Understanding The Human Mind

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We often underestimate the power of the human mind. Here, I attempt to analyze a few aspects of what it is actually capable of.

Submitted: July 08, 2013

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Submitted: July 08, 2013



It has always been our staunch belief, that there is a clear separation between our mind and the physical world. It is always taken for granted, that in order to influence the physical world, we need to make physical contact with the object in question. But over the last few decades, a new question has come up - Is the human mind powerful enough to affect the physical world? Most of us would wave this question off with a sympathetic smirk and disbelieving eyes. But recent scientific experiments have shed a new light. We have begun to see, or rather, we have just begun to comprehend the awesome power of the human mind.

Welcome to the world of Noetic Science, a branch of science dedicated in providing scientific proof for psychic phenomena.  According to Dean Radin, senior scientist at the Institute of Noetic Science, and the author of The Noetic Universe- the human mind is not only a collection of millions of neurons and cells, but it is clearly distinct from the physical body.

Have we not felt the tingling sensation that something bad is about to happen just before it actually happens (intuition) ? Have we never felt the sensation of being stared at, even though there is nobody around (evil-eye) ? Has it never happened, that the moment you think of a person who is close to you, the phone rings and it is the same person on the line (telepathy or ESP) ? These are just a few of many such experiences felt by millions of people around the world. There are reports that people see things before they actually happen, for example, the assassination of President Kennedy had flashed before the eyes of his good friend just a minute before it actually happened. Then there is the incident where a couple was watching a baseball game on television. Suddenly, scenes from a famous Hollywood movie flashed before the wife's eyes, and she had a feeling her husband was thinking the same thing. When she asked her husband, he told her that he was thinking about scenes from the exact same movie! Another incident is where a woman woke up suddenly from sleep, as if from a bad dream. She felt a sharp pain on her upper lip, as if there was a cut with blood oozing out. She dabbed her lips gently with her hands and was surprised to find no blood. It was ten minutes later that her husband came home. He had gone out fishing and in the process he had hurt his upper lip, a huge gash had formed there with blood oozing out! There are many reports of distant healing, or healing by touch. A man had a malignant tumor in his brain and he was due for a very risky operation the next day. At night, he asked his friend to pray for him. The friend prayed all night for the man and his well-being. The next day, when the man went for his operation, the doctor was surprised to find that the brain tumor had disappeared and there was no trace of it whatsoever!

Noetic scientists have performed numerous experiments and tried to replicate the above and related cases in their lab. They have come to the astounding conclusion that such psychic phenomena are indeed a reality, and can even be proved scientifically. They have experimented on telepathy (putting thoughts in someone else's mind), clairvoyance (visions of things happening thousands of miles away), intuition (seeing the future instinctively), mind over matter (influencing the physical world through our mind), distant healing (the power of positive energy), and many such psychic phenomena; and have gathered enough evidence to prove that they truly exist. According to Dean Radin - Our mind operates mainly on a filtering mechanism. When we perceive the physical world, our senses dominate our mind and such psychic phenomena are filtered out from our mind. When, we put ourselves in sensory deprivation state, similar to sages and monks, our mind is unable to filter out the subtle phenomena and we have greater control over our psychic abilities.  It has indeed been shown in controlled scientific experiments, that when people are placed in a state of sensory deprivation, the ability to perform telepathy, etc increases by a thousand times in comparison to when they are placed in a normal environment.

Of course, skeptics are always there who deny the existence of such phenomena. But we should remember, that a few centuries ago, even gravity was considered an impossibility until Sir Isaac Newton proved otherwise. Before every scientific breakthrough, there has always been skepticism and disbelief about the said event. We are now venturing into a new world of science, which nullifies the distinction between the human mind and the physical world. We are only just starting to understand the human mind and its true nature. We have proved the existence of things which were believed to be folklore. In the words of Albert Einstein :

"All of us, who understand Physics, know that the distinction between past, present and future, is nothing but a stubbornly persistent illusion..."

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