The Gold Coins

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Historical Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Short story abput a 16 year old servent girl working for King Solomon.

I was now half-way down the hall at top speed.

  “Stop you!!” I heard him say. Boy I am soooo thankful for masks! Wait, time out, hello there I’m Naomi Oren, I am 16 years of age and have a special job I work for King Solomon himself. Let’s see I also know that I have been doing this job for 2 years now so I’ve pretty much got the hang of things around here, also I have extremely dirty blonde hair, very brown eyes and somewhat tan, and as some people say “a great smile”. All of this I know, but what I didn’t know is the fact that I would find out a HUGE secret that should have been found out a loooooong time ago. Okay, lets start from the beginning, me and my friend Ayala (which, by the way is probably the best friend in the whole world and also a servant of Solomon) were walking down the storage room halls to make sure that nothing of value was stolen (king’s orders). We were about half-way down one of the halls when I noticed that part of the wood stuck out of the wall a bit. I thought I was just imagining it so I didn’t say anything. We kept walking; thankfully nothing at all was stolen. But later, I heard Azzan and Balfour, the 2 guard brothers, arguing a intensively. They looked pretty mad at each other, until me and Ayala came by then they stopped and just smiled at us. But that’s not all, later I heard them talking about some secret place. Then they moved somewhere else so I couldn’t hear them. On my way back to see the King I saw my dad, he is also a servant just not one like I am, he is a servant to King Solomon’s wives, so basically he gets them all pampered up before they go and see the King and stuff. We waved at each other and kept walking. You might be wondering about my mom, yeah well she kinda walked into the king’s throne room when the doors were closed so she a…. yeah anyway I got to the king’s throne room, doors closed, NOT going in there. Then I heard,

“Hey Naomi!!” I turned around and it was Ayala. Good, I needed somebody to talk to.

“Yeah, hey what’s up?” I said.

“Have you noticed any thing weird about Azzan and Baulfour lately?” she asked casually.

“No” I quickly lied if anyone was going to solve a mystery; it was going to be me.

“Oh, well remember when we passed them on our way back from checking the storage rooms?” she asked hoping to change my mind.

  “Yeah” I responded.

  “Well I heard them talking about money and their grandfather.” She said with huge eyes.

  “Well they just lost their grandfather maybe they’re trying to divide his money up evenly.” I said now knowing that what she just told me and what I already knew was a pretty good start to this so called “mystery”.

“Hey I’m going to head back to my room now okay?” I asked.

  “Okay, I’m going to head up to my room too.” She said only sounding the slightest bit disappointed. When I got to my room I quietly said my facts over.

“Okay so I know that Azzan and Baulfour are mad at each other because of something over money and their grandfather and some secret place. They don’t want anybody to find out.” Then after that I laid down and had a good nights rest.

The next day right as I was about to start to find out more to this secret, I had to pass by the King’s throne room and, worst of luck he called me in. As usual my heart skipped a beat. I’ve always been a little bit scared when he calls my name, since you know my mom and all. Anyway he asked me to make sure that the fire was still going at the Bronze Altar.

“Yes Your Highness.” I replied. Number one rule for being a servant at the palace: ALWAYS be respectful to the King. So I went to the Bronze Altar, which is at the center of the courtyard. Luckily the fire was still going. While I was there I heard what sounded a lot like Baulfour’s voice it sounded like he said, “Get in. Hurry!” Then a creak then a door shutting, which is weird because once you are in the halls…there is no doors. I am now at the point of running to get to the King and tell him the fire is still going. I get there and say,

“Your Highness, the fire is still going.”

“Thank you Naomi.” Wow. He actually remembered my name, he usually he just says “hey” or something like that. Anyway I stop by my room and grab a mask and then started faster than I knew I could run. Right before I went into the halls I put my mask on. Then I ran in. I quietly ran down the halls to where I saw the piece of wood sticking out. I found it and looked closer at it and realized that it was a secret handle! I pulled it immediately and sure enough a door was right there to go into and I didn’t hesitate. I ran in and saw a ton of gold coins and some pictures written on the wall. I realized that for one, the guy in the picture was Azzan and Baulfour’s grandfather I also realized what he was doing. He was drilling the center out of gold coins and switching them with the real ones. I gasped. I picked up a few of the coins and they felt pretty heavy. Uh-oh. I ran out of the room and started down the hall as fast as I could to where Solomon keeps his gold. I arrived and I picked up one of the coins…super light. Oh gosh. Just as I set the coin down…

“Hey you, stop!” I heard a man say I ran, and then hid behind a basket. Not to my surprise Azzan and Baulfour came running up behind me. They stopped and said “I hope that whoever it was they didn’t find out.”  

I instantly (as soon as they were gone) went to go tell the King. While I was running I heard footsteps.

“STOP!” Uh-oh, Azzan. Time to run faster now. I was almost there when I tripped on a rock. Azzan caught to me and grabbed me but, right before he could rip off my mask; I stomped on his foot and ran away. I was now outside the king’s throne room I took off my mask and set it down. I want in the open doors and he pointed his scepter at me which indicates that I was allowed in. I bowed before him and told him the whole story, from the arguing, to the finding of the secret room, to the finding the coins were fake and swapped, and that Azzan and Baulfour would’ve kept doing it if I hadn’t caught them.

“Yes, I see… guards bring me Azzan and Baulfour they have a little explaining to do, and Naomi I am extremely proud of you. Because of what you have done today, I am now moving you to a higher position over my servants.” He said.

I bowed and responded

“Thank you my King.”

After that I of course went and said sorry for lying to Ayala, and told her everything, then I went and told Dad. The next day I found out that our two guard brothers would not have a lot of fun in prison for the rest of their lives.


Submitted: April 18, 2013

© Copyright 2021 Abijah Reed. All rights reserved.

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