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So many individual are willing to become Achievers in life but few realize what and who an Achiever is. Some believe it takes having all the riches and wealth of this world but yet some have all these and achieve nothing in life. What characterizes the life of an Achiever? Is it the Money, Personality, Fame, Strength, Physical stature or other things which men can see physically? This short article has an answer to all these questions. It comprises of straight and direct information without any digression from the main context. This article was penned down through the divine inspiration from God and not by the human wisdom of any man. May you be blessed by God’s grace as you study, meditate and follow after the instruction therein. Remain blessed and see you at the top among the list of the next Achievers.
Mustapha Abiodun


Achievers are not those who just talk and talk and talk about their dreams and aspiration but they put their sayings into action. It is better for men not to know what you have the ability to do than to be a disappointment to yourself after you have announced it. They make their dreams become realities .People become achievers by what they DO and not what they say or think alone.

Don’t remain as a dreamer for so long a time, make things happen. Do not just speak or dream, make you dreams and aspirations become a reality .So many ideas, dreams, and thought have died with those who had them and should actually have put them into action. Some never realize what they have lost until they found out that someone else have gone ahead to do what they have thought of in times past. What was the difference between them; one got the vision and took action while the other was sluggish about it. Achievers are those who have dreams but never remained as dreamers but acted on their dreams. Even if your dream seems impossible, give it a trial, and you will be preparing your way to the top.



Achievers are those who do not underestimate their potentials. The weakness in you can build a mighty and strong nation. When ideas come into the mind of Achievers, they believe in it possibility no matter the challenges ahead. It takes a man to believe in himself to begin. Bill Gates, Ben Carson, Mike Adenuga, Aliko Dangote had aspirations and believed their aspirations becoming a possibility. This men had challenges and never allowed those challenges overcome them. They took action and they all became great. The poorest and most wretched man is a man who will never take a risk because, even if he has all the money and resources in the world, he is scared of spending them so as to get more which makes all his resources depreciate and lose value. If you are not a Risk taker, you can never be a Result maker.






Commitment is putting ones believe, focus, strength on something that matters and seems so dear to a person. Being committed to your dream and set goal will carry you to a point of achieving your dream than those who just speak or talk so loudly about their dreams and goals. There is a popular saying that the empty barrel makes the loudest of noise, those who know what they are made up of do not make so much noise about it. Whether you believe them or not, they do not go into much argument with you.

So many decided to have a very good result on campus, some wanted to build estates and make money from it, some was to transform their generation, some to change lives through their writings and letters, other have different dreams and goals in life but they lacked commitment and were not able to make their dreams and goals a reality. You can set goals but only your commitment can fuel such goals.



Determination means being moved to do or carry out a particular task. Determination is the steam in an engine that drives a moving car (Adams Adebola). Determination can make the ordinary man who will not give up so soon to perform the extraordinary. The way to the top looks though but your determination makes takes you ahead. Determination makes you achieve what others say is impossible. A man without determination can never soar or fly high, he will continue in the valley. It takes determination to climb a mountain while it requires little or no determination to remain in the valley. Determination is the driving force that makes you to succeed in  what others tried and failed.



Before a man can become an achiever there have been so many unachievable moments. Only when there is a positive result is such man called an Achiever. No matter how long a man strives or works, if there is no positive result, no one reckons him as an Achiever. There must be a positive result before you can be referred to as an achiever. It might look unattainable but don’t give up, work towards achieving positive result; you are on your way to the top. Your positive result is what men then call EXCELLENCE. An excellent result is not known while studying or working in the lab but after the labor and experiment has been conducted and then an amazing result is achieved. 



Achievers are always criticized on their journey of becoming the best. Some are even mocked and neglected to be time wasters but that which keeps them going is FOCUS. Focus makes you not look at what others say but on how you can achieve your goal and dream in life. It is what a person goes to the market to buy that he looks after not the noise that goes on around the market. It is what you want to get that you look after not what others say against you. Many have had to forsake their dreams and aspirations just because other people saw nothing in their dreams but were later full of regret when someone else achieved what they could have achieved.

Everyone who wants to achieve something in life needs to be focused so that the wrong attitude of others does not affect such destiny. An athlete who wants to win an Olympic gold medal will never give the crowd an attention even for a second until he finishes the race.  ”What a man focuses on today will soon become the focus of his life” .”FOCUS on the FOCUS so that you become the FOCUS that others will FOCUS on”



God’s part cannot be neglected or underestimated in the life of any Achiever who does not just want human approval over his/her life but also an approval from the Omniscience, Omnipotent and Everlasting God. GOD is the greatest achiever that ever existed, is existing and will continue to exist. It takes God to achieve both on earth and in life eternal. God must be considered in all that a man does. To achieve both physically , academically, Financially, health wisely ,in career ,and in all that a man does. That Factor must be considered (i.e. GOD).HE is the G that gives you a smooth RACE in the journey of life (GRACE).






Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom. Honesty is being sincere, trustworthy and faithful in whatsoever a person chooses to do. You must be honest in the things you say and the things you do. Be sincere with yourself .Be trustworthy and do what is right.



Achievers are those who do not remain in the same position, they are always willing to become better than they have been in the past. They improve at all times. Do more than CHANGE, IMPROVE. Achievers are never satisfied with the state they are, they are always willing to get more and do more. Do you want to be among this team of Achievers? Improve your potentials. You can always be a better person.



Just is doing what is right by being obedient to God’s law and command. A man must do what is just to find his way to becoming an achiever. DO justice to whatever you want to do and where ever you are by being just.



There is a popular saying that “knowledge is power”. The knowledge that you acquire and make use of determines how powerful you become mentally.”The more you know, the stronger and better you become” .Achievers do not underestimate any opportunity to learn what comes their way and sooth their career and dreams. They have the spirit and zeal to always know more .They make very good advantage of every knowledge they get. Also know that Achievers are Readers. Read good books, invest into your mind and let your faith and zeal become stronger.



Majority talk about luck, many pray to be lucky while some just decide to wait for luck to come. But what really is? Luck only comes when opportunity meets preparation..Achievers are always prepared to utilize every opportunity that comes their way.



The mindset of Achievers is towards achieving their desired dreams and goals. A man’s mindset determines the type of person that he is. Your mindset propels you to do the things that you do. Achievers set their mind on things that add value to their lives and career. You must have a positive mindset if you are thinking of joining this team of Achievers.



This is referred to as connection of series of series of connections. Achievers are those who do not depend on themselves but tends to humble themselves in order to get more from others. Achievers get connected to people with like minds who will add great value to them. Your network determines your net want. The people you are networked to, the friends and company you keep will show the vivid picture of how your future will be (Jetezen Franklin). The more connected you are to people of like mind and passion, the more you acquire. Get connected to the right people, with the right aim, with the right aspiration and with the right visions.



Thinking of the best in all situations is the attitude of Achievers. Achievers do not have negative attitude towards their weakness but look form ways of getting the best even in their weakness. Ben Carson was not the best student in his college days neither was he among the best, yet he became the first world Neurosurgeon. That is the mind of a person who is optimistic about life.

Achievers are themselves; they are not willing to become a second of another person. Their decision in life is not a reflection of another but seems to be unique. Their lives are not photocopies of others. You will only become a limit of yourself. The YOU in YOU is the real YOU (Nigerian comedian Seyi Law).



Achievers are those who know the reason for their existence. They know God’s will for their life and walk thereby. “What you purpose to do will later become the purpose of your life”. The holy Bible also makes us understand that Christ also worked with purpose in order to save in 2 Timothy 1:9”…But according to His will and purpose” .Men like Daniel and Joseph had purpose even in strange land and they became achievers in their generation. Achievement does not deal with location but personality. The continent of the world you find yourself or the nation where you are is not an excuse for failure neither is your background an excuse. Whether young or old, black or white, tall or short, of a rich or poor background is not an excuse.

Achievers are men and women who also pray their way through to the Almighty (The Greater than the Greatest Achiever).Becoming an Achiever does not just come by chance but by those who God makes to become an Achiever. “When we take one step towards God, He takes more steps towards more than you can count”. The less you pray the harder it becomes, the more you pray the better it goes.



Achievers are those who do not take chances. They do not give any chances to negative attitude, people who want to discourage them or action that want to weigh them down. They think quickly and fast in the presence of problems and how lasting solution can be found to such problem. They do not allow laxity in the places of decision making. They also see how to turn problems into opportunities.


Achievers have in them what others need. They make use of these resources by solving others problem and become richer than they have been before through such means. They do what others see as not useful, disregard, discard or overlook and turn them into tangible result. Achievers do what others say cannot be done or is impossible.



Sincerity simply means doing what is right with a pure motive and conscience. Achievers have good motive towards all that they do .Before you become an achiever, you must have served sincerely. A practical example is Joseph in the Bible (Genesis 39)




To become an Achiever, you have to do all things with sincere truth. Being truthful can take a man beyond his desired expectation. Achievers are tactical about making their goals become a reality. They say and do the right things even in difficult situations. They do not consider the problems around them but think of solving problems around them to become richer.



Achievers are those who make positive use of their potentials. They make use of their talents, the things they have in them to meet the needs of others. They do not let the potential in them to die with them. They are not willing to add their resources to those that have been so much in the burial ground and mortuary. Achievers take advantage of those things that they dream about and take the right actions. To join this team of achievers, show the world that which you are made of.


Achievers see the best for themselves in all that they are willing to do. Even when the result is not yet achieved, they see it to be positive. Achievers forget about the challenges and victory of the past and think of what to do in the present to attain a better future. Achievers never settle for less but are passionate to achieve the best.



Wisdom on its own is the application of knowledge. So many people have knowledge and ideas but they have not applied it. You are not a wise man for the knowledge you acquire no matter how much they are, but you are only wise when those knowledge is applied. Achievers do not just gaining knowledge but they put it into application. This application of knowledge makes the wise among others in the society they belong to. Wisdom is not a natural inheritance or acquisition. The best of all wisdom is a God given wisdom(or divine wisdom).This wisdom can be attained by seeking heavenly counsel and knowing God plan for our lives by taking time to study the word of God. This word of God gives us both life counsel and heavenly counsel. Read the word of God to get wisdom. This makes not a just ordinary achievers but a heavenly-bound Achiever. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.



Achievers are not extraordinary people but ordinary people that produce extraordinary result. Even when others have tried and failed, they find a way of taking up the challenge and producing positive result. When others give up, this is the time they never let down. Achievers have very remarkable and uncommon abilities in them which they make use of when others will hide them.



Achievers are those who do not stop at using what they have in them but they submit themselves to God who has the best for their life.

The Holy Bible makes it clear in Jeremiah 29:11 that ‘I(God) know the thought that I think towards you, thought of good and not of evil to give you an expected end’

They consider the counsel and direction of God always even if it looks difficult or impossible. Achievers depend wholly on the will of God for their lives. They are obedient to heavenly counsel. Romans 5:13 says ‘yield yourselves unto God’

Achievers also believe that whatsoever they might attain on this earth, there is a greater reward in heaven. There is no greater achievement than making Heaven at last. Matt 8:36 says “What can profit a man to gain the whole world and to loss his life”

Matt 6:33 also says “But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added to you”.



Zeal is the passion that a man has towards success. Achievers are always zealous for success. They are not emotional for success but passionate for it. Achievers are never tired of working towards achieving success. They do not just WORK HARD but they also WORK SMART which at times give them their desired EXCELLENCE. Be zealous towards achieving your goal to become an achiever. No one wants to celebrate a failure; you are only celebrated when you achieve success. Do your best to achieve excellence. When a man succeeds, only few people are concerned of his difficulty but so many people care more about his success. Even if you faced so many challenges while achieving success in your desired dream, If there is no success story in it, no one appreciates your story. Thomas Edison was not proud of coming out to let people know the number of failures he had until there was a success.

Would you want to join this team of life ACHIEVERS, start by taking the right steps. No matter how far a journey may be, it can only be completed after it is begun. The step you take today can help you in finishing a journey of 1000 miles. All it takes is for you to never get tired to beginning. If there is no beginning, there can never be an end. Start taking the step sow to becoming an ACHIEVER in Life. Posses these characteristics (A-Z) of an Achiever and you are on your way to the top. You have what it takes to becoming an Achiever, you only need to START. The earlier, the better. So many people would not realize what they have missed until they get closer to their grave. Procrastination is a very serious enemy of life, what ever you have to do, do it now, tomorrow might be too late. Procrastination is an enemy of destiny. That which you would do, do it now. Begin to take those important steps, and you are on you way to becoming the world next ACHIEVER.


Inspired by THE ALMIGHTY,

Written and put together by




Submitted: June 27, 2013

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