From the Shadows

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A shortcut cost her more than she wanted.

Submitted: December 07, 2007

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Submitted: December 07, 2007



It was a cold rainy day when Roger buried what remained of his beloved wife. He knew this day would come, but he didn’t realize it would be under these circumstances. Julie was a beautiful woman, a great woman, he hoped they would have a long life together, but it was short lived.

It was five days ago when Julie and Roger had plans to meet for dinner, she had big news for him and wanted it to be special. Roger, the husband he was, made reservations at her favorite restaurant; he wanted to make sure everything was perfect for his bride.

Julie was running a little late and had called Roger to let him know. It was a nice night, right after a rain and the restaurant was only a couple of blocks from her office, so she decided to walk. She had walked there many times before so she felt comfortable, plus she wanted to make sure she knew what to say. Tonight seemed a little different, she was so excited, to tell him that she was pregnant and he was going to be a father. She thought to herself as she left the building walking across the parking lot, that Roger would be a great dad. Julie made it to the corner, only two blocks away from the restaurant.Her excitement was building!

As Julie made the short journey to the restaurant she became restless, she wanted to tell Roger the news, and she was already late, so why not take a short cut. Julie was about a block away and decided to go through an alley; she figured it would be safe, she could see the restaurant at the other end. The short cut would take a few minutes off the walk and she would be able to see her Roger sooner.

Julie took the short cut with hopes of getting to her Roger sooner. She began walking through the dark alley, and with every step she grew more terrified. She didn’t know why, it was a dark alley, with shadows and corners that held the unknown, so of course she was to be scared. As she entered the darkest part of the alley, the part where the lights from the adjacent streets couldn’t reach, she heard a noise. She jumped as she was startled by, a bum leaning against the wall. The city sounds were all around her and the noise made it hard for her to hear if anyone was there.

She began to walk faster and faster, she could see Roger through the window of the restaurant, sitting there waiting patiently for his wife. He was so handsome, sitting at the table sipping wine waiting. She knew he would be a great dad; he was already a great husband.

Unbeknownst to Julie, she would not get any closer to her husband. A dark shadow came swooping in from above, striking Julie, knocking her to the ground. The shadow bounced up on to the wall like a fly. Julie tried screamed to no avail her throat had been slit open gushing blood, she couldnt even breath, with every gasp more blood squirted through her clutching fingers. Julie began to fade away, but this shadow wouldn’t allow it, not yet. The shadow came in for a second attack, this time pouncing on top of her and it would not leave her until it was finished. The only thing Julie could make out was dark piercing black souless eyes, nothing else, this shadow had no soul, and it was not human.

As Julie laid there on her back, her eyes glazing over with death, she could see her Roger in the distance getting further and further away. When the attack was over there was nothing left of Julie only a pile of blood soaked flesh on the cold pavement. Julie was unrecognizable, such horror that came to this woman. What was this that attacked her, what demon existed to hunt down an innocent woman?

Roger continued to wait, and wait, but Julie his beloved never arrived and he never know he would be a father. The only thing we know is it came from the Shadows.

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