Lovers Trials

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Part of the Guardian story arch . What were Kate and Connor like in the begining? These are three short ficlets of different parts of Kate and Connor . Also what if they never found a way back to eachother.

Submitted: December 28, 2011

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Submitted: December 28, 2011





Stages Part I: Lovers


Connor watched Kate out of the corner of his eye as she tested the next mattress. "How about one, kinda nice real cheap?" Kate asked looking over to Connor the Irishman shrugged and sat on the mattress in question shifting a bit.


"It's not soft enough and I can feel the springs" he answered his girlfriend.


Kate sighed"okay let's move on to another one " the young woman's patience running thin.


Connor noticed her lack of interest and put his arm around her petite frame"what's wrong you have think face lover?"


"I was just thinking why get a new mattress if we barely sleep on the one we have? I mean we both  work nights cause that's when the big bad evil comes out to play we would just be wasting money we could be using for new weapons or spell books for work."


Connor smiled at the grumpy Guardian "but love we do use the mattress we have just not for sleeping in the traditional sense and our current one is wearing down" he argued with a cheeky grin. She blushed and consented to continue the mattress hunt.




Stages Part II : Moving in and Sorting Out



Kate thanked the Goddess for superstrength as she brought the last box into her boyfriend's apartment. Connor had decided that during the move they should sort through their things."Hey Con, I brought in the last box wanna help me go through it?" Kate called into the den.


" Be there in a minute love" he had already been through every other box one more couldn't hurt. The shapeshifter smirked when he saw what she had labeled the box as, lover's gifts.Kate opened the box pulling out all of the things he had given her reflecting on each moment. From the time she ffound him annoying as hell and kicked his ass when he followed her home one night just to make sure she got home alright when she could take care of herself just fine , when they fought in the pouring rain because he said he loved her even if she belived that she had to be alone, to when they drowned a demon in a washing machine at the local laundramat.


"You know that dispite how stange some of these gifts are I wouldnt trade them for anything in the world" Kate mused. Connor smiled at the woman he considered is mate and nodded "I know".






Stages Part III : Broken


Kathryne Riley stood alone beside her mother's grave "I wondered if you would come I had a feeling you might " she said her eyes never straying from the headstone and the mound of dirt.



"I had to Katie you needed me I felt it, always could" Connor said to his beloved wrapping his arms around her waist.


" I can't believe she's gone, we weren't talking haven't been for a while then someone calls me and she's dead." She tried to keep her voice void of emotion but a sob slipped out Kate tried to hold back the tears that welled in her eyes and me the warrior that she was. " Damn you, you always break down my walls. But I can't have that now I can't be human the Guardian is not allowed to have emotions, tears are not an option  ."


Connor looked his mate in the eyes, they were hollow and held none of the fire that made her the best , that made her Kate."You are never alone Katie you have Carter, your friends and Sarah......" but Connor was stopped by the anguish that filled his loves eyes.


"Sarah died four moths ago Connor and I may be surrounded by people but I am always alone" she replied.


Connor looked at Kate in horror her sister was dead "how did she die, why didn't you call?"


Demon attack vengence kill. I killed it's mate so it killed my baby sister ...........I don't even know the words to describe it they did to her. . And I didn't call because you have your own life now plus you had an apocalypse on your turff and why would you even care" Kate explained.


"Of course I care Kathrynne, I loved the lass like a sister and if it was you or an apocalypse it will always be you.You ear my soulmate Mo chori, my heart andyou know that!" he argued with a mix of passion and pain.



Kate broke out of his embrace "soulmate, Connor your soulmate is dead she died when you left." Connor didn't speak Kate turned to look her mate in the eyes " once upon a time you promised me forever, so tell me when did forever end". And with that she left the cemetary to go kill things.


Connor wathed her as she disappeared into the night "it never did love , it neveer ended"




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