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After dropping out of school several times...

Submitted: December 17, 2011

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Submitted: December 17, 2011



Obligations toward my relations keeps me from supporting my unhealthy fixations.

I love my family.

I won’t do them wrong now.

I love to run free,

I need to come undone.

I desire to turn my sprit inside out for the world.

To see and be one with my higher self,

my ideal self,

my no holds back, never lacking lip smacking, dancing down the railroad tracks singing I am not my hair self!

Chasing my sprit on planes and trains, in cars switchin lanes, crossing oceans to catch up up up to it all the way to heaven, and onward.

It’s the journey that calls me it’s a dog whistle in my coon hound ear.

I’m on the scent but right now I’m also still leashed!

though out of honor..

Obligations toward my relations will delay these fixations until the day I graduate.

The world awaits one semester more won’t be too late.


© Copyright 2018 Abi Mustapha. All rights reserved.

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