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This poem tells the impact of first impression...let's read it out.........!!!!

Submitted: September 06, 2018

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Submitted: September 06, 2018






Who are you Stanger,

A matchless piece of beauty ?

Have I ever seen you

Somewhere else before ?

I wonder you've come

From a place of queer !

Yet , The fragrance of your existence;

Tender touch of your feet;

Gracious glance of your eyes;

Silent smile on your face;

All these are familiar to me .


O, my Stranger traveller ;

Why have you come here ?

Whom do you look for ?

You know not your uncanny face

Resembles a face that takes me

To an ancient world of ecstasy

Beauty fades never..!!


Who are you Stranger ,

A being like Angel ?

Why are you at my doorstep today?

There is a tempest howling in me;

Having your first encounter !!!

My little dark chamber has filled

With the light of your dazzling rays;

They go to sleep forever !

Who are Stranger ?

Who are you Stranger ?


Abir Roy

6 September, 2018

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