Sherlock Holmes_Case of Golden Gun Man

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

I'm submitting a story about Holmes and his partner solving a mistry of golden gun man!

Sherlock Holmes –  case of the golden gun man

Part-1, the red article


“Lift the newspaper Jones” Holmes said.

“What’s the red article today” Holmes asked.

“Nothing much more than the...” Jones replied.

“Golden Gun Man,” Holmes guessed before Jones told him the same.

“But this case is not going to be solved anymore” Jones said.

“Maybe, as the case is still unsolved from 6 months past,” Holmes said.

“... and 27 men, 5 girls murdered leaving not a single clue,” Holmes forwarded.

“2 more today; Holmes” Jones said.

“Most strange task in this case is that no one had seen him before... anytime, anywhere” Holmes said.

“From where does the Golden Gun Man come from!”  Jones asked surprisingly.

“Second most curious thing is his gun...” Holmes said.

“Almost there is no such gun in the whole universe at present...” Holmes forwarded.

“Golden coloured...” Jones whispered.

Suddenly an expression of thought crossed Holmes face!

“Jones, can you tell me; who had seen Golden Gun Man within six months!” Holmes asked in a thinking manner.

“Almost no one has seen him,” Jones said.

“Then who knows that the murderer is having a golden gun...” Holmes asked.

“Since no one has seen the murderer, how can one be familiar with his gun,” Holmes forwarded.

“You mean, someone has seen him,” Jones said.

“Of course! Someone has seen him before...” Holmes said.

“if what I am saying is wrong, how then the news is in paper; how it is written in the newspaper that the murderer has a golden gun...” Holmes said.

“You are correct, almost correct; we should take a few help from Mr. Thwart (news manager)” Jones said.

“Yes we should meet Mr. Thwart; he can tell us who has given him this news to publish.” Holmes said.

“Then, are we going to Pune to solve this case a few more...?” Jones said.
“Yes, of course; we are moving to Pune tomorrow in early morning” Holmes said.

Scene-1 (news factory)

“Good morning, sir Thwart” Holmes said.

“Hello, Holmes,” sir thwart said.

“Who is the second one with you, Holmes?” sir thwart asked.

“I am Jones, steive Jones,” Jones said.

“But why are you came here?” sir thwart asked.

“Actually, we need a few help; if you do so” Holmes said.

“What about...” sir thwart asked.

“It’s about the golden gun man...” Holmes said.

“Golden Gun Man!!!...” sir thwart said surprisingly.

“This article, see...” Holmes said giving the newspaper to sir thwart.

“What’s this, from where have you got that newspaper” sir thwart asked.

“Got the newspaper...! We have bought it.” Jones said.

“But this one is not printed here” sir thwart said.

“Not printed here, but this factory is the only news releaser in whole India!”Holmes said.

“well, let me scan this newspaper so that I can recognise that where this paper is printed?” sir thwart said.

The manager scanned the newspaper and given a few information printed on an ordinary paper...

1- Printed on: 19 Feb, 2890

2- Paper used: jet.tex_23WSE

3- Printer info: hp inkjet the newspaper info. Got by

By- fert houl, paris; juhari gaonscanning the paper...

Getting the information written on a page Holmes and Jones moved back to their home...


Part-2, a move to Paris

“The paper is much older!” Jones said.

“we should now arrive to Paris, Juhari Gaon in order to find out a few more clue about this newspaper; as soon as we can” Holmes said.

“But we will get no any information there, as this paper is too old,” Jones said.

“May be nothing, but we should try...,” Holmes said.

“Jones..., I have a strange observation,” Holmes said.

“See, this paper looks like a new one in spite of it has became too old” Holmes forwarded.

“I think the reason for this curiosity will become much more clarified in Paris,” Jones said.

The way to Paris...

Scene-2 (Paris, Juhari Gaon)

“No houses except this one,” Jones said.

“See the banner, it says... almost same as on the scanned copy,” Holmes said pushing the gate in.

Nothing they got here, the whole house seemed to be empty at all...

“Did you notice anything extraordinary,” Holmes said.

“No, I mean nothing,” Jones replied.

Holmes gone to the drawl and pushed it aside, there they found a secret gate running as a tunnel...

They got in!

“Too dark, don’t have you any lighting object”, Holmes asked.

“No, not now,” Jones replied,

They too found nothing in the room again! And got out of the room.

“I have something to show you; I lifted from that table,” Jones said.

It was just a simple paper but somewhat was written on it. It said...

Good morning some-one-else,

I know you are in search of me. I too know that you met news manager tomorrow’s morning. Am I not right? Mr. Some-on...

Yours lovely G.G.M.



They did nothing much more there and came back home with the letter. It was about 9:00pm and they went sleeping...

 6:15am was when they woke up, after 9:12am Holmes called Jones to his home for a few discussions...

“Some curious observations, Jones,” Holmes said.

“Of course, it’s surprising how he knows that much tasks about us,” Jones said.

“You are absolutely wrong, see; here it says... good morning some-one-else,” Holmes said.

“Some-one-else,” Jones repeated.

“No, not some-one-else; instead it's Samonells,” Holmes said. 

“may be, you’re right as it pronounce the same,” Jones said.

“He doesn’t know that we are in search of him and he too don’t knows that we were gone to Pune,” Holmes said.

“Have you remembered; Doc Samonells,” Holmes forwarded.

“Yes, of course; I have,” Jones said.

“He is also a detective,” Holmes reminded.

“One minute! Are you thinking the same as I am, right now,” Jones said.

 “Yes, of course; I am,” Holmes said.

“You mean, the letter isn’t for us,” Jones asked.

“Yes, of course this letter isn’t for us,” Holmes said.

“It is for...” Jones said.

“Doc Samonells,” Holmes said before Jones was going to say the same.

“It mean; Samonells was also...,” Jones said.

“Present at the news factory; where we were also present at the same time,” Holmes said again before Jones.

“We should take the letter to Samonells,” Jones said.

“He is also in search of Golden Gun Man, may be he can help us,” Holmes suggested.

“Yes, may be; we get a few more clues from him,” Jones said.

They packaged their spy materials along with the gun and get to the station. This time they caught C6-one, the only train to London...


Doc Samonells seen Golden Gun Man

“What did you think Jones; Golden Gun Man knows that we are in search of him or not.” Holmes asked.

“Of course he knows, I think,” Jones said.

“I too think the same, as of due to newspaper,” Holmes said.

“Yes, he sent the false newspaper to us; so that we wander in search instead he is only an imagination,” Jones said.

“This indicates that is no any gun man with a golden gun and we are fooled for 6 months past,” Holmes said.

“Of course; we are so,” Jones said.

“It also indicates that here is another person...,” Jones forwarded.

These all words can’t be done by a single person, there must be two or three more; involved in,” Holmes said.











Submitted: October 16, 2012

© Copyright 2021 ablaze. All rights reserved.

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awesome the mystery pulled me in never saw the ending coming write more or ill be angry

Wed, October 17th, 2012 6:02am

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