On the guidance of no ambition

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Hope exists even when there is no end

Submitted: July 30, 2012

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Submitted: July 30, 2012





One Step Forward

Two Steps Back,

And My mind is left staring at the past.

My withering shell waves like the grass in wind,

and going forward is just as likely as going back


but where does the end of my path lie?

what do I need to do before I die?


The worlds greatest Irony is that man thinks

life is about the self, when life is really about everything else.


Where am I going?  What do I need?

Why can I remember a time when I knew these things?


A smile is a mist of the happiness past

and mediocre abstraction of vapor describes all else


Where is the light?  Nay, I can see,

but where is that which was said to guide me


Feeling is empty, love is gone, hate is gone, desire is gone, want is gone, drive is gone

anger lays dormant, compassion lays dormant, though these both act often as veils of what ought be.


All is a shell containing the essence of me, but "me"-- that is something.

For at least I know who I am, that war is won.


The same though, I am but a shell, no motivation to act, only reason to tell.


For logic and reason give direction toward a goal, but emotion gives that goal, so where do I go?


All I can say is but one thing remains, that is me and myself and my friends and but one inkling of a guide.


For this all bears reminiscence to the wars I have previously won.

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