Best Friends Are For Life

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To my best friend...

Submitted: February 06, 2012

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Submitted: February 06, 2012



“Nadia? Nadia. Nadia! Nadia freaking Gouws!”

I jolted out of my dream and started saying, “Yes,” but before I could finish the simple word, my head banged hard against the wooden rack above the spot on my bed where my feet were supposed to be. I let out a screech of pain before glaring at the person that had caused it.

Two amused brown eyes smiled back at me.

“Jake!” I hissed at my brother and jumped up to strangle him.

His two large hands caught my wrists before I could kill him. “Have you checked the time lately?” he asked.

The realization dawned on me like a dark cloud over a sunny day.

Monday… School…

Dragging my brother to the door, I threw him out and slammed the wooden object that had caught my fingers countless times in the past.

I threw on my school clothes, realizing how late I was going to be if I didn’t hurry. My zipper caught a small piece of my skin and tore it from my flesh. I hissed, but ignored the sting. I dragged my brush through my dark blond hair and tied it back.

Pain was no rarity to me. In the past month I had broken my toe in hockey, caught my hair in barbed wire, stepped on a hot coal, ran into a fence, and just hit my head so hard I was sure I had a concussion. Not to mention other small cuts a bruises like the zipper incident.

I ran out of the house with a quick, “Bye, Mom. Bye Jake.” I knew I was going to regret not eating breakfast, since I was a big eater. Maybe I could scavenge a few morsels from my friends. Abby always felt sorry for me.

I didn’t slow down until I had run into the class a split second before the bell rang.

I made it!

Falling into the chair, I gasped for breath and ran my hand over my sweaty forehead.

“What happened to you?”

I jumped at the deep voice beside me. I had forgotten that Dylan sat beside me in biology. What a hunk! I knew few guys with his beautiful blue eyes and black hair.

If Abby wasn’t a grade above me, she would probably be sitting with me. I wished she was. She loved biology and helped me with it quite a lot and she could keep Dylan from pushing me into corners like he usually did.

“What? What’s wrong with me?” I panicked. I couldn’t look bad in front of Dylan.

“You look fine, Nadia,” he assured me with a chuckle. “It’s just that you’re out of breath. Were you at a marathon or something?”

“I was late for school. Why would I be at a marathon?”

“Well, it’s kind of an understatement to say you’re a sports freak.”

“So I do athletics and I’m a tennis player. What about it?”

“Don’t forget diving, netball, hockey, horse riding… did I forget something?”

“They’re all seasonal sports!”

“Not horse riding.”

“I only do that when I’m at Abby’s. It’s not a regular sport.”

“It doesn’t really matter.”

“Shut up,” I muttered and turned my attention to our teacher.

My stomach was growling like crazy and by break time, I was begging Abby for some food.

“Only if you ask Dylan to the ball,” Abby said, munching on some of her muffin.

“You can’t expect me to do that!” I protested.

There was a mischievous sparkle in her eyes. Abby knew what I felt for Dylan. She read me too well. Or maybe she was just very good at love sighting now that she and Marc were together.

She waved a candy bar in front of my face.

My mouth watered. Could I lose the battle for a simple piece of food?


“Fine! I’ll ask Dylan to the ball!”


“Promise! Now give me that stupid candy bar!” I grabbed it from her and tore of the paper.

Nothing in the world could compare to food!

“I’m so glad Marc and I aren’t going to be alone at the ball again!”

“Are you even allowed to take Marc to the ball now that he’s out of school?” I nibbled on the bar.

“Jap. I asked some of the teachers. They said as long as he doesn’t smoke or something, but we all now Marc doesn’t smoke or drink.”

“He’s too much of a goody two shoes like you,” I teased. I tossed away the empty wrapper.

“Hey, you’re no less of a goody two shoes than I am.”

“True, true,” I admitted, holding my hands in the air in surrender. “Let’s go find the rest.”

Finding the rest of our friends wasn’t hard. They were always in the same place on the rugby field.

“Is Dylan playing?” I asked.

“I told you, you like him.” Abby smiled at me, handing me a packet of chips.

“Whatever. Thanks.”

Lara and Abby weren’t in the mood to watch the boys, so we moved on. Abby never watched any boys other than Marc and Lara just wasn’t interested in any of the male species.

“Ball’s soon,” Kaitlin said, waving her arms in the air. “I’m so excited! I can’t wait to see your boyfriend again, Abby! He’s such a hotty!”

“No touchy,” Abby warned.

I had to admit, Marc was quite a hunk, but to me, he didn’t come close to Dylan.

“Kaitlin, what’s your date gonna say if you keep going after Abby’s guy?” Gina asked.

“Harvey and I are just friends.”

“Harvey feels a bit more for you than just friendship, Kate.” Abby ran her hand through her long, brown ponytail.

“Who’s suddenly the love guru?” Lara asked and tossed a wrapper at Abby.

She caught it and threw it into a nearby dustbin with perfect ease. Maybe she had learnt that from her brother. He was a fantastic cricket player. “I’m not a guru. I just know how to read body language. Something you sprouts still have to learn.”

“Says the one that only realized after a year that Marc was sending vibes,” I said.

“Hey, it’s always easier to see it with your friends than with yourself.”

Abby just knew how to talk a bunch of rubbish.

When the bell rang, Abby touched my shoulder. “You better ask him so we can go dress shopping this afternoon if he says yes.”

I groaned. “Fine. Just because you gave me food.”


Saturday was a scurry in Gina’s house as we all got ready for the ball. Dresses and shoes were scattered around her room and it was hard to find anything.

Of course, Abby and Kaitlin were always perfectly organized and were finished half an hour before we were.

They sat talking about the ball as they waited for us.

We finally got finished minutes before our dates arrived.

Marc was right at the front. Tall, dark and handsome couldn’t even describe the second year college student. He smiled politely at me and the rest of the girls before greeting Abby with a peck on the mouth. Next entered Harvey, then Gina’s date, James, and lastly Dylan.

Lara wasn’t going to the ball since she wasn’t interested in taking guys to things like these.

Dylan gave me a crooked smile. “Thanks for asking me. I thought I wasn’t going to it this year.”

Why did this stupid dance have to be girls ask guys?

“It’s my pleasure.” I felt my cheeks grow warm. I couldn’t be blushing! Not in front of Dylan!

Abby caught my arm, saving me. “Let’s go! I wanna dance!”

Abby drove the girls, since she was already eighteen and had her license, while Marc drove the guys.

We sang campfire songs, like we always did on wacky outings. Abby, Gina and Kate sang in their clear voices and Abby thumped the tune rhythmically on the steering wheel while I tried to keep up. Saying that I couldn’t sing to save my life was an understatement. Well, pretty much everything was understatements with me.

I was the sporty one of our group, of course. Abby was the musical one, Kate was the model, Gina was the artist and Lara was the brains. Not that the rest of us were stupid, but Lara was the top of her grade kind of student.

When we parked at the ball between a mass of other cars, our dates caught up with us and led us to the hall.

Dylan was quiet, only smiling down at me now and again.

Kate was desperately trying to get Marc’s attention, but he was focused on his girlfriend. Harvey, on the other hand, only had eyes for Kate.

Abby had been right. He was interested in more than friendship and he made it crystal clear.

“Stop flirting with my boyfriend!” Abby finally scolded Kate, more in a teasing way than a mad one.

“Yes, please,” Marc said, moving closer to Abby. He had always been a shy guy and very uncomfortable with most girls.

Luckily for him, we entered the hall and as always, he didn’t waste a second before leading Abby to the dance floor.

The rest of us stayed together for a while longer, but soon we also started dancing.

Dylan had always been a terrible dancer and after most of my toes being red from him stepping on them, we decided to take a walk instead.

It was more amazing than I ever could have imagined. We talked for a while, but when we reached the fountain, he turned and kissed me.

I loved being seventeen!

The best ball of my life finally came to an end and we went back to Gina’s house. We had decided on a sleepover and we sat and talked on her bed.

Abby tossed a pillow at me. “How was your night with Dyl?” she asked.

I caught it and threw it back. “It was fine.”

“Just fine?”

“He kissed me.”

The whole bunch of them squealed and I smiled. What a wacky group of friends I had.

We finally decided to go to bed at about one in the morning. Abby and I were the only ones left awake and we talked about the ball again.

“You know, best friend; I think you and Dylan belong together,” Abby said.

“Just like you and Marc huh?”

She giggled. “Goodnight, Nads. See you tomorrow.”

“Goodnight, Abby.”

And with another week of my crazy life almost finished; I went to sleep.

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