Redemption of the world

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short but intense story line

Submitted: October 14, 2014

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Submitted: October 14, 2014




“You can’t do this to me… I am so close….. Please reconsider “

“Am sorry it’s been two years with no proper results “

“I finally got good results and you want me to chuck it and start with some other experiment ….. You cannot do this to me “

“Am sorry this is the decision of the chair members…. You can continue your experiments on your own expenses “

The line went dead.

“Why is this happening to me “, Anderson started thinking to himself and digesting the facts that he had just heard?

Anderson had been working at the University of Gamila for two years day and night, trying to prove his own theory. During his years at his university he came to meet Sam during the second year of his unsuccessful research. They both became good friends not than Anderson had many. People always avoided Anderson because of his weird ideas and theories. But Sam was a person who understood him at least tried. After the heart breaking news of his funds being cut he went to Sam to sooth his pain. When he was about to enter Sam’s cabin he felt a stinging pain at the back of his head. The pain slowly spread to his body and paralyzed him. He fell down on his face breaking his nose; well he didn’t know it until later. Slowly his mind went blank and he entered a state of dreamless sleep.

Splash! Anderson woke up with a jerk looked around. As he looked around he found a man holding a bucket whose content had been soaking in Anderson’s clothes. The man’s face was hard to recognize due to the bad lighting.

“Where is your research files ?” said the man in a hard voice.

“I said ‘where is your research files? ’  ” he repeated with an angry tone

“I deleted the files and destroyed the files “ replied Anderson

“Don’t lie to me Anderson “

“I promise I am not lying to you “

 “Then I have no use for you “ , the man pulled out a gun from his waist

“Any last wishes “

“What are you doing? Please let me live. I will write all that I remember about my research results. “

Suddenly the lights in the room turned on. It revealed the face of the interrogator

“Rebecca! What the hell are you doing “

Rebecca was the head member of the chair in the university. She had been believed to be dead three years ago. He remembered her from the huge framed photo hung in the university walls.

“I don’t want your results  ... all I want is the file which you copied from the system before you erased the data completely “

“I didn’t copy any data from the system I promise. I did as I was instructed from …”


“You?... the board director gave me a call “

“No Mr. Sherman would never say anything like that you. You are too precious to him. He even put out a special task team to find you and retrieve you by any means necessary “

“Why are you doing this to me?” Anderson started shaking with fear

“You don’t have to be scared of us “Rebecca slowly moved to the side and revealed another figure which emerged out of the dark

“Sammy?” tears started flowing through Andersons eyes

“listen to me Andy the project you have been working for has been funded by the tesla organization one of the most notorious terrorist groups who wish to control the entire digital world”

“what use do they have of my project… it’s based on human brain and thoughts … you know that sam “

“ yes I know .. but your project also deals with the brain washing a person “

“ I think you mean brain enhancing ….. it basically helps a person install information or skill which he didn’t have before…  anyway why would a digital terrorist group need such a thing”

“ don’t behave foolish Anderson…. Think about what Rebecca had been working on before she supposedly died “

Anderson immediately realized what had been done.

“God save us.. They are going to weaponize it !”

“That’s why we need your help…. Please remember who downloaded the data from your system “

“Garry came by this afternoon for a chat other than that no one had access to my computer “

“Rebecca! Hack into Garry’s account to find out the details about the data “

Rebecca had been working with the university for many years when she created an algorithm which converted brain signals into a binary code which code be read by the computer. So it basically stimulated the emotions and reactions of human brains in a language which computer could understand so to create an artificial intelligence. Before she could create the perfect  A.I.  She came across the transaction bill of Mr.  Sherman  which contained a wire transfer from a hoax company. She finally traced it to the Tesla organization in Zalba. She decided to fake her death to keep her family safe from danger and to find enough evidence against Mr. Sherman. Rebecca and Sam had been working with each other for two years when she stumbled upon Anderson’s work and realized the master plan of the tesla, to plant ideas into anyone’s mind using the proper codes and equipments which had been provided by Rebecca and Anderson.

When Anderson looked around the room he found a photo of Rebecca and her twin daughter’s. Anderson felt sad that Rebecca had to stay away from them for two years.

Soon Rebecca got the details of the location of the data which had been downloaded from Anderson’s system.

“This is weird! The system shows that the data has been transferred to 50 storeys deep under the campus ground “

“I think we just found the mother server of this entire scheme “

“So what do we do now?” asked Anderson

“Let’s go!”

“Let me get my laptop “replied Rebecca

Anderson was standing there not able to understand the plan of Rebecca and sam.

“Where are we going?”

“To the campus ground and destroy the server. We can’t call the cops as Mr. Sherman has installed a mole in the police department … I know you don’t want to do this but if we don’t try we will be handing over the world to a psycho  who means to install ideas in everyone’s brain and god knows what else he is capable of “

Soon Anderson, Rebecca and Sam made their way over to the campus ground. Rebecca hacked into the server to open the doors to the secret server room. As soon as Rebecca pushed a button a huge hissing noise came out of nowhere and an elevator rose from the campus ground. All the three entered the elevator and slowly descended down. When they reached the room

“This is unreal “said Rebecca in awe

There had been what appeared to be a thousand severs which were connected to each other in series. No one was present in the room besides them. It was late midnight so no unexpected entry was expected. Rebecca went to the main control room and started to the systems to see what it contained. After looking at every detail with care. Rebecca said

“We can’t do anything here.. all the data are encrypted in such a way that if I try opening or hacking any file the file gets copied a million times over like a virus and uploads itself to another host server most probably that of tesla. “

“Damn.. What do we do now “said Sam

There was another hissing sound of the elevator. Before we could do anything the elevator opened and Mr. Sherman came out. Thin and pale like a dead body. Rebecca took out her gun and pointed it towards Sherman and demanded him to destroy the files.

Mr. Sherman started laughing and said “I can only use it lady …. I can’t delete it or destroy it without the proper satellite codes given from tesla… so I guess we both can’t do anything can we.”

“Who do you work for?”

“A man with no name and no face…. I have never met him person… he always sends his associates”

“Don’t mess around with me! I swear to god I am going to kill you “Rebecca pulled the trigger back.

“Go ahead I am dying of brain tumor anyway “replied Mr. Sherman

“Why did you do this… is this how you want your legacy to be?” asked Anderson

“What legacy! If the world continues this way without proper order there won’t be any legacy left to tell“

“So you want to give control to a ruthless organization just so you can see some order?”

“They are not ruthless but our source for redemption. Imagine a world where there are no conflicts. This is the world Tesla tends to create A world without war, violence and diversity. Tesla foes not want power or money all it wants is peace and order no matter what the cost “

“ I still have faith in this world and I don’t want this happen. Freedom of thoughts is who we are no matter the difference. I want my daughter’s and loved ones to live in a world where there are no barrier to the mind and I am ready to do anything for it “said Rebecca

“The fact is that we can’t trust ourselves to make the right choice”

“There is no use arguing now Rebecca we need to think of a way to destroy this “

“You cannot destroy the information; it’s like a virus which can only spread just like my brain tumor “said Mr. Sherman

“I’ve got it “said Anderson in a loud voice

“Sam go to my office and bring the brain enhancement device and Rebecca I need to make an algorithm right now “

Without a moment’s hesitation Sam went to Anderson office while Rebecca helped Anderson write a code.  Anderson also called the cops and gave full description of what was happening and asked for immediate reinforcements. Soon after Sam came with Andersons device, Anderson connected it to Rebecca’s laptop on which she had kept the algorithm. After few minutes they connected the laptop to the main server.

“What do you think you are doing?”

“We are taking your advice “Sam put the device over Sherman’s head and signaled Rebecca to start the program

“What are you doing? “ Sherman was struggling and fighting to get the device of his head

“You were right we can destroy the information but we sure can overwrite the information with that of your tumor “

“But the brain signal of his tumor cannot be converted into binary digits. My algorithm won’t work “said Rebecca

“Exactly! The computer will get confused by the signals produced by it, giving us the time to overwrite the information. It is a risk we have to take “

The server data was overwritten by rewriting and reversing the algorithm to download information from the brain instead of uploading one. Soon enough the cops arrived and the details of the scenario was explained. Sherman and everyone related to tesla were also arrested. The only person to escape was Gary, he was the one who copied the data to the server. It took two months of questioning from the CBI,FBI,MI6 and literally every organization of the world before all the three of them were considered as not a terrorist. After a few months the tesla organization was shutdown with the help of Rebecca who played a major role in tracking them down. All the three were given the Medal of Honor. Rebecca soon rejoined with her family and led a happy life. Sam had been offered to work as undercover operative for the government. As for Anderson no one had heard from him for many months. Many thought that he wanted to take a break.
















 “The organization has fallen, we have no means to rebuild the organization “

“The main purpose for this organization was to create a better world, a united world and a world with no conflicts. Over the past few months I have realized that the people cannot be trusted with power but yet they are able to manage the world around them not because they are smart or cunning but because they have faith and love. The people who have brought this organization to its knees were common people who still have faith in this world in making the right decision. They fought us not because of hatred but because of love and faith. This gives me hope that this world might after all be able to look after itself. The true redemption can only be found with faith and love”

“So we stop our cause and just sit around doing nothing.”

“Gary our cause has been to help the people of the world. And if a time may come when people lose their  faith and start turning on each other or cannot be trusted for the future of this world ,then we come in again to unite the world against a common enemy …. ‘Us’. It is said “an enemy of my enemy is my friend”. Until then we don’t intervene “

“As you say Mr. Anderson “

Written by

Abhi shek


© Copyright 2019 abhi shek. All rights reserved.

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