The Trouble in Loving Someone

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This is what i discovered after the hardest breakup of my life so far.

Submitted: December 17, 2011

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Submitted: December 17, 2011



My Soul,

My soul didn’t know whether you were Man or Woman,

Beast or Beauty,

Friend or foe,

Just that for some reason, it already knew you.

And for so long it knew you, yet tomorrow I’ll see you on the street and you’ll be a stranger.

The danger in loving someone is that.

Not that my hands haven’t touched you everywhere,

or that the temperatures of our two separate skins used to meld into one as we slept so close.

Not that I don’t know what that look on your face means every time,

or the silence when you’re looking for the perfect words to express your thoughts.

The danger in loving someone isn’t that phrase that people always say when things get ugly,

right before the break up. “I guess I never really knew you.”

The danger is that after knowing someone so well,  they can change

you can change, circumstances can change.

Every day is a new day,

Every hour has the potential to materialize a new facet of our being.

The danger in loving someone is that,  Life happens.

The world doesn’t stop because I fell in love, and want things to always remain as they are.

I’m a far cry from who I used to be when I fell in love & glad for it.

better for it, healthier for it,

humbled by it, almost broken in it, but I survived. 

I grew into a woman with a little more experience than before,

a little more wisdom, and a litte more foresight for next time.

The danger in loving someone turned out to be, that I found a little bit more of myself,

and it changed me.

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