A Day at Beyond the Norm: Part II of Guardian's Soulmate

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Sequel to The Guardian's Soul mate Kate and Connor return to California and reunite with their friends at Beyond the Norm Investigations. Will Kate be welcomed home by the people she ran from or turned away? New truths are revealed and New charcters enter including weretigers, withches,psychics and more .

Submitted: December 27, 2011

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Submitted: December 27, 2011



David O’Rourke walked into the old opera house that served as the base of operations for Beyond the Norm Investigations , paranormal investigators and searched the lobby for his girlfriend when he heard someone cursing behind the front desk. David leaned over the counter and saw Lilah Silvermead, the resident witch flipping through the files. "Getting acquainted with Nikki's filing system are ya lass?" David asked smirking. The russet haired witch glowered at the Irish man for being amused at her frustration.


"This is not a filing system to be a system it has to make sort of sense, hey she's your girlfriend get your ass over here and help me figure this out!" Lilah fired back.


David backed away with his hands up "oh no lass I may date Nikki but I'm still figuring out how not to piss her off and this right here would piss Nik off."


"What would piss me off?" a female voice questioned.They looked up to see a tall young woman with wavy honey blonde hair, a Malibu Barbie tan and aquamarine eyes in an out fit that just screams valley girl this was Nikole, or Nikki Jones. Nikki headed over to the file cabinets where Lilah stood "what are ya looking for chica?" the psychic inquired. The willowy golden eyed witch rose from her crouch and stood up smoothing her long brown suede skirt and straightening her black tank top then looked at the blonde.


"I'm looking for Mr. Sullivan's file the case with the infestation of Slog demons in the walls ensuing chaos and inflicting boils. I looked under N but he file isn't there" Lilah sighed frustrated. Nikki open the file cabinet and flipped through them.


" Here it is " the psychic crowed pointing to the file.


"Why is it in the J's if his name is Sullivan" Lilah asked her face scrunched up in confusion but before Nikki could answer some one else spoke.


"J for jackass cause Sullivan was a real piece of work,  he totally lost his water when we said we had a more important case . I mean really a nest full of blood sucking vampires versus an annoying Slog demon" the man who spoke was Scott Davenport the team's comedic werewolf. Everyone looked at Scott with shock including an Asian - American man carrying a large battle axe named Alan Hawkins or Hawk as he preferred to be called.


  "Damn Davenport I have been working with Nik for two years and still don't get her logic how do you?" Hawk asked shaking his head  in awe.


"I've known Nik since Kindergarten so has Lilah, but I dated her all through High school. Her twisted logic starts to make sense after a while; it kind of grows like a chia pet"the werewolf shrugged.


After the group's shock faded and Lilah's boyfriend Rowan Pikerton or Pike, a taciturn werewolf and lead drummer for the band Hell Hounds arrived giving his girlfriend a peck on the cheek . Pike looked over at Scott "full moon tonight".

Scott groaned "your little brother just hat to bite me didn't he Pike". Pike shrugged in response. "So moving away from the topic of lycanthropy any word on when the boss man gets back with Kate or what ?And when I say what I mean vibes" Scott's eyes shift to Nikki.


"If I had any vibes that have something to do with Connor and Kate don't you think I would have told you because ookie empathic feelings kinda bring warning bells" the seer said roll her eyes.


" Here we go again the Nikki and Scott show" Lilah sighed looking at Pike who just shrugged .

" At least it's never boring" Hawk chuckled over Nikki and Scott screeching insults at each other . David rolled his eyes at his girlfriend's childish squabbling with her ex as he got under her skin.


Scott stopped and sniffed the air he then turned to his fellow werewolf grinning "smell that Pike?" Pike nodded his head his stoic expression never leaving his face.

 "He's back and he has Kate with him" he explained to the group . Lilah Grinned at the thought of her best friend's return as Kate Riley an Connor O'Ryan entered the opera house hands entwined.


Kate was nervous her thoughts racing, would they be mad, happy, sad or disappointed in her  for running away and changing her name. Connor felt his mate's distress as it came off her in waves.He squeezed her hand and she looked up at him love shining in her midnight and silver eyes. Kate turned to the Beyond the Norm team who were bombarding her with questions when a thick Scottish voice boomed down the stairs. " What is all the bloody racket about I've been up all night researching that damn demon for the Morrison case and now I can't even get a bloody nap in you...." but as the middle aged Scotsman reached the middle of the stairway and saw Kate he stopped. James Carter felt a smile cross his face at the sight of his daughter though not by blood. She had been his charge since she was first made the Guardian and he had come to love her as if she were his own. "Kathrynne is it really you?" he asked removing his glasses to wipe the tears from his eyes.


" Yeah Carter it's me, I'm back but what did I  tell you about calling me Kathrynne?" Kate asked giving her surrogate father an impish smile.


"My name is Kathrynne call me Kate. Kathrynne is for when you're mad and disappointed in me or when serious is gonna happen like death" Carter reiterated the words from when they first met in her high school all those years ago.


Before he knew it the petite raven haired woman was embracing him tightly whispering "I missed you Carter" not realizing that he couldn't breathe her preternatural Guardian strength crushing him.


"I missed you too dear girl but I do believe you should reduce your embrace before  I die of asphyxiation from your python like grip Kathrynne" the Scotsman gasped.


"Sorry Carter I kinda forgot how breakable you are compared to the others" a blush staining Kate's fair skin.

  "It's quite alright my dear why don't you go talk to the others . I need to speak with Connor for a moment" gesturing to the seven other people in the room. Lilah was smiling, Scott looked angry, Pike as always looked indifferent, and Nikki looked like she was struggling to keep her tactless comments to herself , the  Asian street kid and the redheaded Irish man both of whom Kate didn't know seemed uncomfortable.


 Lilah spoke first "welcome home Katie we missed you" the honey colored witch said hugging her best friend.


"Yeah, welcome back Kate, oh by the way thanks for leaving us alone in Wolfbane spooky central of America how's your life?" Scott's voice laced with sarcasm that could kill.

"Goddess Davenport what's your damage?!" Nikki screeched with shock.

"What's my damage! I'll tell you what my damage is Nikole. My damage is my best friend the protector of the human race ,scourage of the underworld abandoning her friends and her mother" the werewolf yelled at the seer. 

Pike noticed Kate stiffen at the mention of her mother and this peaked the taciturn yet observent man's interest and to the surprise of all hee looked Kate in the eye."Laurel was the last straw wasn't she? Most of you don't think I see what is going on because I don't talk but I saw that Kate was a shadow of the girl she was before Connor left" he revealed addressing the group; then turning to Kate he continued "and by the way you reacted to the mention of your mon it was Laurel that made you run right?"


  Kate looked atnthe floor " she blamed me for Sarah's death , that if I wasn't the Guardian she wouldn't  have been killed by that demon. She called me a freak , said I was no daughter of her's kicked me out and told me never to come back. It gave me a way out an escape from the emptyness" Kate finished voice just above a whisper.


"Your lying Laurel was just as upset as we were when you took off and what do you mean emptyness? You had me , Lilah, Graham the perfect human boyfriend that accepted your destiny and you had Carter........." Scott was unable to finish due to the sharp , bitter bark of laughter that came from Kate.


" I had nothing ! You and Lilah were so busy with college and your perfect significant others, Carter was finding that it was more important to be a high school history teacher than a mentor or father and Graham was far from perfect. He hated my physical advantage over him , thought my sacred duty was a job not my life well untill I die again and when I did die he was just like the rest of you " oh gee it sucks that you were strangled and all but we really need you to kill this thing before you can rest" . To him I had to be his meek little girlfriend to his macho man and him being human didn't help any I had to hold back when we spared ; I never had to do that with Connor because he is a supernatural creature like me." Kate ranted.


IN CONNOR'S OFFICE.................



Connor collapsed into the leather chair behind his desk and looked at Carter "what did you want to speak with me about ? " 


The Scotsman removed his glasses and massaged the bridge of his nose. " Where did you find her, how did you find herwhen no one else could?" Carter inquired.


"To answer question one she was working as a barmaid in Miami  under the name Kara Ryan , question two is...... well you probably won't like that answer" the shapeshifter replied shifting in his seat uncomfortably.

The older man raised an inquireing brow and crossed the room to lean over Connor's desk menaceingly " you better damn well tell me how you found my daughter when I couldn't O'Ryan " threatened the salt and pepper hunter.


Connor growled at the threat but relented due to James's brutal reputation as a demon hunter as it was once recorded that he skinned the demon that killed his wife alive and that was not something he wanted for himself. " As you know shapeshifters mate for life Kate is mine and I am her's .If you remember your Hunter  training the Guardian's powers are rooted in darkness Kate, as all the Guardian's before her still carries the primordial mateing gene carried by all predatory demons like shapeshiters, werewolves, weretigers,  and others. " Connor pulled a worn leather book from the bookcase behind his desk and tossed it to Carter. "Here, I don't believe you have this one it's the history of the Guardian since it's creation you'll read that the demonic essence used to make the first twoGuardians a male and a female, was that of a shapeshifter.


The  Scotsman looked up from the text in surprise "two ? there is only one Guardian chosen every one hundred years all of which are female warriors  . A Guardian is called she fights and then she dies it has been that way for centuries Connor what purpose would they have for one of each gender and why has there only been one?"


" They are a mated pair Carter , and who says there has only been one  ?" the sandy haired shapeshifter asked with an impish gleam in his eye.

  Then it hit the old hunter those sly bastards he thought ." You are the current Guardian's counterpart aren't you? but if so why would the shapeshifters possess the males and not the females if each incarnation are mated pairs?"


" The Hunters found that the male Guardian was more raw with shapeshifter power and therefore more volitile and willful than it's mate so they formed an agreement with the shapeshifters ruleing that the male Guardian reside amoung the shapeshifters and with much disaggrement from the shifters that the Hunters would keep the female. very few times did the mates come it to contact over the generations only five times since the creation in 1214 a.d. France Annette Le Amour and Michael Lennard , in Ancient Greece Melaena  and Alecto , 1675 London Elizabeth Winters and Samuel Beckfordand during the Civil War Lucy Winchester and Jackson Reed  and now Kate and myself." Connor sighed "Is there more you want to talk about because Kate is getting upset and I'd feel better if she wasn't".


" Is she really upset or is this you reverting to your habbit of weaseling out of my lecture" Carter asked.


"No she's really upset I feel it through the mateing bond now I have to go before........" but Connor was cut off by Scott's bellowing.

"You abandoned us to hell just because you missed being a shifter's whore! that's what you are a whore I know you have been sleeping with other guys a one night stand at a party getting fleshy with Graham after a hunt all you are is a whore!!!!"


 Connor flew out of his office and with leathal grace gripped Scott's throat pushing the young werewolf up against the wall. "How dare you speak to my mate like that! She has saved your life more times than it was worth and by my standards deserved if you ever insult her again I will have your guts for garters are we clear pup?" Connor growled.


Pike put a hand on Connor's shoulder " as a werewolf  I understand  that he has hurt your mate Con Goddess knows if he hurt or insulted Lilah I'd tear him to bits but killing Davenport won't make the scars fade man". Connor heard the young musican's rason but instinct still held priority over it as Scott was still wall bound as the shifter mulled over Pike's words.


Kate saw the wheels in her lover's head turning and was worried that once again get the better of him and hurt the young wolf. She turned to the topaz eyed witch and raised one dark brow and nodded to the direction of the conflict. Lilah grinned at her friend's and focoused all her energy at the two men ,waved her hand in a sweeping motion and said "seprate". One second after the witch's command a strong invisible wave pushed the two men apart and sent them crashing to opposite sides of the room.


Connor's awe at the young witch's power quickly faded to an irritated growel at Kate as he knew she was the one behind the witch's meddleing he glared at his petite ravenhaired mate ."What the hell was that for Katie ! I was putting the whelp in his place for hurting you!"


"I  don't want blood on my hands Connor or your's for that matter if you kill or harm him for my sake I will be just as guilty as you. I have brought enough death upon the world" she stated with a guilt sodden wisper.


Connor looked at Kate her eyes reflected self loathing and he saw her think face, shr was considering disappearing again. "I know that look Katie and you're not going to run again and be Kara or whoever the hell you decide to be if you do I will find you you know that."


"You always could find me" she whispered. But then she gave her lover a hard look " As Kara Ryan I was free I had great friends, worked at the hottest club in Miami a town low on evil . I still hunted but I wasn't majorly extracaricular with it but I did my duty. Everything was going as good as it could be without you. My heart was still bleeding constantly for youbut at least I wasn't going through the motions.  being guilt tripped and berated by my friends and familywho with the exeption of Pike see me drowningin the mess you left behind! Evil beings may cause me pain but you Connor you created what my life became by leaving and of all the people who I thought of as family Pike the one who saw what it did to me."


"Kate's right I saw the vacent look in her eyes it was like she was gone. She became frigid, distant an echo of the person she was no spark or fire at all. I had to help her" Pike added.


Kate's eyes held fear for her friend " you're not going to tell them Pike don't drag yourself into this mess I am ever grateful for your help." Kate pleaded.


"I am the one who helped Kate run . I gave her a new identity as Kara Ryan and gave her the money to get out of town . She didn't tell me where she was going as I told her not to in case one of you asked."


Lilah looked at her mate shocked she noticed that Connor's face matched her own displaying a million different feelings raceing through him. "How did you get her a new ID? Wait no, I don't care I'm just gonna thank you  for helping Kate, for doing my job when I didn't " the witch said feeling rotten for not helping her best friend.


 Connor stared at Pike quiet, non- expressive, yet observant Pike his friend and then he picked one question out of the thousands that were coursing through him.”Why didn’t you call me Pike, why didn’t you tell me what happened gods I’m your friend. I trusted you Rowan Pike to look after her for me to tell me if she was having problems. Why didn’t you call?” the shifter questioned.

Pike cringed at the use of his first name like Hawk he preferred his last name over his first.”She became like a sister to me Connor I protected her and helped her in any way I could. She told me not to tell you anything and as her brother I listened to her. You marked her as your mate Connor and then abandoned her so don’t be mad at me I fulfilled my oath to protect Kathrynne but did you? It was your duty as her mate to protect her and her’s to protect you she held up her end you didn’t so don’t blame me for what you created!” Pike yelled with anger.

  The room was quiet until Nikki stepped up to the plate “I don’t want to join the Connor O’Ryan and Kathrynne Riley bashing and brooding show by the Goddess I’ve seen it all before but Pike was right in his actions an Connor you were wrong. There’s nothing that can change what is done cannot be undone there is no point in fighting over the past focus on the present. So get over it!” the seer remarked.

“She’s right, I may not know ya’ll’s past in Nightshade Nikki only gave me the cliff notes and those were long enough so I don’t want the director’s cut but from what I hear ya’ll had this story book love and I can see the bond. She’s a damn good fighter Con and I think we could use some new blood well, old blood on the team” Hawk commented.

 “I concur but I believe she already is part of the team and I think despite her wording that Nikole is correct so shall we get over it and solve the Nolan case?” Carter asked as he and David exited Connor’s office looking at the young people of whom he thought of as his children. 

David looked at his girlfriend “really Nikki, get over it?”

  Nikki shrugged “I think it I say it it’s my way.”  

 Within the next five minutes the Beyond the Norm team got over it even Scott but only after some grumbling about how come for once she’s right stupid Seer’s and their correctness. Connor and Kate kissed and made up very passionately at which Nikki screeched “no necking in the office! I don’t want to use my paycheck to pay for therapy.” Kate turned to the seer with a smirk on her face “Get over it”.




























































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