved dearly and the person is not wid me nymore !!!!!!

Submitted: November 16, 2011

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Submitted: November 16, 2011



I hv lost ma love, i hv lost ma frens

I dnt knw how mah rest of lyf gonna spend

Al i knw dat m al lonely

Nd da fact is dat its mah fault only


Guess i nvr knew da true meanin of love

Nd den she lft me all alone wen da push came 2 shove

Dere I ws lft alone weepin nd cryin

Da only thng dat ran in mind was 'bout dying

I love her so much dat i cnt express

Bt da nly thng i got frm her is sheer distress

I cnt get her face her talks outta ma head

Guess da only way to get dem out is wen i m dead

Still m not sure her memories wl fade dis away

evn if m involved wd anothr gal in a hot foreplay


On da day she left me i knw i hv to change

I'l have 2 be like da ones whum i found so strange

I'l be da guy whus got no emotion

Il b da guy whu'll neva taste da love potion

I am da guy whu neva gives a damn to the world

Nd nw ma heart is 4 me nd nt 4 anothr gal

the new guy thus born named himself AB

whu'll neva shed tears or cry like a baby

i tried i tried i tried nd i tried

i evn made a girl friend whu was hot nd blue eyed

i went around with her hand in hand

she evn got my name on her wristband

bt wen fine day she kissed me nd hugged me

i went bak to tears as missin aahi bugged me

& den i realised neva loved her or liked her

dis feelin hit me as i was shot by a sniper.....



I ws da guy whu neva used 2 shed dose stupid tears

Bt she made me weep bitterly al dese years

I may sound like a wimp like a stupid guy

Bt love is da only thng dat u cnt buy

Evry person on dis earth needs love 4 sure

As to all ur miseries its da only cure

I wrote dis shit coz it ws painin as hell

Nd dis was al ma pain in a nutshell...........

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