Jim Brown

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This paper is about Jim Brown, the best football player of all time. It includes a quote by Mike Freeman and a summary(the entire paper) of his life.

Submitted: June 01, 2014

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Submitted: June 01, 2014




“He intimidated people on and off the football field. He was brutal yet brilliant, narcissing yet manigmous, relentless yet? unyielding. Most of all, he was the greatest football player of all time. He was Jim Brown.”

-Mike Freeman, Author of Jim Brown: The Fierce Life of an American Hero

He was famous for the Cleveland Browns Power Sweep. He caught passes, returned kickoffs, and threw 3 Touchdown Passes.  He tied or set 20 NFL Records. He received 9 NFL awards (Pro Football). He is the only player ever to be elected into both the Pro Football and Lacrosse Hall of Fames. Jim Brown dominated unlike any player before or since him in NFL History.

James Nathaniel Brown was born on February 17th, 1936 on St. Simmons Island, Georgia. Brown’s Father was a Professional Kick boxer, and his mother was a housemaid for white families. His Father left when Brown was just a few weeks old, and his mother shortly after, leaving him in the care of his great-grandmother. Brown lived in a house with peeling paint. When Brown was eight, his mother sent for him to be reunited with her in Great Neck, NY. Brown would return to St. Simmons for summer visits (Freeman 48-51).

Brown as a senior at an all-white High School, averaged 14.9 yards-per-carry playing football. This success continued in Brown’s college career at Syracuse University, where in his last game as a senior, rushed for 197 yards, 6 touchdowns, and kicked seven extra points in a win at Colgate (Biography).

Brown was drafted 6th overall by the Cleveland Browns in the 1957 NFL Draft.  Head Coach Paul Brown Quoted, “He is the Best Cleveland Browns Draft Pick in their history.” In his rookie season with the Browns, Brown led the NFL with 942 rushing yards. Brown would go on to rush for 1,000 or more yards in 6 of the next 8 years, all of the thousand-yard seasons resulted in him leading the league in rushing, including 1,813 in  1963{ Bio}  This had happened previously only 6 times before Brown’s arrival (King).

Brown had a very good relationship with the Browns’ Owner, Art Modell. This led to the eventual release of Coach Paul Brown; in which Brown had apparently lost confidence in Coach Brown’s playcalling (Freeman).Coach Brown was not a bad coach, for he won 3 championships with the Browns in 6 years. He had also led Massillon High to an 80-2-8 Record (Freeman 54, 67).

Brown was subjected to very torturous racism during his playing days in Cleveland. Once, while Brown was playing the St. Louis Rams, Brown ran for a six-or-seven yard run. On his way back to the huddle, a Giant’s Player named Alvis Joe Robb hit Brown in the back of the head with his elbow in an attempt to anger Brown. On the next play, before the ball was snapped, brown motioned to his offensive lineman to let Robb come in unblocked. When the play started, Brown coiled his body inches away from the turf, and when Robb came bursting in, Brown used his forearm as a lead block to knock Robb to the ground, stunned. Brown then kicked Robb in the stomach, and was ejected from the game (Freeman 39-40).

At Brown dealt with racism during his days at Syracuse University. The Athletic Director said that Brown could not date white women at Syracuse. Brown’s coach made it a rule that brown could only be forced into discrimination if the whole team followed suit. The Athletic Director complied. (Biography)

During his NFL Days, Brown organized a Black Player Union, called the BEU. To the NFL, this was considered a threat. The FBI investigated Brown’s organization for years, without Brown noticing. Brown was considered a very powerful man. The NFL was very concerned that Brown’s organization was a threat to the NFL (Freeman7-9).

Brown retired in 1966.  He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in ’71 (Pro Football).  When he retired, Brown had 12,312 career rushing yards, an NFL record at the time (King). After football, Brown appeared in over 30 films, including Ice Station Zebra, and 100 rifles  (King)

In conclusion, Jim Brown has dominated unlike any player before or since him in NFL history. He has done things that have revolutionized the game. Brown’s feats are almost never reaccomplished, many only coming once or twice a decade. Brown turned the position of running back on its head. Before Brown, running backs were slow and weak, and were rarely used.  Brown did something most running backs do not. He threw touchdowns. He also rushed for 1,200 yards regularly, as well as 1,800 in ’61. 1,200 yards are very common today, but not many backs go over 1,800 yards, it almost never happened. Jim Brown showed complete domination at his position. As a Brown, Brown rewrote the NFL Record Book by setting 20 NFLs Records, and was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in ’71. Jim Brown may never be surpassed. 


Jim Brown the Fierce Life of an American Hero by Mike Freeman 


Online Article by Steve King 



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