Searching for Hope

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On a normal day a teenage girls life changes.... This is a short story but it is kind of long its not quite a book but it isn't a short story either.

Submitted: February 22, 2013

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Submitted: February 22, 2013



I was just sitting there one day in my room with my boyfriend Nathan when suddenly I hear a siren outside my window. I peer through the curtain to see what it was. "What the hell?" I say,

"What's wrong Alice?"

"The cops, the cops are here."


"No idea, let's go find out." Then we walked out into the hallway past the living room into the kitchen. "What's going on? I'll go get Hope."

"Uhh sweetheart?" My mom says, "Hope isn't... here."

"Well were is she?"

"That's what were trying to find out."

"Huh? I don't understand?"

"Well Hope is... missing." She replied biting her lip to fight the tears.

Right away I start crying thrusting my head into Nathans shoulder hugging him. He tried to comfort me, hugging me back, and saying things like, "It's going to be okay." and "We are going to find her." He knows that it won't work because I worry to much about a lot of things, and I love my sister very dearly.

"No! It's not true! She is probably just in her room!" I quickly run to her room before anybody could say anything, and I hear my mom say

"Sweetheart i'm afraid it is!" As soon as I burst through her bedroom door I fall to the floor realizing she wasn't there. I then turn over and look at the ceiling, when all of a sudden my vision blurs into nothing and I realize I had fainted.

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