guardian's soulmate

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A supernatural romance Kate Riley a runaway champion of humanity creates a new life as Kara Ryan far from her home in Wolfsbane California. Connor O'Ryan a shapeshifter trying to hunt down his lost love and bring her back to Wolsbane.But will revalations about what happened after Connor left change his mind about bringing Kate home?

Submitted: December 16, 2011

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Submitted: December 16, 2011



Kara Ryan pulled the keys to her flat out of the pocket of her leather duster and was prepared to open the door when she felt a familiar tingle at the bottom of her spine. Kara sighed "I was really hoping that you wouldn't find me and that if you did you wouldn't come" Kara said her voice void of emotion.


"I could fin you anywhere you just made it a little difficult, Kathryne" the tall dark man stated as if it were the most obvious thing in the  world.


"That's not my name Kathryne has been dead for two years and if she was still alive she would tell you to call her Kate. My name is Kara now, Kara Ryan and you can go to hell cause I'm not going back with you Connor" Kara corrected, a warning behind her statement.


"You have responsibilities Kate you and I both know that. You were one of the Gods strongest champions......." Connor began only to be cut off by Kara's bitter laugh.


 "Champion, I hate that word if I was such a champion, if Kate was such a champion why did she die?" Kara asked. Connor looked at Kara unable to answer her question.


" It wasn't your fault Sarah was killed Kate you had other responsibilities" Connor answered.


Kara finally turned to face Connor " Damnit Connor she was my sister! My own flesh and blood she was my responsibility. I was a sister before I was ever the Guardian when Sarah died Kathryne died . And Kate was dead inside even before Sarah's death and you know damn well why!" she attacked, voice threaded with anger and angst. Connor flinched at her words and was silent as Kara entered her flat when she was about to shut the door on him he stopped it with his hand.

Connor looked Kara in the eyes " you know I could just break down this door if you shut it."


"I know you could but we both know Guardian strength is a hell of a lot stronger than a shape shifter's . I could knock you unconscious and be gone by dawn before you were even awake" Kara smirked . The shifter growled and glared at his mate, he pushed past Kara and strode into the apartment. "Fine I guess you can come it " Kara said sarcastically.


Connor looked around the apartment it looked as if she were prepared to run. She knew that he would find her,that he was in the city. He turned to look at Kara his emerald eyes trying to find some sort of emotion in her actions."You knew I was here didn't you? you were going to run again."


  Kara pushed her raven tresses out of her eyes and met her sorrowful midnight blue eyes to his emerald orbs. " Like you said could always find me apparently the mating bond is still intact ,I knew you were here the moment you first walked into town, I felt it" she replied simply. Kara started packing again when Connor grabbed her arm and pulled her away from her task. He noticed that she flinched at his touch when she used to welcome it but he didn't let go.


" You can't keep running Katie, you and I both know that you cant just bury things they come right back up to get you like vampires" he said.

 Kara looked him dead in the eyed "like how you buried me? take a look at the empty shell , oh how the mighty have fallen take a good look at your dead mate. Connor you may have done some terrible things in the past when you were possessed but  I am your worst sin would you like to know why? It is because you loved me and betrayal is the most exquisite type of torture of all. now let go of me" her tone icy.


"No I won't let go until you talk to me Kate"


"Let go of me. I don't like to be touched so let go before I make you let go" she threatened fearful and angry at the same time.


"No and why are you afraid of me ?" he asked.


" Let go of me!" Kara yelled yanking her arm out of his grasp and delivering a powerful punch to his face. Connor flew across the room and hit the wall on the other side of the room causing it to crack on impact. He had forgotten what Guardian strength was like since he had left Kate's power  wouldn't have faded her super strength, speed agility and coordination was still a surprise to him.


  " I had forgotten how much of a punch you pack and how you never miss a mark Kate" he groaned rubbing his aching jaw as he go up.


The petite woman just glared at him and looked at her watch, "I have to get to work and I want you gone when I get back or I will finish the job I was supposed to do five year ago and kill you" Kara said coldly.


Kara strode into The Wave, a local club where she waitresses along with Emily her roommate. Kara was feeling way too many emotions and many mixed ones about Connor when Emily interrupted "Penny for your thoughts?"

Kara shook her head " keep your change Em don't wanna talk about it" telling the tall golden brunette. Emily had become her best friend since she had come to Miami six months ago but Kara didn't like to talk about her past and Emily wasn't one to pry.


  "It's him isn't it Kara, that mystery man you're running from" Emily said.

Kara looked shocked but quickly tried to  compose herself  "I don't know what your talking about Em."


  Emily sighed and rolled her eyes " Bull , I know you honey and every time some tall dark blonde green eyed man walks in you look like a deer caught in headlights. Kara I don't know about your past or where your from but I know that look  so spill."


 Kara narrowed her eyes at Emily " have I ever told you how annoyingly perceptive you are and that your assassin training kills me when I try to lie?" the ex- assassin shrugged.  "My real name is Kathryne or Kate Riley ,I'm originally from Palo Alto but my mum, sister and I moved to a small  town in southern California called Wolfs bane. I was sixteen when  I fell in love and I mean crazy in love and he loved me the same , I had met my soul mate but after we graduated he left , said it was for my own good that he was dangerous that I needed someone who could give me a life and things kinda went down hill from there. My friends set me up with every guy who seemed interested in me all the while telling me to get over the man I loved. I gave them the fake happy act when really I was dying inside. My sister was murdered and my mother said it was my fault for being who I was so I changed my name and ran" Kara told Emily holding back the tears that welled in her eyes as she finished her story.

  Emily shook her head not realizing her friend's past was so horrible " I'm sorry Kara I didn't know but why are you so worked up now?" Kara looked away from her friend and that's when it dawned on Emily "he found you , mystery man found you that's it but how did he find you if you changed your name ?" the tall brunette inquired shaking her head at the revaluation.


Kara looked at her  friend sapphire and silver eyes distant " he could always find me no matter what I do or where I go he will find me and he did" she whispered.


  Connor walked into the club with the predatory grace that only a shifter could posses he had tracked Kate or Kara ,as she was calling herself now to the club. He scanned the room taking advantage of his heightened senses derived from his jaguar form to find his petite mate finally he spotted her serving drinks to some men in a booth across the room. Connor blocked out the surrounding noise and focused only on Kate's conversation with the men.


 Kara stopped at a booth to pick up some wannabe rock stars empty beers when one of the men slid their arm around her waist as she left to refill the drinks. " Where do you think your go'in love stay  awhile ain't it your job to keep the customers happy?"the man slurred suggestively.

"No, it's my job to serve drinks so that's what I'll do and I ain't your love" Kara replied peeling his arm away from her waist and beginning to walk away not wanting to cause a scene she knew Connor was here and shape shifters are very territorial when it comes to their mate. She turned to leave when the drunk grabbed her arm.


  " Not so fast honey we're not finished yet".


Connor saw the drunk put his hand on Kate's arm he let out a growl and stalked over to where she was . Kara's heart started to beat faster as the drunk gripped her arm and memory flashes of her mother came to her.


Laurel Riley grabbed her daughter's forearm tightly. "It's your fault Kathryne; it's your fault Sarah is dead! If you weren't the Guardian she wouldn't have been mauled by that creature , that demon! Get out of here you freak you are no daughter of mine!" Laurel shrieked. Tears ran down Kate's face as she ran off into the night . The young woman that was Kathryne Riley was dead , no home , no love and no life she was Kara Ryan now.


Kara was pulled back into reality by a familiar growl from Connor. "Get away from her" her mate snarled.


Kara's head snapped up "I can handle this Connor just go."

"Yeah man get yer own this one's mine" the drunk spat.


"Wrong she's mine always has been always will be mine to love, mine to touch , and mine to hurt so get your hands off my wife before I kill you" Connor growled and with that the drunk backed off. Connor saw a tall muscular man head towards Kate and growled putting his arm around her he pulled her close to his body and placed his hand on her hip possessively.

  " Down boy, he's not a threat and I haven't been your wife much less your lover for years we aren't even legally married so back off" Kara lectured yet unable to break contact with him.

 "Hey Kara these guys bothering you hun cause I'll beat'em up and throw'em out if they are?" he asked.


Kara looked up at the bouncer and shook her head "nah Mike it's okay I can handle it."


Mike nodded and looked at Connor "how bout him?" the bouncer questioned.

Kara looked at Connor and then at Mike "He's okay Mikey but I don't mind if you haul drunken Mr. Happy Hands ass out." The bouncer nodded and grabbed the drunk by his shirt front "get gone" his voice menacing. The men ran out of the club and Mike returned to his post by the door.


  Kara maneuvered herself out or Connor's embrace and silently gathered the empty Guinness mugs " you didn't have to do that thanks ....I gotta get back to work now".

Kara turned to walk away when Connor grabbed her hand and pulled her to him.


" Yeah I did you may not see us as married anymore but I do in all the ways that count  and he was touching you a shifter protects it's mate. "

Kara glared at him " Oh yeah then where the hell have you been the past two years ? certainly not with me I haven't even spoken to you since you left you have no claim on me Connor" yanking away her hand she walked away.


  Just as Kara was walking away she heard him speak " Then why do you still wear my ring ?"

She froze and looked down at the claddagh ring on left hand. " Why do you still wear the wedding ring I gave you when we were seventeen ?" he asked again she didn't answer . Connor ran his fingers through his thick sandy blonde hair " look Katie we need to talk you know that right? no running or beatings just talk to me Katie" the shifter begged.

  Kate sighed  " get off in about two hours but I have to work okay? Just grab a seat" Connor nodded and sat down at a table watching Kate work.



Emily looked at Kara face filled with worry " wanna tell me what's up".


"Not really Em " Kara replied Emily raised one shapely golden eyebrow.

"It wasn't a question spill Kathryne"

Kara stopped putting the glasses away looked up and glared at the pretty ex-assassin for using her real name "that's him".


Emily looked over at Connor and then back at Kara " what does he want?'


"He says  he wants to talk to me " and that's all Kara would say.




Connor watched Kate work she looks so happy he thought maybe I should leave her alone.


"Not thinking of giving up already are ya?" a voice pulling Connor from his thoughts. He looked up to see a tall curly haired brunette in dark jeans and a green tanktop .


"What ?" Connor asked startled , the woman sighed and nodded in Kate's direction.


  "Kara, not gonna walk away now ?"

  "She looks happy here but I came for a reason .Kate has responsibilities and she belongs back in Wolfs bane with her family, friends and boyfriend" Connor said flinching at that last part.


  Emily sat down across from the man who held her friends heart and watched him flinch " Now why would a man let the love of his life return her to the people she ran from? Kara Ryan is my best friend and roommate friends are something people like me don't have a lot of I don't know much about her but I know that she's got a broken heart cause of you. And if you came here to drag her back to and leave her again to the hellish existence she was living ,breaking her heart beyond repair then leave and don't come back."


Connor looked at of the woman that sat across from him and saw that she wore a silver pendent depicting a sword going through a heart patterned with the Celtic knot of eternity, this was the symbol of the Order of the Morrighan a guild of assassins. It figures Kate's overprotective new friend is an assassin great another You break her heart they will never find your body talks.


"I don't know what happened to her after I left but I would never hurt Kate or Kara as you call her , I love her . But Kate needs to come back she has a duty beyond even a person belonging to the worlds most elite killers club's comprehension. She can run but I'll find her always could but if she is happy here without me I'll leave " Connor's words holding a question.



"Kara is content not happy and every time some tall,l light and handsome honey like yourself walks in she freezes up and has this far away look in her eyes. I'd say she'll never get over you it's as if you're her missing piece the other half or her ya know?" Emily said.


 Connor started twisting the ring on his left hand " yeah I know what you mean"

Emily took note of the ring on his finger it look just like the one Kara wore hands holding a heart wearing a crown. She looked at the man realizing she didn't know his name only that he was Kara's ex."Hey I know I just wigged out on you but you got a name stranger?"



Connor looked up at the assassin and saw that she truly cared for Kate "Connor, Connor O'Ryan."


" Emily, well Connor  how about I get you something to drink on the house, I've gotta get back to work though".


"No thanks if my talk with Kate turns into let's make Connor a punching bag I wanna be able to run away. Cause when Katie is angry she tends to forget her strength, the girl can beat a hole through steel with her fists" Connor smiled shaking his head.


Emily was shocked and turned to look at Kara's petite form "but she's so tiny!" her tone incredulous as she walked back to the bar.


The club started to empty as the early morning arrived till Connor, Kara and the staff of the Wave were left. Mike walked up to Kara "you sure you don't want me to take care of that for you Kara or will you be okay?" the bouncer asked jerking his thumb in Connor's direction.


"He's just an old friend that wants to talk to me don't worry Mikey" Kara assured him twisting her ring internally laughing at the thought of Mike winning a fight against Connor.

"Okay girl take care" and with that he left.

Emily walked to Kara and put a hand on her shoulder "you gonna be okay or you need me to stay with you" her expression one of concern. "No Em I do this alone".


"Okay but remember say the word and he's a footnote in history and I'll make it look like a terrible accident " the ex-assassin grinned.


"I'll let you know Em" Kara laughed.


"See ya at home" Em said in place of goodbye before leaving the two lovers alone.


  Kara sat down across from Connor both were silent for a few moments when Connor shattered it."Why did you run Katie? And don't say it was only because of Sarah I know you and it's not just that."


  " You wanna know why cause there's a few reasons. I was miserable after you left, my friends didn't care they pushed me towards every guy who even looked interested. So I put on a happy face for them save the fucking world, killed the monsters,stopped the black hats all the while I was dying inside. My mother's verbal abuse of berating and trying to change me hating that I am the Guardian and it was my destiny. She said I wasn't her daughter blamed me for Sarah's death and I believed her. Did you know I died while you were gone ? a demon strangled me I was dead for half an hour before I was resurected and after that no one cared that I had died it was just "Kate oh now that your alive we need you to kill something for us". So I ran , bought a ticket that got me as far from Wolfsbane as possible, changed my name and got a new life. I'm Kara Ryan I work here at The Wave the hottest club in Miami and I live with my ex-assassin friend Emily Graves."



  "Kate...." Connor started but she cut him off.


"No Kate Riley died she died when you left . Kate was a shell, a tool for others to use as a weapon against the evils and hellions, used and controlled by her friends because they didn't trust her to make her own choices. Kate was the Guardian the one human that has to be alone and no matter how many people were around her she was always alone except for once when she was loved by her mate but in the end Kate was always alone she didn't live she merely existed." Kara ranted finally letting go of everything damn him he always does this to her.

Connor looked at Kate in horror at what he had done to her looking into her eyes he saw the fire she was still his Kate."No" Connor stated his voice firm; "I didn't know that everything went bad , I left so you could have a life outside of the supernatural a happy one I wanted you to live not exist. I'm sorry but your still Kate Riley the Guardian the champion of humanity ,protector of the innocent and my mate. You hide behind your new life as Kara Ryan but even your name still holds elements of your past hell you used my surname. WhatI wanna know is why you didn't come to me?"Connor argued.


And suddenly Kara didn't exist and she was Kate again filled with fury and sadness "I did ...almost  I took a bus to the old opera house where you live and work  out of and looked in the window, you were laughing at something Hawk had said. You were happy and helping people that needed you Ididn't want to ruin that I didn't belong in your world anymore. Besides I was running from the life you left me to live how could I tell you what happened and hurt you that way?" she whispered her eyes filled with pain an sorrow.


Connor stood before her shocked, she didn't want to ruin his life so she ran as far away from him as possible . Then it dawned on him she assumed that the distance would break their connection as mates so he wouldn't be able to sense her or even find her. He placed his fingers under her chin and she raised her head to look into his eyes. "Katie, I hated my life because you weren't there with me when I found out you disappeared I was scared but I knew you were alive I knew I could find you...."he was about to finish when she did it for him.


"You always could" she finished quietly with a sad smile.

"Always" Connor returned pulling his adoring mate into his arms. "By the way you suck at changing your name Kara Ryan, I mean the first name is Irish and you used my surname really Kathryne do you think I am that stupid I know you Kate".


Kate laughed " I know but I guess I needed a piece of my past something to prove you were real, that we were real not just a dream, besides I was hoping you would  over look the obvious and ignore thename". Kate's expression grew serious "you're not taking me back to Wolfsbane if you do Emily knows a way for me to fall off the grid so even the strongest locator spell and even you will never find me . I mean it new name , new face, new location I cannot go back to being a dead woman again Connor ."


  Connor knew she spoke the truth the assassin could erase her completely but he was surprised to think that he would leave her alone ."Of course not I'll take you back to Santa Monica you can live and work with my team at Beyond the Norm investigations.  I've set up a whole paranormal private detective agency after you left Lilah, Pike , Scott and Carter came to work for me I already had my own team though.


Connor watched Kate's face he could see the gears in his mate's head turning as she turned the offer over in her mind. " Do you still have the troll god hammer and the eighteenth century Irish double shot crossbow?" she queried.


  Connor laughed "yes love along with some other new weapons and a tricked out training room."


  "Wicked new toys, okay I'm in but on  one condition " a wicked grin spread across her face.



"What's that?"

"Kiss me."


  "Always" the shifter growled and pulled his mate into a passionate kiss.

They broke apart and Kate's kiss-swollen lips broke into a smile that gave off an aura of passionate bliss."Lets go kill some hell beasts" the soul mates hands entwined began the journey home.








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